Samsung CES 2022 press conference

Part of Samsung‘s vision for 2022 and beyond is to ensure seamless integration among all types of devices in the home, including home appliances. Central to that is the new Samsung Home Hub, a tablet-style touchscreen device that can connect to a multitude of smart home appliances and uses artificial intelligence (AI) and SmartThings. The idea is for the device to help streamline household chores as families can share responsibilities and progress on the device, keeping everyone on the same page, and the Hub can understand preferences and set smart appliances up accordingly.

Samsung Home Hub screenWhat is the Samsung Home Hub?

The Samsung Home Hub is an 8.4-inch tablet that sits in a dock where it can be used or bring it with you anywhere in the home. It works with a touch interface and via voice using the two microphones and speakers. Naturally, it accepts Bixby voice commands, Samsung’s own virtual assistant. The high-performance microphones can pick up your voice from across the room when it’s docked.

Once compatible smart home appliances are connected to the Home Hub, you can manage daily routines, handle chores, and take care of things at home from a single device. You can also review all the connected devices in the home from the one panel.

At launch, the Home Hub will work with any product compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings ecosystem, which includes Samsung smart appliances as well as clothing care, pet, air, energy, and home care devices. The goal is to later include direct connectivity to other devices as well, including lights, door locks, and more.

Samsung Home Hub screenHow will it work?

With the Samsung Home Hub and SmartThings Cooking, for example, you can search for, plan, purchase, and prep weekly meals using the Family Hub refrigerator. For laundry, use SmartThings Clothing Care to connect to appliances like the new Samsung Bespoke washer and dryer and air dresser to provide customized care options based on the material of the garments you want to clean, your usage patterns, and even the season. Use SmartThings Pet, meanwhile, to check in on your furry friend through the smart camera on the Bespoke Jet Bot AI+ vacuum. You can also adjust settings on appliances like an air conditioner.

There’s also SmartThings ait, which can provide automatic dehumidification and connect with air conditioners and air purifiers so you can check in on the air quality in your home and make adjustments if needed. SmartThings Energy, accessible on the Home Hub, can be used to analyze your usage patterns. Leverage the AI-equipped power saving mode to help reduce your energy usage and thus bills. Finally, using the SmartThings Home Care Wizard, Samsung Home Hub screenyou can monitor all connected smart appliances, receiving notifications when it’s time to replace a part, for example, or troubleshooting help if there’s an issue.

When will it be available?

While there’s no word yet on an exact availability date for the Samsung Home Hub in Canada, the company confirms that it will be available in Korea by March, with global availability coming after that.

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