I spend a lot of time wondering why people buy new smartphone cases. Are they changing up their look? Is it to match an outfit? Or are they like me, and they’ve dropped their phone so many times that the case needs replacing?

Whatever the answer may be, Best Buy has a selection of fashionable smartphone cases that are perfect for updating your look this spring. If you’ve broken your last phone case, then it’s the perfect time for a new look. If you haven’t, well, then perhaps you can just tuck your old case away until the fall and change it up for the time being.

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 8, and I can tell you this from my personal experience: going caseless is terrifying. I love the feeling of a “naked” iPhone, so I usually go without a case while my phone is still covered by Apple Care. (Apple Care+, if we’re being specific. Because there are people who drop things, and then there are people who drop things, and I have always been firmly in the latter category). But every time that phone falls out of my hands… I tremble. 1/5 stars, would not recommend, I wish I didn’t feel compelled to do it.

Get whimsical with Kate Spade

I love the Kate Spade accessory line, and the brand’s smartphone cases are no exception. They’re always fun, playful, and functional, and above all else, they’re easy.

It takes a lot of effort to curate the perfect fashion-forward “look,” but a Kate Spade smartphone case–whether it’s one with a tongue-in-cheek quip on it or something covered in polka dots–is always fashionable. It’s the one item in your wardrobe that you don’t have to worry about, and it looks as awesome being pulled out of your Kate Spade bag as it looks being pulled out of your boyfriend jeans.

(You know. If people ever actually gave women functional pockets.)

If you love summertime florals, the Kate Spade New York Hollyhock Floral Fitted Hard Shell Case is totally up your alley. It offers the protection of a hard shell case, but it still gives you some of that “naked” look – so you’re not totally losing out on that caseless experience. Like all Kate Spade cases, it has a shock-resistant bumper to absorb impact, and an easy-to-grip texture. 

As we say in the perfume world, I’m not into big white florals. I still love Kate Spade, though, and I still love something a little bit feminine. The Kate Spade New York Stars case is totally my jam. It’s also clear, so you can still see that phone you just dropped $1000+ on, and it has multi-sized, multi-coloured stars to slide up and down the back of your phone. 

Rolling in marble smartphone cases

At the top of this post is the iDeal of Sweden Fitted Hard Shell Case in Carrera Gold. iDeal is a smaller brand, so it was actually new to me when I found it – but it sure is pretty. It’s the ultimate flatlay phone: slim and luxe, with a white marble design and gold gilt in between each crack in the design.

Simple smartphone cases for the spring

The last two smartphone cases that I wanted to feature today surprised even me. I started writing about smartphone fashion for Best Buy in – maybe 2015, and things have shifted even in the past few years.

While a fashionable smartphone case used to be something simple-but-pretty, today’s idea of “fashionable” is a little more minimalist. If you love simplicity, a phone case like the über-basic Apple Fitted Hard Shell Case is just as chic (if not even more) than any other. I would absolutely get it in black, if you’re considering it – it has that wonderful “I really don’t care” vibe to it.

In between these two extremes is something colourblocked: simple, but still whimsical. The Kate Spade New York Fitted Hard Shell Case is the perfect example of this. Its crisp lines of colour are girly without being overtly busy, and it’s so simple that there’s no way it’ll be outdated before your phone is.

Whether you’re looking for something austere or something gilded, Best Buy has the fashionable smartphone case for you. 


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