The world is changing. That’s an undeniable fact, but it doesn’t have to be a negative one. Yes, the world is changing, and yes, there are new security threats every day. But the changing world, and especially the changing digital world, brings us more ways to keep our families and our homes safe every day. Here are just five of Best Buy’s top smart home security devices to help you and your family rest a little easier each night.

Because you know what? The world is changing, but the digital age brings new levels of security. And on top of that, Canada is safer now than it has been in decades. It’s time that we felt as safe as we really are.


1. NETGEAR Arlo Pro Wireless Security System with 4 HD Cameras

Have you ever wanted to keep an eye on your home while you were away? Now, thanks to smart home security technologies, you can.

NETGEAR makes home security easy with their NETGEAR Arlo Pro Wireless Security System with 4 HD Cameras. The system is easy to set up with your Apple or Android smartphone, and each camera is weatherproof and ready for indoor or outdoor use. These 4 HD cameras even have the ability to record in the dark to up to 25 feet, making them perfect for night use.

The Arlo Pro wireless smart home security system is totally wireless. It uses 2.4GHz Wi-Fi to monitor your home when you can’t, and will send you alerts on your smartphone for sound or motion triggers. Video is saved to the cloud for 7 days, and stored in Arlo’s base station for a backup via USB.

And unlike simpler systems, the Arlo Pro’s 2-way audio lets you listen in or talk to the person in your home, whether that’s your mom who can’t find where you left her tupperware … Or your dog, who misses you dearly when you’re at work.


Here’s what Robert from Toronto, ON had to say: Sep 08, 2017

“I bought this system to monitor my cottage and keep an eye on the kids while we are there. It works perfectly. I really wasn’t expecting the camera at the dock to connect without extending my wireless network…but it did!! Everything just works immediately. You literally grab the cameras and move them around as your needs change. They are magnetic so they will just attach to anything metal.”


2. Ring WiFi 720p Video Doorbell


The Ring WiFi 720p Video Doorbell is another smart home security product that just makes sense. The folks at Ring have thought of everything, from HD video and clear audio that streams to your smartphone or tablet to a motion detector that works up to 30 feet.

Recorded video is stored in the cloud, and you can listen and respond to the doorbell from anywhere in the world – as long as you’re connected to the internet. The Ring lets you screen your guests before you open the door, tell couriers where to leave packages, and bring a video of that pesky neighbourhood ring-and-runner to their parents.

The only thing you need to know about the Ring? It’s only certified for outdoor use to -20˚C, which won’t work in all of Canada’s varied climates!


Here’s what JF from Toronto, ON had to say: Jul 24, 2017

“Easy install and set up. Also purchased the companion plug and play chime, which was also easy to set up. First five days, works like a charm. Hopefully I get 15 years out of this one, like the phone line enabled door bell it replaced.”


3. iSmartAlarm Wireless Security System


The iSmartAlarm Wireless Security System is a Best Buy exclusive. It’s a wireless smart home security system that lets you self-monitor your home security with no monthly fees, right from your smartphone.

The system uses contact and motion sensors to monitor your home, and can alert all of the members of your family to changes via text, phone calls, push notifications.


Here’s what Bob from Ottawa, ON had to say: Jul 13, 2017

“I purchased this roughly a month ago and it’s well worth the money. Easy to install, sensors are of good quality, works as described, good value and when the alarm goes off the notifications are fast. I may need to get another siren as the unit is installed in the basement but I am very happy and I would recommend this product.”


4. Netatmo Welcome Wireless Indoor HD IP Camera


This sleek, gold column to your left is the Netatmo Welcome Wireless Indoor HD IP Camera, and it does more than just look pretty. (Although it does look very pretty). The Welcome Wireless camera lets you monitor your house … with the benefit of facial recognition technology.

Welcome lets you keep track of who’s at home without having to watch feeds of your home while you’re at work. It’ll send you a notification when your kids get home, when the nanny comes, or when someone unexpected shows up.


Here’s what John from Mississauga, ON had to say: Jan 13, 2017

“Love my new Netatmo Security Camera. Set up was easy and facial recognition is quick and accurate. The resolution is amazing, even the night view. The videos are easy to delete but valuable when you need them. We use ours facing our door way to monitor the dog walker, cleaning lady and for general security. Highly recommend this camera!”


5. CUJO Smart Firewall


My last smart home security product is one that doesn’t fit your automatic expectations for “home security.” It’s the CUJO Smart Firewall, and it keeps you safe from something that’s often overlooked: digital vulnerability.

CUJO plugs into your WiFi router to keep you safe from “phishing, malware, webcam hacks, and other cyber threats.” It makes digital security easy, and protects everything from your bedroom webcam to your baby monitor. It’ll do all of that without slowing your system down, too – the CUJO comes equipped with a 1GB Ethernet port, so tech junkies may still apply.


Here’s what Dave Sadler from Oakville, ON had to say: Aug 04, 2017

“Installing Cujo is a snap – so long as you have an iPhone or Android phone – which you do 🙂 This thing couldn’t be easier to install or use. As a parent of two young kids, it provides peace of mind that the kids don’t accidentally end up at a website they shouldn’t because of a TYPO. I can also shut down screen time in the evenings by limiting their internet access.

More importantly though, Cujo protects my Smart devices (think thermostat, smoke detectors, Nest Cameras) from folks who shouldn’t be looking at them. I was genuinely surprised at how many times my house was scanned by computers in the US, Norway, Russia, and Hong Kong; looking for some exploit that would let them into my network. FREAKY. In short, Cujo is perfect for people who aren’t sure why they need a firewall, or for people who are too busy to make their own.”


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