lego-boostIf you’re anything like me, then you absolutely love LEGO! And if so, now you’ve got something truly incredible to look forward to in August of this year. Coming in that month is an amazing new play experience called the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox—an advanced and versatile LEGO building system that combines the latest cutting edge technology with LEGO’s traditional building blocks! This cool new set allows children (or, lets face it, adults) to build any of 5 unique multifunctional models and to then control the movements, sound effects, etc. of those creations via a freely downloadable app.

lego-boost-catThe set consists of more than 840 different LEGO blocks and pieces, as well as a LEGO Move Hub, an Interactive Motor, & a Color & Distance Sensor. Due to this unique combination of elements, the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox is probably the most advanced and versatile building set that LEGO has ever created, and each of these unique components adds versatility to the overall play experience. For instance, the Move Hub component works with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and two encoded motors (along with various other sensors and buttons) to allow your creations to engage in all manner of amazing interactive play. The possibilities are practically endless!


One such example is the Guitar4000 (pictured above), which, after you’ve built it, can be played as if you were a bona fide rock star. How cool is that? Other build options include a robot called Vernie (shown below), which stands at over 10 inches (or 27 centimetres) tall and can actually talk and move about; a 6 inch tall (17cm) interactive cat called Frankie that can play, purr, or even express its kitty emotions; a Multi-Tooled Rover (called M.T.R.4) that not only looks incredibly cool, but that’s also as robust as any piece of modern day construction equipment and has the versatility of 4 different tool attachments (including a very cool spring-loaded shooting weapon). I think the rover might be one of my personal favourites!


But what’s possibly the most interesting build of all is something called the AutoBuilder, which apparently can be coded to build actual mini LEGO models. LEGO touts this particular construction as “an automated production line that really builds miniature LEGO models!” I simply cannot wait to see how this one is going to work!! All up, the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox sounds like an amazing and enormously fun set that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen from this highly innovative toy company. The set even includes a special LEGO BOOST playmat that’s ideal for specific play patterns, as well as a fun wall poster that kids can hang in their room.

lego-boost-factoryWhen it comes to LEGO’s seemingly endless ingenuity, I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised that they’ve taken this next step towards app enabled play. LEGO has always pushed the boundaries of imaginative play, and they’re sure to continue to do so well into the future. Even so, my mind is somewhat blown by this forthcoming LEGO set, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how it ultimately turns out. If you’re as keen on LEGO as I am, then scratch that itch and make the wait for LEGO BOOST more tolerable by exploring some of LEGO’s other great sets at Best Buy.


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