The Samsung Freestyle projector is the kind of tech you love because it IS NOT a “set it and forget it” kind of device. You know what I’m talking about. A regular projector will get mounted in one place in your home and will stay there for its lifetime. This new Samsung projector that was just announced at CES 2022 is a device you’ll move from room to room. You’ll use it inside your home and outside your home. You’ll use it for gaming one day, movies the next—but first it will stream some music while you make the popcorn. Additionally, halfway through the movie you’ll point it at the ceiling so you can lie on your back and continue with the show! Learn more about this projector, then enter for a chance to have this amazing new technology in your home before anyone else in the country.

Why are so many people excited about the Samsung Freestyle projector

It’s safe to say that this Samsung projector is one of the most talked about new technologies coming out of CES 2022. There are many reasons for this excitement. It’s a small device that can be placed almost anywhere to send a brilliant display onto walls or ceilings for instant entertainment. It’s also a self contained entertainment powerhouse with streaming services preinstalled: just turn it on, connect to your Wi-Fi, then play Netflix, Prime, and more without connecting to any external device. That’s amazingly convenient.

This is a projector for everyone. You love tech, it’s for you. You just need something to take the place of a TV so you can put shows on a wall occasionally, it’s for you. You want something to display business presentations or school presentations, it’s for you. So if you are wondering who this technology is for: it’s for you. You could use it as a secondary monitor; as a television, as a movie theatre, as a gaming station … the list goes on and on. Read Andy Baryer’s review of this projector on the blog (here is his video review) to learn more … and to find out why he (and his mother) want to buy this projector.

FAQs about the Samsung Freestyle Projector

Here are some quick answers to some questions that I think will be on many people’s minds:

Is the projector cordless? 
The projector needs to be plugged to an electrical power source: this can be a power outlet, an extension cord (like you might when using it outside), or a power bank (like the many portable and convenient power banks carried at Best Buy). Once you connect to your home Wi-Fi network you do not need to connect it to anything else to watch a ton of content. Built-in applications enable you to connect to movies, TV shows, sports, and more.

How do I connect to Netflix, Prime, or Disney+?
Once the projector is connected to Wi-Fi you can connect to Netflix, Prime and other streaming applications using the built-in apps. Follow the simple on-screen menu to quickly connect and start watching.

Can I connect a computer or game console to this projector?
Yes! Just like any other display screen (TV, monitor, etc) you can plug an HDMI cord from a Blu-ray player, gaming console, laptop etc. into the projector. This projector using a micro-HDMI input so you might need an adaptor or a HDMI to Micro-HDMI cord (available at Best Buy).

How long will it take me to set up this projector when I get it home?
You can set up Samsung’s The Freestyle projector in just a few minutes. Locate where you want to set it up; plug it in; follow the instructions to connect it to your home Wi-Fi; follow the menu to select what you want to watch. Of course, the first time you use each app (Netflix, Disney+, etc) you will need to enter your account login details.

Samsung continues to impress the world with its innovation

Samsung keynote ces 2022Lastly, I wanted to comment on the impressive new tech from Samsung. They continually innovate in many different product categories. A couple years ago I was so impressed with the new Galaxy Note 10 that I switched from an iPhone, though I had never used an Android device before. I have not regretted it at all and still love my Note 10 phone. You’d think with the impressive announcements at CES 2022 for smartphones, televisions, gaming, and appliances, they wouldn’t have time to create a whole new product. However, they did. Reviewer Andy Baryer calls The Freestyle a game changer and I’m sure it will become a mainstay in many homes during 2022. It’s available now to preorder from Best Buy (available on February 11, 2022); but, one lucky Canadian will win the projector that Andy tested and be one of the first in Canada to enjoy this projector in their home.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways:

  1. In a comment below this article, tell us what you love about this projector and where in your home you think it will be used most often.
  2. For up to three (3) additional entries, create a public post on a social media channel (one entry per channel!) telling your friends and followers that you are entering to win the new Samsung Freestyle Projector from the Best Buy Blog; include the hashtag #BestBuyContest, so we can find your post, and include a picture of the blog contest like that shown here. Then return here and tell us in a comment below on which channel you posted it and the name of your channel (since many people use pseudonyms) so that I can check and verify your entry. You can use any social media channel (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc) but the post must be public so we can verify it is there. Add one comment below for each social media channel for up to 3 contest entries.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will randomly select one winner to receive the sample Samsung’s The Freestyle Projector that Andy tested for his review article.

This contest runs from Jan 18th until January 31st.

Remember you can enter by putting a comment under this blog article or by posting about the contest on social media and letting us know where you posted it in a comment below. However, tell your family and friends to enter too: it’s portable so if one of you wins, you can share it: one week at your home, one week at Aunt Martha’s, one week at Joe’s down the street, etc.

Win a Samsung The Freestyle Projector Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.


  1. I love the versatility of this projector. I would use in in my bedroom to watch movies on the wall or ceiling.

  2. I love the portability of the Samsung Freestyle projector! I imagine using it in my bedroom while Projecting to the ceiling, or in my living room when my kids are watching their shows or vice versa (We only have one TV at home) i.e. I picture my kids using it to play their favorite game console on one of our walls. Soo many possibilities!!! I like the idea of projecting my kids art on the wall or a scenery that I dream about!

  3. I’ve always loved portable projectors but could never find one that is bright enough or easy to get the right height and angle. This projector has it all! I love the automatic adjustments which makes setting up a breeze, has an excellent speaker and having streaming services already built-in packs a powerful punch of awesomeness!

  4. I love how the streaming services are preinstalled. We would use it in the summertime outside and during the rest of the year in the family room.

  5. I love that you can easily move it from room to room. It would get the most use in our family room but its great to have options.

  6. I would love to use this projector outside projected onto my camper for a family movie night, while still enjoying being outside and maybe with a fire going.

  7. I like that it is portable. I would probably mostly use it in my rec room but I might also use it outside.

  8. I like the easy set up. I think it will be great to take camping for the rainy days when we just feel like lounging under the canopy!

  9. I would LOVE to start a family tradition of outside movie nights! I love its easy portability … We can bring it to grandparents houses to change up the scenery for outside movie nights too and include more family members! 🙂

  10. Portability is its main feature for sure. Could be a great party tool when you have friends over and your living room is too small for everyone.

  11. the Form factor is awesome and i would use it in my living room in the winter and on my deck in the summer definitely

  12. I love how portable this is! I would use it most in my living room, but I would absolutely use the portability feature to have some backyard movie nights in the summer!

  13. I love that this is wireless and can be used portable!!! Would love to use this in our backyard to set up a theater. My son would love this, he would use it on family camping trips.

  14. Love that once you connect to your home Wi-Fi network you do not need to connect it to anything else to watch a ton of content and I’d use it it in my living room most often.

  15. I love that you can connect video game consoles and netflix to the projector. I would definitely use this in my living room and bring it outside for covid safe backyard movie nights!

  16. I love that this is wireless and can be used protable!!! Would love to use this in our backyard to set up a theatre like area!! My son would love this!!

  17. What awesome product.

    I look forward using this outside beside the hot tub. And off the deck for group movie nights.

    Also, have always wanted to watch movies in the bathroom, but don’t want to drag a big tv back and forth

  18. Love that you can set up Samsung’s The Freestyle projector in just a few minutes. It would be used mostly in the living room but perfect for a recreation/audio room in the future.

  19. This is so awesome. I can see using it outdoors in the summer and definitely in the family room the rest of the year. Also it would be fun to take camping to watch movies on the side of the rv!!

  20. My favourite feature of the Samsung Freestyle Projector is the ease at which you can set it up. You can move it from room to room and very quickly view your show. I would use the projector in living room and the rec room. Thanks for the opportunity!

  21. I would love this for my apartment because we cannot fit a larger tv in our apartment due to stairwell restrictions, this would be perfect for movie nights on the ceiling when we just want to lay down aswell as for camping, this would be a game changer for our household.

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