That time of year is coming up again. You know the one I’m talking about: You can feel it just on the other side of the horizon, lurking; waiting for you to forget to pick up flowers, or text your honey, or make dinner for the two of you.

I know a lot of couples today who don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day (myself included), but I think that makes it even more special when you can surprise your other half with a really great gift. If one of your love languages is giving and receiving gifts, then a Valentine’s Day surprise is perfect.

Instead of picking out a funny Valentine’s Day card, get him a 4KTV for Valentine’s Day. (Or get her, or them, a 4KTV!) I’m convinced that 4K is going to become the new standard for televisions in the next couple of years–unless we surpass 4K before that happens–but it’s still a new enough resolution that it’s a special treat for your partner. I’m not alone on this one, either. Business Insider agrees that more than half of US households will have an ultra high-def 4KTV within the next two years.

Get him a 4KTV from one of these brands

4KTVs, or televisions with a horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels, are one of today’s biggest television categories. (OLEDs are slowly becoming more popular as well, and work without a backlight to produce richer, more intense visuals than your standard LED screen.) The standard 4KTV is an ultra-HD screen, with resolutions about 4x better than a traditional HD display.

The save: A great Valentine’s Day present is about the surprise. You don’t need to break the bank for it, so if you’re on a budget, a smaller screen is your friend! The LG 43″ 4K UHD HDR LED webOS Smart TV is generously sized for a cozy den, and it still offers that same ultra-crisp 4K UHD resolution.

The curve: The Samsung 55″ 4K UHD HDR Curved LED Tizen Smart TV offers you and your honey a mix of two worlds. On one hand, it’s a 4K UHD TV. On the other, it has a curved LED screen for an extra-immersive experience. It uses Motion Rate 120 technology for a high refresh rate, but if that’s not enough for you, read on…

The splurge: I’ve had my eye on the Samsung The Frame 55″ 4K UHD HDR LED Tizen Smart TV since it launched. It’s a wall-mountable smart TV with 4K UHD definition, a slim profile, and a gorgeous wood frame surrounding the screen.

Its generous screen displays art and photographs from the exclusively-curated Samsung Collection when not in use, and Active Crystal Colour technology delivers whiter whites and a wider range of colours than your standard television.

Don’t get caught up in the gift

The one rule for surprise gift-giving, of course, is simple: It’s about the giving. If your gift blows it out of the park, don’t be disappointed if your partner’s doesn’t. You still get the privilege of seeing their face light up, and this is a great excuse for you to be the one who gets to pick the first show you binge together on your new 4KTV!

(I recommend The Good Place or The Crown. What’s that, you say? Those are both female-driven shows with great writing and impeccable casting? Well. I guess it’s a sign from the universe, telling you to watch something female-driven and fantastic.)

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