Power Ride On BannerWhen I was little, Powered Ride-Ons were all the rage. You were king of the neighbourhood rolling down the block in one. Whether playing with friends or mimicking adults driving, these electric toy cars offered me hours of outdoor play. If you are looking for a gift for a little one over the Holidays, a Powered Ride-On definitely packs a major “wow!” factor. Imagine the look on their face zipping around the house on Christmas morning. As a father, I have assembled and played with many different models of Power Wheels over the years. Let’s step into the miniature world of Powered Ride-On toys and find the best option for your family.

What is a Powered Ride-On toy?

If you are new to the world of ride-on toys, they are essentially miniaturized electric toy cars that children can sit in and drive around. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, so there is no need to worry about constantly swapping out a power source (just don’t forget to charge them after use). They are also a fun way to introduce more fun in the sun, as they are designed for outdoor use.

Many Power Wheels are not designed for cold weather, but once spring rolls around, they have the potential to provide hours of seasonal fun.

Choose your ride

Motorized ride-on toys fall under a few different categories that depend on the rider’s age, the speed of the vehicle, and the number of riders. One of the more interesting developments in Power Wheels is their likeness to full-sized cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

This is especially true for performance and luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes Benz, McLaren, Maserati, Range Rover, and more. Little drivers now have some extremely high-end options when it comes to choosing their Powered Ride-On.

There are also classic options like ATVs, jeeps, tractors, police cars, fire trucks, and even dirt bikes! The amount of choice in vehicle style has quadrupled since I was a kid, and there are so many options to choose from now. It all comes down to your child’s personal preference, but with so many Powered Ride-Ons in Best Buy Canada’s fleet, you are sure to find an option that suits your child just right.

Amount of passengers

The number of children in the household you are buying the ride-on for should be a key deciding factor. Some Powered Ride-Ons come in single, double, or even quad seat options. If you are purchasing for a family with more than one child, pick an option with more seats. This way, even when kids are not driving, they will still get in on the action.

Motorized Ride-On age groups

Powered Ride-On options generally come in two age limit categories—one for kids 2–4, and one for kids 5-9 years old. The ones in the category aimed at the younger group are smaller, slower, and have fewer functions for more streamlined use. The ones for older kids have the ability to hit higher speeds, and they also have more functions like lights, sounds, and accessories.

Battery life

The standard battery life for most Power Wheels ranges from one to two hours, depending on usage. If you are buying for a household with more than one child, you might want to opt for a Powered Ride-On with a larger battery. This way you won’t get caught needing to charge multiple times per session.

Picking the best Motorized Ride-On for your child

Best Buy offers a wide variety of Power Wheels vehicles, with enough options to rival a large auto show! There are high-end luxury cars, tractors, emergency vehicles, motorcycles, and more! Here are some top picks for younger and older drivers.

A Ride-On for the little ones—Range Rover Sport SVR

A classy Range Rover for ages 4 and under offers a lot of flexibility for little drivers. Not only does it feature the iconic look of the British autos, but it has the utility of one too. This Powered Ride-On can be both driven and treated like a push car. The Sport SVR also has a functional steering wheel with button controls featuring a horn sound and music. The 12V rechargeable battery offers 1 hour of battery life per charge, so you’ll be able to take it out for an extended ride.

Kool Karz McLaren P1 Butterfly Doors Ride-On toy car

If you are looking for a supercar miniature replica, the McLaren P1 Kool Karz model has some impressive features. Just like the full-sized version of the car, it has signature butterfly doors. The car also has LED lights, a button start, a horn, and even a fully functioning air conditioner. The car also has a 2.4G Bluetooth parent’s remote control with a 30m range. This lets you help your child to operate the car safely until they are able to do it on their own. This full-featured mini supercar is suitable for ages 3 to 8.

power ride-on jeep powe wheels

Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler Ride-On toy

If your kids are looking for a more rugged experience out of their Power Wheels, the classic Jeep Wrangler is a great option. Your little drivers can tackle tough backyard terrain while using the voice amplifying radio. This Powered Ride-On can accommodate 2 riders between the ages of  3 and 7 years old. It also has two forward speeds: 4km/h and 8km/h, that can be controlled by parents for safety. There’s also a Disney Pixar Toy Story version of this model for fans of the blockbuster movie series.

power ride-on vw

The Volkswagen Amarok Ride-On Truck

If you are looking for a miniature luxury SUV, the Volkswagen Amarok 2-Seat Ride-On is a rugged and stylish option. Just like the real car, it has an operational hood, a trunk, and side doors that open. It also features seatbelts, leather cushioned seats, music, and lights. This premium motorized ride-on also packs a 2.4G Bluetooth remote for parents to assume control when needed. The Amarok is designed for riders ages 3-8 years of age—stylish sunglasses not included.

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