5 items to start your games room this Christmas


billiard-tabeThe holidays are a time when family and friends come together. Neighbours may stop by for drinks and family may come to stay from out of town. Playing games is a great way to entertain your guests. Depending on the space you have available, you can either setup a separate games room or have your games organized and stored away so they can setup in a common area, such as the family room or dining room.  Here are five items to start your games room and games collection from our large selection of games!


A core collection of board games

monopolyHaving some key board games available for friends and family to play is a great start to any games room! When it comes to board games, you may already have some family favorites, such as Monopoly, Yahtzee, or Cranium. If you’re bored of the traditional versions, try an updated version, such as Game of Thrones Monopoly or Dr. Who Yahtzee. Or invest in a few newer board games that have gained popularity, like an expansion pack for Settlers of Catan. For more inspiration, check out Leonard Bond’s board game suggestions. If puzzles are more your thing, we have a large selection of puzzles here. If you don’t have space in your home for a full games room, board games are also small enough that they can be stored in a common area, such as in the living room in cabinet like this one from Nexera. In a larger games room, store them all in a sturdy bookcase, such as the Timothy 8-Shelf Storage Shelf.

A classic chess set

game-setI have fond memories of playing chess with almost every member of my family growing up and it’s a great addition to any games room. The Mainstreet Classics 3-in-1 Game Set is a great option as it not only offers a full chess set, it also offers checkers pieces and has a full backgammon board underneath the top cover. I also love the black matte design of the leatherette board with the running white stitch and the velvet interior that hold the backgammon table and where you can store game pieces. A nice-looking chess set like this would also looks out of a games room and in a living room or office.


A high quality, spacious poker table

poker-tableAny game of chess or board game marathon needs to be played on a spacious table, and this Hathaway Bridgeport 48” Poker Table with Armchairs is just that. The table itself is made from hardwood and CARB-certified MDF material, making it sturdy and durable and it comes with four cushioned, comfortable chairs. The reversible table top has a high quality, flat wood surface on one side and a felt-lined poker surface on the other. The wood surface is perfect for basically any game, and the felt-lined side has chip slots and drink holders for up to 8 poker players. Upgrade your current chips and cards by investing in the Fat Cat Texas Hold’em Poker Chip Set.






If your house doesn’t allow for a full-sized games table, poker night can be easily hosted at your dining room table with the Fat Cat 51” Poker/Blackjack Top. This folding top has a solid wood base with a high quality felt top, a padded bottom to protect the table underneath and chip slots and drink holders for up to 8 players.




A large, statement multi-game table

3-in-1-tableI love the versatility of the Hathaway Triad 48” 3-in-1 Multi-Game Table, it is guaranteed to entertain all of your guests! You have the option of playing billiards, slide hockey or table tennis by quickly converting the table top and it comes with all the needed accessories. The table is made of tough, durable CARB-certified environmentally safe MDF material and the legs can be individually adjusted so the table will be stable and even on any floor surface.




If billiards is the game you and your friends prefer to play and you have the space available, you may prefer to invest in high quality, full sized billiards table like the Hathaway Augusta 96” Billiard Table instead of the one mentioned above. This large table is made of thick, high quality MDF maple veneer and the frame and ball-and-claw legs are in a traditional billiards design. It also comes with balls, cue sticks, an aluminum bridge head, cue chalk, a rail brush, and a racking triangle.

A traditional dart board

viperA dart board is a great addition to any games room. I like that this Viper 18” Bristle Dart Board retains the traditional style. The self-healing fibers work for both steel and soft-tip darts (the board comes with three steel tip darts) and the staple-free bulls-eye and round-shaped wires prevent darts from popping off the board after being thrown. For score-keeping, this Viper board also comes with a traditional cricket chalk scoreboard with chalk and eraser. The number ring around the edge of the board can also be rotated around to ensure you don’t overuse or ruin one area of the board.

Having a games room set up this holiday season is a great way to ensure your guests stay entertained. Start with some favorite board games, a chess set and a comfortable, spacious games table. Place some shelves or a cupboard in the room for easy storage of games and cards. If you have the space, also place a large billiards table or multi-game table in the center of the room and add some extra games around the room, such as a dart board on the wall. If you don’t have the physical space for a games room, the great thing about many of these games is that they are portable. Place a cupboard in your living room or dining room and fill it with your favorite board games, a folding poker table and a chip set so you are always ready for an impromptu games night. Check out our large selection of games here for everything you need to entertain throughout the holidays.

Lucy Woodhead
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