We’ve given away lots of speakers this summer but this set from Definitive Technology stands head-and-shoulders above them all. Literally! The BP-9060 300 watt tower speakers are big, bold, and powerful. Put one at each side of your TV for the best audio experience you have likely ever had in your home. These are available at Best Buy and if you enter this contest, you’ll have a chance to win a pair!

When you are ready to take your home theatre to the next level

The first speakers I bought for myself when I moved into my own apartment was a set of expensive tower speakers. I paid a lot but knew I would have them for ever … and I still have them and they still deliver amazing sound. For the best audio, you need the best speakers and a top quality set of towers are right up there as a must-have in any home.

Of course these require a great receiver and are even better as part of a surround sound system. However, most of us acquire these things in stages. If you are ready to advance to the stage of having great tower speakers then consider the amazing selection by Definitive Technology.

Definitive Technology is music to your ears

We review lots of speaker brands and styles on the Best Buy Blog and most of those reviews are very positive: afterall, Best Buy carries a huge selection of great audio technology. We sent the prizes we are giving away in this contest to Matt for an honest review. His review was likely the first time I read a writer state, “They’re far and away the best tower speakers I’ve had in my home.” Note that Matt is not alone: the customer reviews on the Best Buy website are very positive too with an average rating of 4.9! Matt does a great job explaining how to set them up … advice you’ll need to follow if you win these speakers. But first, you have to enter ….

How to enter

Entering is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below tell us which speakers from Definitive Technology are you most interested in for your home.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will draw one winner to receive two Definitive Technology BP-9060 300 watt tower speakers that were reviewed by Matt for the Best Buy Blog earlier this year.

This contest runs from September 18th until October 1st.

Remember you can only enter once. However, talk to your friends and ask them if they want incredible sound in their homes, them let know they could enter for a chance to win. Bring a smile to their ears!

Win Definitive Technology BP9060 speakers Rules and Regulations

Good luck! 


  1. I am most interested in my home the
    Definitive Technology BP-9080X 300W Bipolar Dolby Atmos Ready Tower Speaker, as I love Dolby Atmos.

  2. I think I would be most interested in the Definitive Technology BP-9060 300 watt tower speakers as reviewed! They would fit perfectly in my living room

  3. I’m interested in the Definitive Technology SR-9040 150W 2-Way Bipolar Surround Speaker. Like the smaller form factor for a smaller space.

  4. The soundbar with a sub and two towers.
    For sure the BP-9060 300 300W tower , looks like great value and superior sound.

  5. Definitive Technology BP-9080X 300W Bipolar Dolby Atmos Ready Tower Speaker – Black would be the perfect match with my new TV !

  6. Definitive Technology BP-9060 300 watt tower speakers would be perfect for surround sound on my Sharp 55″ 4K

  7. Product Details
    Definitive Technology BP-9080X 300W And Definitive Technology CS-9060 300W Center Channel Speaker. Heard some of these in the demo section of the Best Buy store…loved them

  8. I’d go with the Definitive Technology CS-9060 300W Centre Channel Speaker in Piano Gloss Black – it’s sleek and would fit right in with my current set up, only better!

  9. I would be thrilled to have the BP 9060 300watt speakers in my living room. Currently the tv has to be max to hear anything if theres background noise!

  10. Currently our tech system is about 11 years old and still shaking our theatre room. I not the Demand Series I guess I would say BP9080x High-Performance Tower Speaker with Integrated 10″ Powered Subwoofer and Module or actually could use an upgrade on the surround speakers so maybe the SR9080 would be better.

  11. I like the Definitive Technology BP-9060 300 Watt 3 way Tower Speaker. I most concern they are powerful about making good use for every movie, song or video game played at home.

  12. I was curious of the SR-9040 bookshelf speakers, but if I could win a bigger system like this, then it’d help me flesh out my theater system!

  13. I really prefer the Definitive Technology A60 Dolby Atmos Elevation Module Speaker in black . They would give a great immersive sound and fit in on my book case.

  14. I’m sure that the BP-9060 300-Watt 3-Way Tower Speaker, would be an amazing addition to our big screen tv. As we have all been quarentined we have found alot of shows that we never watched before, now I find my family gathering on a daily bases to watch the tube every night. Thanks for this chance to win these amazing looking speakers

  15. I’d love to have the Definitive Technology BP-9060 300 watt tower speakers for an amazing movie and gaming experience! The Piano Gloss Black will go just perfectly with my TV!

  16. I would absolutely LOVE to add the BP-9060 300-Watt 3-Way Tower speakers to my living room! We watch a lot of TV and unfortunately we don’t have any real speakers (just the speaker that’s inside our old TV), so sometimes even with the volume cranked to the max we still have a hard time hearing it (especially over the noise of our child playing loudly with the barking dog). This would be an amazing addition to our home.

  17. Its definitely gotta be the 3 way tower speakers or the mythos 100-watt sound bar. Both work well with the living room!

  18. I would like to have the :Definitive Technology BP-9060 300-Watt 3-Way Tower Speaker – Single – Piano Gloss Black
    thank you !

  19. After reading the review I would love The Definitive Technology BP-9060. Wow this would Be a game changer for watching movies.

  20. I’d love the Definitive Technology BP-9060 300watt tower speakers!The first TV I had of my own,was in college.It was a small 12″ yellow plastic encased black and white TV my mom had won from the local grocery store and passed it down to me lol.Had a few upgrades since then.

  21. In addition to the Definitive Technology BP-9060 300 watt tower speakers, I would love to add the Definitive Technology ProSub 1000 10″ 300-Watt Subwoofer to our home theater system. During Covid times, it would really bring our home watching experience to the next level and make us feel like we were at the movie theater!

  22. I am most interested in the Definitive Technology BP-9080X 300W Bipolar Dolby Atmos Ready Tower Speaker as it has an integrated 12″ subwoofer.

  23. I am most interested in the Definitive Technology BP-9080X 300W Bipolar Dolby Atmos Ready Tower Speaker for its precision sound.

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