Today is all about water based fun with Traxxas and LiteHawk RC Boats! If you thought the RC hobby was limited to drones flying through the air and cars and trucks driving along the ground, then today you’re in for a really fun surprise! Keep reading if you’d like to learn all about 3 really cool RC hobby boats by LiteHawk (2) and Traxxas (1). You may just discover a whole new branch of an existing RC passion!

LiteHawk RC Boats are Fast and Fun!

First up is the Litehawk RC Charger Speedboat. This boat features a twin hull and a sleek design that was truly built for speed (up to 25 Km/h, or 15.5 mph). With its 2.4 Ghz spectrum radio controller, the Charger is also very responsive to your control inputs, so you can really make it dance across the water.

Its battery setup is 4 AA batteries for the controller (included) and a 110 mAh 7.2V NiMh battery for the boat itself (also included). The running time for this boat is 8-10 minutes for each complete battery charge, so pretty much in the same range as most ground and air based RC vehicles. Materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and water-resistant gaskets ensure strength, durability, and a boat that’s built to last. And when you’re not running it, you can set it up prominently in your home on its included display stand for all your friends to see.


Another very cool model is the LiteHawk Champ RC Speedboat, which is very similar to the Charger but with a few slight differences. For instance, the top speed here is 30 Km/h (18 mph), and the total running time is up to 10 minutes on an included 800 mAh 7.4 V Lithium-Ion battery.

Also built to last, the Champ features the highest quality materials and construction, including stainless steel, brass, and lightweight (yet strong) aluminum. Driven by a 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio controller, this boat can operate amongst a virtual regatta of other RC boats without fear of losing its radio connection. This is because the Champ’s 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio technology allows more than 80 different RC vehicles to operate together in very close proximity without the radio signals ever getting crossed or cut off. What’s more, the Champ is actually a scaled replica of a real F1 racing boat, so owning the Champ is like having a miniature version of one of fastest boats on the planet!


The LiteHawk Champ also comes in a primarily red colour scheme, which you can see an image of below.

Traxxas Also Does RC by Sea!

Finally, there’s the Traxxas Blast Race RC Boat, which runs at 19 Km/h (12 mph), so a little bit slower than the LiteHawks, but it may be the coolest looking boat of them all. It’s also BIG! This thing is a whopping 2 feet long, so it really makes an impression!

Featuring waterproof electronics and a watertight receiver box, the Blast is perfectly at home in the water—so you won’t have to worry about getting shut down by getting your boat wet. It also offers 8-10 minutes of running time on its 3000 mAh 6-Cell NiMh Traxxas ID battery and is noted as being super easy to use. Meant for operators ages 14 and up, the Traxxas Blast proves that LiteHawk RC Boats aren’t the only game in town. It’s also sure to provide you with great water based RC fun for a very long time to come!


The 3 boats discussed above are probably the best models for users just entering the hobby, though other (higher end) options are also available for those with a thirst for more power, higher speeds, and longer running times. You can view Best Buy’s complete selection of amazing Traxxas and LiteHawk RC Boats by following the preceding link.


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