Samsung Q70C review

In my humble opinion, any Samsung TV you choose will be a big upgrade over most TVs. These TVs are packed with technology that enhances picture quality, brightens colours, and improves contrast, and the Samsung Q70C 4K TV is no exception. It’s one of the newest Samsung TVs for 2023, and to test it I moved my own QLED TV out of my living room and moved in the 55 inch Q70C. While my QLED has a Mini-LED backlight and this TV uses Dual LED technology, I’m really impressed with how bright and colourful it is. The layer of quantum dots adds a level of depth and enhances the picture quality in a way that most LED TVs can’t achieve.

Here’s what I thought of the Samsung Q70C NeoQLED 4K TV.

Samsung Q70C QLED TV features

Samsung solar cell remote copy

I tested out the 55-inch Samsung Q70C NeoQLED TV,  but it’s also available in 65, 75, and 85 inch models. It’s exceptionally thin and light, measuring only 26 mm (1 inch) wide and so light I was able to lift it from the box myself. It only weighs 21.4 kg (47lb) with the stand. Here are its key features:

  • 4K QLED TV with Dual-LED backlight and Supreme UHD Dimming
  • AirSlim design with Slim Simple Plus stand
  • Quantum dot technology with 100% colour volume
  • Accurate colour validated by Pantone
  • Quantum processor 4K and Quantum HDR to optimize picture quality and enhance contrast
  • AI upscaling upgrades HD and SD video
  • 20 Watt 2CH speakers give you the feeling of 3D surround sound
  • Samsung Smart Hub gives you voice control, a variety of streaming apps, and control over your smart devices
  • Solar cell remote control charges via sunlight so you don’t need to replace batteries
  • Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ and 4K/120Hz offer smooth gaming performance
  • 7.8 ms input lag, super Ultra Wide Game view, ALLM, Dynamic Black EQ, and FreeSync Premium Pro for gaming
  • Four HDMI 2.1 inputs, two USB inputs, Ethernet, and Optical Out

Samsung Q70C NeoQLED design

Samsung Q70C

The Samsung Q70C is a great-looking TV. I love the AirSlim design. It’s only 1 inch wide and it’s packaged with the Slim Simple Plus stand. It feels pretty sturdy on the stand and I like the two leg design much better than the computer display style mount I’ve seen on other new Samsung TVs. It’s nice to have the stand, but I think with a TV this slim I would opt to mount it on the wall. If you use a flat, low profile mount and make use of Ambient mode, the TV would look like a picture frame.

Picture quality on Samsung Q70C 4K TV

Samsung Q70C stand

A QLED TV is a TV with a layer of quantum dots placed over the backlight. When you place quantum dots over any backlight the TV will have brighter colours and better contrast, and I’ve seen this technology used on both LED backlights and Mini-LED backlights. The Samsung Q70C has an LED backlight, but it’s Dual LED. Dual LED uses two LED lights instead of one and they are both set at different colour temperatures. When paired with quantum dots, the colours produced on the TV are more natural, brighter, and have better colour balance overall.

To test out any TV I’ll spend a decent amount of time watching movies and TV shows on Netflix and Disney+. I knew an LED TV wouldn’t be as bright as my own Mini-LED TV, but I was impressed with the picture quality and brightness on this TV just the same. I have a living room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light, but the TV was definitely bright enough for the room.

The layer of quantum dots really enhances colour on the TV, and it also has Pantone validated colour to make everything as real to life as possible. The TV also has a 4K Quantum Processor and Quantum HDR to enhance contrast and improve overall picture quality for whatever you’re watching. The contrast is very good on this TV. It can reach dark blacks and there didn’t seem to be a lot of light leakage unless you really looked for it. When it did appear it was along the upper edges of the TV in the corners, but I had to stand close to the screen to really see it. I thought everything I watched looked very natural, and colours were bright and realistic without being overly harsh.

The Samsung Q70C also has AI upscaling, and you can see that at work when you watch older TV shows or you’re tuning into Samsung TV Plus as most of the options are 1080p or 720p. Just keep in mind that AI means artificial intelligence, so it can take a minute to kick in and it gets better over time. I watched a few episodes of I Love Lucy and the content seemed a bit dull and blurry at first, but within a few minutes of watching the picture sharpened quite a bit and had less of a hazy edge to it.

Samsung Gaming and Quantum HDR on Q70C

Samsung Gaming Hub

One of the first things I did to test out the Samsung Q70C was to connect my gaming controller to the Samsung Gaming Hub. I love the Samsung Gaming Hub more every time I use it. You can connect your game accounts like Xbox Game Pass without needing to plug in a console. I plugged the TV into Ethernet to avoid the small delay we were having when connected to our Wi-Fi network. Once it was connected to Ethernet, I was impressed with the low lag and refresh rate. We played a lot of games including bright, colourful games like Sea of Thieves and the picture was bright and vivid. HDR detail was very good too. Nothing we played looked overly dark, and detail was clearly visible.

We didn’t plug our PS5 into the TV but when you do you’ll be able to game at 4K/120Hz and it has ALLM and VRR. If you’re going to use cloud gaming via the Gaming Hub I would use a new controller wherever possible. We tried to connect an older Xbox controller but the TV couldn’t find it in pairing mode. It immediately found our new PS5 controller though, so we used that when playing on the TV.

Sound quality on Samsung Q70C

It’s hard to have big, bold sound when your TV is only an inch wide, but the Samsung Q70C came through loud and clear. It has OTS Lite virtual sound that can replicate the type of sound tracking you get with Dolby Atmos. Dialogue is clear and defined, and if you turn the volume up to 30 or so you can hear smaller details.

If the Q70C was my main TV I’d definitely add a Samsung sound bar. When you do the TV has access to Q-Symphony, a feature where your sound bar and the TV’s speaker work together to produce louder audio. I love this feature as I’ve always thought it was a waste when a sound bar takes control of the TV’s audio and no longer utilizes the speakers in the TV. They are perfectly good speakers so you should be able to use them.

Smart Hub and smart home control

I love the Samsung Smart Hub. It’s well organized and the screen is pre-loaded with your favourite streaming apps including Netflix, Disney+, Prime, and Samsung TV Plus. You can find buttons on the remote that take you straight to these apps too. There are also a ton of other apps you can choose including Samsung Health for workouts or opt to use the TV as an Internet browser.

There is a left-side menu with search, ambient mode, gaming mode, and access to the devices you have plugged into your HDMI inputs. Settings are accessible on the left side too, and you can adjust your TV settings including Picture Modes, Picture Setup, and Sound Modes. There are auto settings for picture clarity and digital output audio. You can flip through picture modes and set it to optimized or EyeComfort. I found EyeComfort to be much brighter so I kept it on that setting. You don’t need to really tweak the settings if you have it set to auto modes. The TV will optimize the picture for you.

The other part of Smart Hub that I really like is how it lets you control your smart home devices. You can connect your Samsung Smart Things account to your TV and it will notify you of different things. For example, my Samsung range has Wi-Fi so it sent a notification to the TV when it was done preheating.

Should you choose the Samsung Q70C QLED 4K TV?

Samsung Q70C review

There’s a lot to love about the Samsung Q70C. For an LED TV it’s very bright, and it has great contrast and fantastic colour. When you’re watching action scenes or gaming, motion is very smooth. I also love Samsung Gaming Hub. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s great you don’t have to actually have a console to play games via your game pass.

I also tested out the Samsung Q90NC so check out my review for a look at one of Samsung’s new QLED TVs with Mini-LED backlight. I don’t think you can go wrong with either option.

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  1. I learned that this TV comes with a solar cell remote with solar panels, so it can be charged using sunlight! You can also charge using a USBC. Who wouldn’t want the 85″ TV! But, for my purposes, I think the 65″ would be perfect for the living room. I think my son games now…if he could game on a 65″ inch, would I even be able to use it for what is was meant for…watching TV ;). Great contest!

  2. What has impressed me about this model is that it seems sturdy despite how thin and lightweight the tv is. Something I lerned that zi wasn’t awared beforehand is the AI Upscaling feature, I reallly want to see that in action.

  3. I had no idea that quantum dots were used to enhanced colour on the TV – amazing!

    I think a 55″ TV would be the perfect size for our house.

  4. I learned that this tv has solar cell remote control and charges via sunlight, so you don’t need to replace batteries!
    The ideal size of tv for our home would be 65 inches.

  5. I learned that Samsung’s Solar cell remote control charges via sunlight. The ideal size would be 85″ to go in the basement!

  6. I learned about the Quantum processor 4K and Quantum HDR to optimize picture quality and enhance contrast! I think the ideal size for my room would be 65″


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