RC toys & vehicles

If you know someone who’s a fan of Radio Controlled Toys & Vehicles, today’s article will help to uncover some great potential gifts for you to get them this year. Read on for full details!

RC toys & vehicles are not for kids; or rather, they’re not just for kids. Anyone can enjoy the radio controlled vehicle hobby, which has something for every taste. There are vehicles designed for beginners, those more suited to intermediate users or light hobbyists, and even all-out machines that are ideal for RC pros. Most of what I’ll discuss below is probably best suited to beginners and/or intermediate RC users, but even veterans of the hobby are sure to love at least a couple of them. My goal with this article is introduce a few excellent RC vehicles that would make great gifts for people across the RC user spectrum.


RC toys & vehicles come in many different forms

One of the coolest RC toys available this year is the LiteHawk CRUSHER 2WD 1/12 Scale RC Monster Truck. Recommended for RC enthusiasts aged 14 and up, the CRUSHER is a heavy-duty monster truck at 1:12 scale that can take on virtually any challenge. With metal components (like drive shafts and axles), a 4-wheel independent suspension system, steel ball bearings, and high-grip rubber tires, this truck has everything you need to conquer any obstacle. Its top speed is an incredible 40 Km/h, so it’s also good for racing, and you’ll enjoy using its comfortable 4GHz digital controller with soft steering wheel. Rear 2WD and a fully proportional control system round out the features of this impressive monster truck, and with 12 minutes of running time per full battery charge, the CRUSHER provides a truly satisfying experience for RC beginners and pros alike.Another version of the same truck that’s smaller and has a different target audience is the LiteHawk Mini CRUSHER RC Monster Truck. As you can see from the photo (above), it’s almost an exact replica of the larger CRUSHER, only it’s a good bit smaller and not quite as full-featured. For instance, its top speed is 20 Km/h, but it is also fully capable of running both indoors and out. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, this compact truck features a standard 2.4GHz digital controller with soft steering wheel and fully proportional control. It also features a 12 minute running time, a tough polycarbonate shell body, rear 2WD, and custom decal sheets so you can personalize your truck. All up, it’s a very cool little rig!

RC toys & vehicles

One vehicle that instantly caught my eye when I first perused Best Buy’s RC page was the The LiteHawk Wheelers Crush Bus 1/14 2WD RC Monster Truck. The reason for this should be obvious—it’s a freakin school bus monster truck! How cool is that?? But that’s not all the LiteHawk Wheelers Crush Bus has going for it. With chunky, deep-treaded, all-terrain, rubber tires that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, this truck has what it takes to go virtually anywhere. It also has a 2.4Ghz remote with which to control its 2WD action, and it even comes complete with your first set of AA batteries—both for the truck itself and the remote control. This particular truck has a top speed of 15 Km/h and is best suited to (AKA, designed for) kids ages 5-8. It even includes a set of decals for personalization and a driver figure to add to the fun!

RC toys & vehicles

For those with more watery inclinations, there’s the LiteHawk Champion RC Race Boat. This F-1 style racing catamaran is simply amazing. It features a top speed of 32 Km/h, and you’ll enjoy 10 minutes of solid running time thanks to its NiMH 9.6V 2000mah rechargeable battery. Suitable for RC hobbyists ages 14 and up, this boat is ready to run like nothing you’ve ever seen before thanks to its twin hulls that raise the bulk of the boat out of the water almost like a low-flying aircraft when it’s moving at top speed. It’s also built to last with a durable water-cooled 550 motor and ESC and water-resistant gasket to protect the top cover and prevent water from getting into the internal components. A boat like this can be enormous fun for RC enthusiasts of all levels of knowledge and expertise if properly taken care of. A boat like this is also an absolute blast to run!

RC toys & vehiclesAnother great option is the dune buggy style RC vehicle, of which the LiteHawk ACE 4WD 1/12 Scale RC Rock Racer is one. Perfect for climbing over sticks, hills, and rocks, the ACE tops out at a blazing 35 Km/h of speed and offers 10 minutes of wild running time on each full charge of its rechargeable NiMH battery. Ideal for users age 14 and up, this buggy also has a 4-link rear suspension for tackling the rough terrain, a smooth composite lower chassis for enhanced stability, LED lights on both the roof and bumper so you can run after dark, soft compound all-terrain tires for a strong grip on most any surface, and many other high-end features that make this buggy great for the serious RC enthusiast.



Finally, just to punctuate the variety inherent in the RC vehicle hobby, I quickly want to show you the LiteHawk 2WD RC Construction Dump Car. Shouldn’t that be truck? Well, whatever! In any case, this very small truck, which is intended for kids ages 6 and up, certainly has a cool design. It looks just great! It also features a rechargeable NiMH 1.2V 80mah battery and is capable of driving along at 5 Km/h. That’s not fast, but it’s not bad for such a tiny truck—and construction vehicles aren’t exactly built for speed anyway. Also of note is that there are other construction vehicles that you can get which go perfectly with this truck to make a cool construction set, which certainly makes for some fun possibilities.


Of course, what you see here is only a small sampling of the amazing RC vehicles that are currently available at Best Buy. If you want to give your loved one an amazing RC vehicle as a gift this Christmas, check out the RC Toys & Vehicles page over at Best Buy Canada and see what’s available.


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