Case-Mate Soap Bubble Fitted Hard Shell Case with MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro - Iridescent Clear

There are many reasons to look for a new smartphone case. Some of them are purely functional: when your phone is in a case, it’s much less likely to be damaged in the event of a drop or fall. (Even if the case is thin or soft!) Others are aesthetic, like the purchase of a new case that perfectly matches your seasonal colour palette.

Whatever the answer may be, Best Buy has a selection of fashionable smartphone cases that are perfect for updating your look.

As a tech writer, I have a confession to make: I love the feeling of a “naked” smartphone. Without a case, every smartphone feels slick, heavy, and luxurious. It’s like carrying around a thin brick of gold, that slides like butter into every pocket or purse you own. But going caseless is terrifying, so I enjoy living on the edge while my phone is still covered by Apple Care+ and then immediately pop my phone into a series of cases when my Apple Care runs out.

Get whimsical with Kate Spade

kate spade new york Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max - Poppies

I love the Kate Spade accessory line, and the brand’s smartphone cases are no exception. They’re always fun, playful, and functional, and above all else, they’re easy.

It takes a lot of effort to curate the perfect fashion-forward “look,” but a Kate Spade smartphone case–whether it’s one with a tongue-in-cheek quip on it or something covered in polka dots–is always fashionable. It’s the one item in your wardrobe that you don’t have to worry about, and it looks just as good being pulled out of your Kate Spade bag as it looks being pulled out of your boyfriend jeans.

Look to Kate Spade for big florals, delicate designs, and lots (and lots) of glitter. Kate Spade cases are known for pulling off a “naked” look very well, so you can enjoy the look of a caseless phone while benefiting from the protection of a case. The hard shell, clear cases in the Kate Spade line offer robust drop protection with a shock-absorbent bumper and raised rim, paired with designs that seem almost to float on the back side of your phone.

Lean in to Case-Mate designer collaborations

Case-Mate Rifle Paper Fitted Hard Shell Case for iPhone 12 Pro Max - Pink FloralMany things come and go on the internet. Popularity tends to hit in waves: one month, teddy coats are all the rage; the next, it’s all about a matching set. But two things that haven’t faltered are Case-Mate and Rifle Paper Co.

Case-Mate, a leader in smartphone protection, has a knack for choosing partnerships with staying power. They select timeless designs, often opting for bolder, more artistic prints than other brands. The result is a case that’ll stay trendy for as long as your phone still works (which could be longer and longer as the electronics right to repair movement advances!)

To upgrade your Case-Mate smartphone case, look for added features like built-in magnets and antimicrobial protection.

Simple smartphone cases for the spring

Just like in the clothing industry, a fashionable smartphone case doesn’t have to offer glitz, glamour, or a big print. A high-quality case in a simple finish can be just as impactful, especially in the right colour and material.

For many, “fashionable” is a little more minimalist. If you love simplicity, a phone case like the super-basic ones from Apple is just as chic as any other. They offer an effortless, “I have more important things to think about” vibe, and often match nicely with your other daily tech.

If you love fashion, dressing up your smartphone is simply a logical choice. Have fun with big designs, simple finishes, or both! Smartphone cases are easy to swap out to match your mood of the day.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or eye-catching, Best Buy has the fashionable smartphone case for you. 

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