Welcome to the “Smarten Up” series. Much like the earlier “Setting up a Smart Home” series, this is a multi-part group of blogs aimed at helping you understand the capabilities (and the fun) of smart home technology. Over the next few blogs, I hope to show you what it’s like.

At one point or another, I’m sure we’ve all dreamed about what it would be like to have any sort of magical power. Whether your chosen magic is through a wand, wishes or something closer to the Force in Star Wars, we’ve all got some preference I’m sure.

While our real world “magic” is nothing more than a series of crafty visual tricks, smart locks just add to the mystique of illusion and how there are no limitations to human creativity. While smart locks sync up to your mobile device and interact through apps, some can do so much more.

August Locks are perhaps the greatest mind trick of all of the smart locks out there. While you still have your standard push button app functionality, August can work hands free. As the dad of a two year who already loves Star Wars so much that she chose it as her birthday party theme, I can mock some Force skills and impress her with the idea that a door can open itself just by dad waving his arm at it.

Review: Is the August Smart Lock the easiest to install smarthome device yet?

It sounds fun, but it’s really practical too. I look at this more for those times that I’m out with her and we go grocery shopping. She might carry one small bag in, but since I have to walk up 2 flights of stairs from my garage, I try to carry everything in on one trip. A system like August that unlocks the door as I approach saves me the time of ever having to fumble for keys. Since it works with my existing deadbolt, I also never have to carry an extra key if I leave my phone at home and there are no touch points outside that I can accidentally graze and lock myself out (something I did a few times accidentally with the Weiser Kevo.)

A smart lock system like August is great for having better control over who comes in and out of your house. Rather than cutting keys for your babysitters, cleaners, neighbours and housesitters, you can simply transfer them electronic keys which you can then enable and disable at your heart’s content. This will keep from having to worry about who has keys to your home and who does not. The apps track the access which you can modify with the swipe of a finger. You can even time access keys so that they automatically expire when you want them to.

Setting up your own Jedi Order

Having the August system in your home doesn’t just stop at locks themselves. August is growing the capabilities they can bring to your home. For example, you may not like the idea of giving out eKeys at all and/or want the ability to let someone through the front door remotely. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with the lock out of the box because it’s bluetooth-only. However, with August Connect Wi-Fi Remote Access (a small flat white box you plug into an outlet nearest to your lock,) you can provide access anywhere in the world when it enables you access through your WiFi network.

If you do want to provide some form of access to the neighbour, dog walker, etc but you do not want to go either route mentioned above (but still want them to have access,) look no further than the August Smart Keypad. The August keypad allows you keyless (and phoneless) access to locking and unlocking your lock through the use of a designated access code. You can also set different access numbers for each visitor (so you know who is coming and going) and have them simply lock up with the push of a red button at the bottom of the keypad.

Finally, you can literally see who is at the door without even being home. With the August Doorbell Cam (also available in Dark Grey), you can gain a visual look at who is at the door anytime. The standard doorbell cam feature notifies you when you have a visitor ringing and lets you see and speak with them in real time. However, for an added level of security, the camera can also be enabled to detect motion at the front door and notify you so that you may proactively address anybody that is waiting or causing a fuss.

While you can get the August lock system and 1st generation Connect right now, there is a new version coming soon. This version is available for pre-order and will interface with Apple’s Homekit program. The following products will be available:

August Smart Lock HomeKit-Enabled – Silver

August Smart Lock HomeKit-Enabled – Dark Grey

August Connect 2nd Generation

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  1. What is the company reputation like? As I got hooked on the Okidokeys and their company has gone quiet with no new features or development and they havent finish development on their WiFi connect gateway. 

    I really like this August one but I am leaning toward replacing my Okidokeys with a Kevo as Weiser locks has been around forever and I dont imagine they will go anywhere soon.

  2. @Drax86 I didn’t have to speak to August during my review because their product came new to me out of the box. However, the French reviewer Philippe had to and they sorted out his problems immediately.


    My experience with Weiser customer service has always been great. You can’t go wrong with either of them. Weiser also offers the Kevo Plus now through their website that will let you unlock some of the remote eKey features and WiFi notifications August Connect offers.

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