Why would I start a contest giving away a huge selection of toys in March? It’s true that toys spark creativity and make learning fun at all times of the year. As such, I don’t think we should introduce children to new toys only twice a year: birthdays and Christmas. More importantly, though, March is full of important days related to toys. I’ll list five of those days below. I’m sure after reading that list you’ll agree with me that all children should get a new toy in March. Then you can enter for a chance to win a toy prize package that will make March the most important toy month in your home.

What are 5 important days in March to celebrate toys

I truly believe that every day we can help a child grow in their understanding and appreciation of the world and the people we share it with is an important day. So consider these five days as opportunities to kick off an explosion of exploration by a child that will last for weeks or months. For each day, I will suggest one or more toys that might be perfect gifts to give on that day.

  1. The first Friday of March is traditionally the National Day of Unplugging, encouraging us to unplug digitally for 24 hours. I see it as a day to disconnect from tech to reconnect with people. The best toy to give on this day is a new board game! The prize packages in this contest include some fantastic classics from Hasbro including The Game of Life, Yahtzee, Connect 4, Scrabble, and Clue, and exciting new board games like Unlock!, Skull, and The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow.
  2. International Women’s Day, March 8th, celebrates the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. One women who had a huge impact on education practices around the world was Maria Montessori. One of her famous quotes is, “Play is the work of a child.” Celebrate her achievements and the achievements of other women around the world with toys that encourage exploration. The prize packages in this contest include Leapfrog Touch and Learn World Map which helps children learn about many countries including Italy where Montessori was from.
  3. Math and science related toys are perfect for Pi Day. Celebrated on March 14th since the mathematical constant pi or 3.14…. The prize packages in this contest include a learning tablet called LeapPad Academy that includes a huge range of fun and challenging activities designed to build a range of skills including those related to science and math. There is one other prize offered in this contest that celebrates a truly amazing technological achievement seen in hockey rinks all across Canada: a Zamboni! This amazing ride on toy teaches driving skills and more. It will also be a truly unique way to introduce your child into learning about the states of matter!
  4. March 20th is the International Day of Happiness meant to promote happiness and well-being for everyone. A new toy that brings joy and happiness to a child’s life can help them develop positive emotions and coping mechanisms. I suppose that all of the toys that we are giving away in this contest would be great to give on this date. However, I’m going to suggest a robot called Miko. It will follow you, come when you call it, answer complex questions, and generally do its best to please you at all times. Alternatively, video games never dissappoint, especially classics like Pacman. The Pacman Collectorcade is an adorable small gaming console with a few classic fun favourites.
  5. Lastly, celebrate creativity on World Poetry Day, March 21st. There are many toys mentioned above, like Scrabble and LeapPad Academy that encourage language skill development. However, I believe this day is about more than using language creatively. One prize included in this contest is the Vtec Kidizoom Creator Cam that encourage the whole range of creative skills necessary to make a great video. These include visual creativity, scripting, and presentation skills. You children will have fun while building confidence in skill they’ll use throughout their lives.

You might be wondering why I didn’t call out any of the other big events coming up in March, like spring break or St. Patrick’s day. For some people, those are the most important days in March. If you have a different day than what I mentioned that’s great; you’ll have an opportunity to share that as you enter this contest.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in three different ways.

  1. In a comment below, tell us which day in March, either one of those mentioned above or one that’s important to you for other reasons, is a great day to give a child a new toy. Also, please explain what kind of toy should you give on that day and why.
  2. Visit the Education and Learning toys page at Best Buy, to find one toy that you like and think is very interesting. In an email to bestbuyblog@bestbuycanada.ca with the subject line “March toy contest” tell us what the name and model number of that toy is and why you liked it.
  3. For a bonus entry, and in keeping with my favourite day above, March 21st, compose a poem of at least two lines (though it can be as long as you want!), that extolls the virtues of toys for young and old. Please enter that poem in a comment below.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly draw five winners to win one of these five amazing prize packages:

Prize 1 Miko 3 AI Robot /Kool Karz NHL Zamboni Ride-On Toy Car / LeapPad Academy / Werewolves Of Miller’s Hollow Card Game / Hasbro The Game of Life / Hasbro Yahtzee! /
Prize 2 Miko 3 AI Robot / Kool Karz NHL Zamboni Ride-On Toy Car / LeapFrog Touch & Learn World Map / Skull Party Board Game / Habro Connect 4 / Hasbro Clue Board Game/
Prize 3 Miko 3 AI Robot / Kool Karz NHL Zamboni Ride-On Toy Car / LeapFrog Touch & Learn World Map / Skull Party Board Game / Habro Scrabble / Hasbro Clue Board Game/
Prize 4 Miko 3 AI Robot /Pacman Collectorcade / LeapPad Academy / VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam / Unlock! Mythic Adventures Card Game / Hasbro Scrabble / Hasbro Connect 4
Prize 5 Miko 3 AI Robot /Pacman Collectorcade / LeapPad Academy / VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam / Unlock! Mythic Adventures Card Game / /Hasbro The Game of Life/ Hasbro Yahtzee


This contest runs from March 3rd until April 3rd.

Remember, you can enter in three different ways as mentioned above. Do you think your friends and family are aware of why March is such an important month for toys? If not, tell them about this contest and ask them which day they think is the most important in March.

Win a Toy Prize package for March Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

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  1. Definitely the first Friday of March is important because we have to show our kids that they really can function without electronics.A board game that a child has to think and socialize a the same time would be great.

  2. Poem

    Toys are a must for the little minds.
    Toys are fun while creating great minds.
    Fun is what learning is all about.
    So toys toys to develop those minds.

  3. Any day in March is a great day to celebrate! I have two young children I like toys that educate and allow them to use their imagination. This could be things like a leap frog touch and learn or legos.

  4. Toys are so much fun to share
    They can show your friends how much you care
    They aren’t needed to show your love
    But they still are fun to extend that love.

  5. March 16th because it’s my birthday and a great time to give gifts to my nieces/nephews for fun and it would be a surprise. I like giving STEM gifts that use their imagination and are hands on.

  6. Anyway is a good day to give a toy to a child. Toys stimulate the mind but at the same time it’s important not to spoil them.

  7. Any day in march is special, people celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and other special occasions, but i know our local small town library could use some of these for donations, that would be excellent

  8. March Break (which we are in now) is the perfect time to give a toy to a child. I think PacMac looks absorbing and fun, and the board games which keep the kids off the screen and playing.

  9. I have a non verbal autistic grandson and I know he would benefit greatly from the Leap Frog Touch and Learn World Map or the Leap Academy. Learning something new each and every day is what I try to teach the grandchildren. Family time and time together in nature for me is what making memories is about. Not stuck to their cell phones or laptops etc.

  10. The date would be right at the beginning of March Break to give a child a new toy, so they have the rest of the break to play with it. An educational one would be best, they can play and learn at the same time.

  11. A math and science related toy for Pi Day on March 14th. Women are still poorly represented in many areas of STEM so anything to help her to spark interest in those areas is important.

  12. March 20th the international day of happiness I love that! And the toy robot Mike would be a great gift for my grandkids, Nad we also enjoy board games which is a great way to spend time together.

  13. 23rd March -World Meteorological Day
    The LeapFrog Touch and Learn World Map would be great for exploring weather around the world

  14. March 20, Day of happiness would be a great day to celebrate with a gift. I’d give board games that encourage positive interactions with others, the skill that needs improvement throughout our world.

  15. M’y daughters birthday is in March which is a great day to present a gift, but I also like the idea of giving my daughters a gift on women’s day. I have been trying to provide my daughters with examples of positive role modes of Canadian women in STEAM and science. I think it would be nice to folllow this up with a robotic toy that would nurture their coding and tinkering skills.

  16. My Nephew’s birthday is today so it would be a great day to give him a toy! He loves to learn so would love the touch and learn world map!

  17. Pi Day March 14 would be a good day to give the grandkids some Mathematics toys so they can get a jump on their education.

  18. I have a 10 year old granddaughter and talk about the “old” days pinball machines in arcades. Today’s arcades do not compare to the ones we had. She would be thrilled to bits with a pinball machine and board games.
    I find these things really help with coordination and brain building.

  19. My Nephew’s birthday is today so it would be a great day to give him a toy! He loves to learn so would love the touch and learn world map!

  20. March 14 – Pi Day – my engineer daughter loved to celebrate this day when she was at University and now that she is on maternity leave, her first born son would celebrate too if he won some new toys!

  21. Pi Day on March 14 is a great day to give a child a toy because you can celebrate math and learning.

    Toys are great for kids fun.
    They play and are happy in the sun.
    Happy kids equals happy parents!

  22. My granddaughter is my “Little Miss”
    Into my life she’s brought such bliss
    We play the games that she invents
    Will I win some toys? I’m in suspense!

  23. On March 8th International Women’s Day, I’d give my granddaughter an electric train set. Not only is it traditionally a boy’s toy, but it reminds me of how I was told as a little girl that girls couldn’t be train engineers. I want to remind her she can do whatever she wants!

  24. March 17th is a fun day to give a small green gift to a child to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Funny glasses or beads from the dollar store etc…

  25. To give a new toy to a young girl or boy,
    Which will fill their heart with tremendous joy.
    When I see a glisten in their eyes,
    It warms my heart when they receive a surprise ❤️

  26. March 20th is the International Day of Happiness, and I enjoy seeing smiling faces on youngsters. I would give a young teenager some sort of video game. They seem to be the most neglected of children who parents are having a rough time.

  27. March 17 would be a great day for a gift, and talk about the cultural significance of St. Patrick’s Day. I think Pac-Man would be fun for me too; I bet it would bring back memories of being a kid as well.

  28. March 20th is last day of u7 hockey, would be good to either give new hockey stick so they can use their current one as road hockey and not worry about ruining it, or give golf club so they can look forward to summer sports!

  29. March 2nd, & March 13th are our Grandsons’ Birthdays. Also, our Daughters’ Birthdays are on March5th & March 11th. Many family celebrations!

  30. March 20 because mental health is very important in life the toy I would give is an educational toy to help develop the mind

  31. We give our Grandson A toy gift of Lego on his birthday March 9th.
    March 21st let’s go. Lego is for the young and old.
    Let’s create , have some fun.
    Follow instructions, or use your imagination .
    Every piece of Lego is great creation.

  32. I usually give my kids something on March 17 , st Patrick’s day because I believe in celebrating our Irish heritage . The Pac-Man game would be perfect !!

  33. A new game a day for my child to play
    Would be just perfect, I must say.
    If there wasnt a new one today,
    I’m sure there still something a child could play.

  34. Definitely the first Friday of March is important because we have to show our kids that they really can function without electronics.A board game that a child has to think and socialize a the same time would be great.

  35. My poem:

    Toys give kids a perfect start
    But they are also for the young at heart
    They feed the brain and bring us joy
    So never underestimate the gift of a toy

  36. March 11th was my late sister’s birthday so I would give gifts to my kids on that date as a way to celebrate her. What kinds of gifts? Noisy ones… I have a feeling that’s the kind of Aunt she would have been… noisy toys that annoy parents and kids love!


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