Airselfie AIR NEO Camera drone and Power Bank Bundle being held with the box in the background next to the carrying bag

When it comes to the world of photography, I’m always looking for devices that can elevate my content creation. This is where the AirSelfie AIR NEO camera drone and its power bank bundle come in. It offers photo and video capturing in a portable and budget-friendly gadget that creates a one-of-a-kind content creation experience.

In this review, I’ll be going over absolutely everything you need to know about the AirSelfie AIR NEO drone including its features, specifications, and any concerns on top of its best potential uses.

AirSelfie AIR NEO features

  • A battery that lasts for hundreds of photos or 6 minutes of video length
  • Power bank that holds 6 charges for up to 36 minutes of video recording
  • Instant photo sharing from the app directly to your phone
  • AI-controlled face tracking for auto-flying and hands-free content creation
  • Autofly modes: Wide, Zoom, Video, 360, and Orbit, all with a range of 60”
  • 12MP HD Camera for high-resolution photos and 2K-HD Video with 74” FOV
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy portability and storage
  • Includes a 16GB memory card for storage and manual photo transfer

Unboxing of the AIR NEO camera Drone with all components on table, from the drone, cable, power bank and carrying bag.

Unboxing the AirSelfie AIR NEO aerial camera drone

The packaging of the AirSelfie AIR NEO is simplistic, with the inner box opening like a book. Included with the AIR NEO bundle are the additional power bank/case, soft carrying bag, USB-C cable, and a warranty card. These inclusions were a great addition and the warranty card offers relieving support from a reliable brand.

I was surprised at first by the absence of a physical manual, but it wasn’t an issue thanks to the digital instructions. These are found when launching the virtual app that can be downloaded using the included QR code or by searching for Air Neo on any app store.

The required AirSelfie app allows you to control the drone entirely from your phone. You can use tilt motion controls, the preset button commands on the back, or your phone screen as a joystick. The device did take a few minutes to connect the first time but connected quickly in all uses after.

First impressions of the compact AIR NEO drone

One thing I noticed right away was the difference between using Wi-Fi connectivity as opposed to Bluetooth. While it seemed unconventional, I realized that this is likely required to quickly upload photos from the device to your phone. Thanks to this I was able to use a separate Bluetooth device at the same time as the AIR NEO. Unfortunately, I found having a separate device connected and used at the same time was causing connectivity issues with the drone. Sometimes, the drone would lose connection during use repeatedly and fail to upload photos, although this didn’t happen every time I tried using two devices.

Some users may be disappointed that the drone doesn’t come with a microphone for audio, but it wouldn’t be feasible due to the sound emitted from the propellers. And for those worried about not being able to use the internet while out of Wi-Fi range, you can rest easy. Cellular data does work without any issues, so it’s easy to use outdoors, wherever there’s network available.

AIR NEO Airselfie Camera Drone in flight over a backyard

Using the AIR NEO drone

The NEO uses AutoFly technology to enable hands free control of the drone. I will say it was quite a sight seeing it fly up all on its own, following my movements, and rotating to track my face as I walked around my room. It’s still crazy to think that this kind of technology is available in such a compact package.

When using the camera it’s important to use caution regarding your surroundings when flying the device both indoors or outside. While the bottom of the propellers is protected, the top of the blades does reach past the case which can cause damage if they hit your ceiling.

While getting used to the drone controls, some cat hair was pulled into the device and tangled under one of the propellers. This was extremely easy to fix thanks to the propeller that pops right off when pulled directly upwards and allowed me to remove the hair tangled underneath, replace the propellor, and get right back to recording.

Battery and its effect on in-the-moment photos

The battery life on the AIR NEO does seem low when compared to larger drones, which is due to the compact nature of the device. To me, this wasn’t much of a drawback as the idea is that you have your shots planned out in advance and use the AIR NEO selfie drone to capture moments right as they happen. It’s more efficient to plan out beforehand instead of spending minutes lining up the right angle or timing for your photos.

The AIR NEO power bank also eliminates most concerns over the short lifespan of the drone. It provides roughly 6 times the battery life which means you’re getting up to 36 minutes of total playtime for all your recording needs. This is an absolute lifesaver for when you run out of battery while far from home.

Photo taken using the AIR NEO camera at a low height of flowers
Photo taken using the AIR NEO’s 12MP camera

How to get the best quality AIR NEO photos

At first glance, the quality of the camera or videos may cause concern for some. While it can be challenging to capture photos at the same quality as the average phone camera, it’s still possible. You just need a bit of practice and to know which scenarios the camera will thrive in so you can still take advantage of its best qualities.

Selfie taken with the AIR NEO Airselfie camera drone outside in front of a house
Photo taken with the manual mode of the AIR NEO

To make the most of the device I’d recommend using it outside, taking advantage of its aerial capabilities in an open and bright environment. The shutter speed of the camera needs to be quick in order to mitigate blurriness as much as possible. This means you need stronger lighting than normal to improve the quality of your photos. 

For consistent quality, I also found making sure the AIR NEO is as stable as possible is essential in preventing warp or blur. Relying on the auto-fly modes and moving before your photo when face tracking is on tends to get extremely varied results. This is why I’d encourage the manual mode if you don’t want to risk a potentially unusable photo. With the high resolution, there is more room to improve or salvage the photos reliably. With post-processing software, you can make your results more closely match your expectations.

Screenshot from an iphone showing off the Air Neo App instructions and controlsScreenshot from an iphone showing off the Air Neo App instructions and controlsScreenshot from an iphone showing off the Air Neo App camera controls

The AIR NEO app and all its features

The app itself is pretty simplistic but very intuitive. There are extremely handy tutorial pages that show you exactly what every button and feature does in detail. Everything you need to know is listed on one page, with another for camera control and a third for the drone-uploaded gallery. For first-time users, there is also the invaluable resource of in-depth tutorial videos on the drone connect screen.

For quick and easy photos I usually went to the auto-fly mode by clicking the button on the back of the drone itself. However, as mentioned, I did prefer using the manual mode with the app as it gave me more sense of control in getting the photos I wanted. Regardless of which mode you choose, it will likely take a bit of getting used to, but figuring out how to expertly use a device like this is half the fun. It requires patience but offers the reward of an incredibly unique experience with the potential of some great shots when used properly. 

AIR NEO Airselfie Camera Drone being held in the palm of a hand showing it's size and propellers outside

A look at the future of AirSelfie drones

When it comes to automatic flying selfie drones, I can easily see this technology becoming a staple of professional video recording in the future. The simple camera work duties are performed entirely by a drone controlled by the user, and while there are still hurdles to overcome with the camera quality and battery life, these issues can be tackled in post by using the power bank, processing your results through image-enhancing AI, or photo/video editing software. 

Final thoughts

Even if you don’t have a specific use for a device like the AIR NEO right now, AirSelfie is definitely a brand you’re going to want to keep an eye on in the future. There is more innovative technology to come and improved future editions of this drone. 

As it stands I believe the AIR NEO camera drone would make an amazing gift for any would-be content creator in your life. The wow factor alone of an automatic drone is enough to blow the mind of anyone seeing it in action. It does take time to learn how to work around the limitations of the device and get used to the controls, but the process can be worth it, with plenty of potential for creating unique and captivating photos or videos.

If you want to try one out for yourself or for the social media fanatic in your life, you can pick up the standalone AIR NEO or AIR NEO power bank bundle at Best Buy.

Steven Garrard
Steven is a freelance journalist and tech enthusiast who enjoys keeping up with technological advancements and sharing them to improve our daily lives. He also runs a video game and tech review blog and can be found on twitter at @BiasedGamer101.


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