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Introducing the all new, and very small, DJI Pocket 2. This tiny hand-held gimbal/camera combo, which was just launched this morning by DJI, builds on the original DJI Pocket in a number of key ways. Although DJI is primarily known for its world class family of drones, it’s really a company that’s all about helping you to achieve top notch photography and videography. After all, DJI specializes in high end photography drones and related devices such as these photography gimbals and cameras. For all the details on today’s big launch, just keep on reading.


The DJI Pocket 2 is here

The DJI Pocket 2 truly does fit in your pocket. It’s small and compact enough to take with you virtually anywhere, which is how it comes by its name. But being small isn’t the Pocket 2’s only great attribute. This thing is absolutely loaded with features that both amateur and professional videographers alike are sure to love and appreciate. For example, the Pocket 2 is ideal for landscape photography. It’s got a high definition panorama feature that provides a 180 degree field of view, meaning you can easily shoot subjects that take up a lot of horizontal space—from large family portraits to beautiful mountain ranges.

The DJI Pocket 2 also has ActiveTrack 3.0, a feature that ensures you’ll always get a great shot of moving targets. For instance, if you’re trying to shoot video of friends on the go, ActiveTrack 3.0 has you covered by sticking with them as they move about the shot. Another feature—story mode, fits glove-in-hand with ActiveTrack as it uses video and music templates to help you quickly and easily make short movies. Becoming an amateur filmmaker could not be easier! There’s even an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Editor feature that does the work for you by automatically combining clips, music, and transitions in a way that saves you the trouble of editing and is still worth sharing and showing.

One thing about the Pocket 2 that really sounds cool to me is its Timelapse feature, which also includes Motionlapse (for smoother camera movement) and Hyperlapse (kind of a moving time-lapse feature that allows you to travel through time). With this trio of features all working together, you can expect to create some really great—and smooth, time-lapse photography.

Other features of the new Pocket 2 include 4X zoom, 64MP photographs, 4k video resolution with 60fps recording, a 1/1.7 inch sensor, 3-axis stabilization to keep all your videos silky smooth, an 8X slow motion feature, stereo audio, a built-in wireless mic, and you can even get a special waterproof case (sold separately) with which to use the camera under water. How amazing is that?


There are also some really great accessories available for the DJI Pocket 2. These include a waterproof case, a micro tripod, a tripod mount, a wide-angle lens, a cover, an extension rod, a mini control stick, and several other bits and pieces. Other than regarding the waterproof case, which is stated as being sold separately, it is unclear from the release whether most of these other accessories will be included with the Pocket 2 or are going to be sold separately as well.

Since the Pocket 2 has just been launched today, more information may yet be forthcoming. But either way it should very soon be making its way to Best Buy Canada. Keep an eye on Best Buy Canada’s Drones & Accessories page and stay tuned to right here on the blog as well for all the unfolding news!


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