the childIf you’re a fan of Disney’s new live action series The Mandalorian, you’re probably as enamoured with “the child” as the rest of the Star Wars fandom. Baby Yoda, as he has come to be known among fans, is the cutest Star Wars character since the Ewoks, and now he’s coming, en masse, to Best Buy Canada. Read on for a quick description of each of the 6 toy options that are currently available for pre-order, then choose your favourite (or favourites) and get your order in before they’re gone. (Note that quantities are limited.)


“The Child” Toy Options

My personal favourite of the 6 baby Yoda figures is the 7.5″ Star Wars The Child Talking Plush with Accessories. This particular toy (shown at the top of the article) features 10 different sound effects (just squeeze his tummy to activate) and articulated arms. He’s also highly faithful to the character’s show design and comes with his little bone broth bowl and a delicious—to him, Sorgan frog.Another of the larger baby Yodas available is the Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Child 6.5″ Figure. This one is said to be “highly pose-able” (though to just what extent I can’t really be sure) and is suitable for either play or display.

Aside from just how pose-able he is, another thing that I haven’t quite been able to ascertain about any of the plush baby Yoda figures is what the head/hands/feet are made of. Whether they’re soft and spongy or made from a firmer plastic is something that would certainly be worth knowing, but at this point it’s just not clear. I expect a semi-hard plastic, kind of like traditional life-sized baby dolls, but I guess we’ll see.

the childEach of the next 3 options comes from the Star Wars Bounty Collection. These sets consist of 2 differently sculpted figures per pack in which the figures themselves are only 2.2″ tall. The sets themselves consist of the Sipping Soup & Blanket-Wrapped set,  the Froggy Snack & Force Moment set, and the Don’t Leave & Ball Toy set (each pair shown above).

If you enjoy little static figurines that you can display in and around your home or place of business without taking up a ton of space, these little guys are a great option. You can choose whichever pair you personally find to be the cutest, or just give in and buy all 6.

the childFinally, there’s the Star Wars: The Black Series – The Child 1.1″ Figure. With authentic detailing, multiple points of articulation, and cool accessories like his bone broth bowl, a Sorgan frog, and a toy ball, this figure has it all.

If you’re into Black Series Star Wars figures, which are always super fun and highly realistic, you’re sure to love this little guy. I have reviewed a number of Black Series figures in the past and always found them to be extremely impressive. They’re great whether you want cool toys to play with or wish to recreate dramatic show scenes as part of a fun display.


If you attempt to order one of the baby Yoda toys online and find that the one(s) you want is currently listed as being sold out, don’t give up. Keep checking back in case more become available, and be sure to check Best Buy both in store and online regularly throughout the month of May as these little guys are set to arrive at different times throughout that month. Good luck!

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