If you’re a fan of drones, you’re going to love today’s announcement! There’s a new drone in town, and it’s called the DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter Drone with Camera & Controller. This ultra-lightweight drone is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and photography/videography buffs. It’s also super easy to use and ready to fly with minimal setup, making it great for just plain piloting fun. If you want a drone that’s fun, portable, and extremely capable, read on to learn all about the new DJI Mavic Mini.

The major advantage of the DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter Drone is that it weighs just 249 grams. Not only does this make it super simple to take with you absolutely anywhere, but as an ultra-lightweight drone, it also falls outside of Transport Canada’s rules for flying drones: “If you are flying a drone that is less than 250 grams, you do not need to register the drone or get a drone pilot certificate.”

This is a significant piece of information as it entirely eliminates all the hassle that flying some drones today involves. Of course, you still can’t fly your drone in certain restricted areas (like too close to airports), but at least you don’t have to get certified to fly it. You can read the full Transport Canada rules for “flying your drone safely and legally” by visiting their website HERE.


Other features and specs of the new DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter include a 3-axis gimbal with 2.7K camera as well as a 4km radius for high definition video transmission. This means you’ll be able to capture stable, crystal clear, and absolutely beautiful photos and video footage with your Mavic Mini.

As for speed, the Mini has a top flight speed of 13 m/s (or 29mph). It also has a maximum flight time (i.e., battery life) of 30 minutes per charge, giving you ample time to film, fly, and just enjoy the skies. With its maximum flying altitude of 3000m above sea level, you’re sure to get some excellent bird’s eye views with it. And its easy-to-use remote control makes it a breeze for pretty much anyone to become a first-rate pilot in no time flat.

If you’re having difficulty picturing just how small the new Mavic Mini Drone is, the above image should give you an excellent idea of its tiny size (its diagonal distance across is just 213 mm, or 21.3 cm). Of course, if you don’t mind having just a little bit more weight to carry around with you, there’s the DJI Mavic Mini Quadcopter Drone Fly More Combo. In addition to the aircraft itself, flight battery, and remote control, this kit also includes a two-way charging hub, a pair of USB cables, extra props, a 360 degree prop guard, and a handy case to carry it all in (see photo below).

As you can see, the Mavic Mini pretty much has it all. It may be a very small drone, but it’s big on features and even bigger on possibilities!

For all your DJI Mavic Mini options, check out Best Buy Canada either in store or online today.

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  1. Mrsp would be useful to have. As to the DJI Mavic height and radius capabilities, going anywhere near those stated would be hugely outside the rules for drone operating,at least in Canada.

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