Now that we’ve officially entered December, I suspect that many of you out there—just like me—will be going full-force with your various Christmas decorations (if you haven’t already done so). But did you know that convenient products such as Smart Lighting, Plugs, and Switches can make your holiday decorating a whole lot easier and more fun? In fact, some of these products make decorating an absolute breeze!

And that is why today’s article is all about using smart plugs during the holidays for things like controlling your Christmas tree, setting your outdoor lighting schedule, and even for giving as gifts (smart plugs make great stocking stuffers!). If you’re not particularly inclined to believe any of this, or even if you are, read on for more details of how smart plugs cab make great holiday-enhancing stocking stuffers.


What are Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs are plugs that work with smart phones and similar devices via special apps that allow users to control whatever appliances or electronic devices are plugged into them. In appearance, smart plugs are not so very different from ordinary plugs, but in their functions and capabilities, smart plugs are far superior to ordinary plugs as they allow users to control their electronics over the Internet from anywhere in the world and at any time they choose. Smart plugs also allow users to set schedules for when power will be delivered to electronics so folks don’t have to remember to do it themselves.

Best Buy recently sent me a sample of the TP-LINK Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini to try out with my Christmas decorations and other electronic devices. This particular smart plug works via the Kasa App, which I found easy to set up and use.

In fact, smart plugs in general are easy to use—even for the most inept of users, like me! Believe me, when it comes to holiday decorating, I’m a lot like Clark Griswold from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: full of grand decorating plans, but shockingly poor in execution.

With a modern smart plug, however, everything in the decorating realm is made just a little bit easier. The most difficult part of the entire process was remembering where I’d stashed my home Wi-Fi password, but once my wife solved that little problem, I had the plug up and running in seconds.


Use Smart Plugs to Control Your Christmas Tree


Are you tired of getting down on all fours and crawling around under your Christmas tree while reaching through the various branches and decorations to try and plug in or unplug your tree’s lights? If so, then you are a prime candidate for a very special Christmas tree control device… your phone!

That’s right, by plugging your tree into a smart plug at the beginning of the holiday season, you can easily control your Christmas tree’s lights at the simple touch of an icon on your smart phone’s screen. There’ll be no more crawling around under your tree like a cat in your future if you simply acquire and install a simple smart plug.

Shown at left is my own Christmas tree this year, which I am easily able to turn on and off with my Samsung phone. We only just put up our tree this past weekend, but I’ve already grown accustomed to controlling its lights via the Kasa App. It’s super easy to do, the reaction time is instant, and I don’t even need to be at home to do it.



Use Smart Plugs to Schedule Your Outdoor Lights

Would you like to have your outside Christmas (and other) lights come on before you get home from work in the dark on those long Winter nights? If you’ve ever thought it would be nice to put your lights on just as it was getting dark outside, but you’re never quite home from work yet at that particular time of the day, a smart plug might be the answer.

Smart plugs can be set to automatically power your lights on just as it’s getting dusk, and you can set them to go off at your regular bedtime.

With a smart plug calling the shots, you won’t have to worry about going outside in the cold to plug in your holiday lights, or remember to throw an indoor switch that powers your outdoor sockets. All you’ll have to do is plug your lights into the smart plug and schedule your on and off times in its companion app. Then, just sit back and enjoy your lights.


Give Smart Plugs as Stocking Stuffers

If you’re anything like me, you likely have trouble coming up with stocking stuffer ideas for your friends and family. Well, this year you’re in luck, because smart plugs are both small and inexpensive, making them the ideal stocking stuffers for virtually anyone on your shopping list—just as long as they own a smart device and a wall outlet.

With smart plugs as gifts, your friends, parents, in-laws, whoever, can instantly make their home just a little bit smarter. If there are members of your family that haven’t yet taken their first steps into the world of smart home technology, smart plugs are the perfect gateway product to get them started due to their ease of use and not being the least bit intimidating.

When you give a smart plug as a gift this year, you’ll be introducing your loved ones to convenience, security, peace of mind, and even fun.


Use Smart Plugs All Year Round

Once your gift recipients have their smart plugs installed and in use, they needn’t just be employed for holiday decorations. Smart plugs can be used all the year round for pretty much anything that needs plugging in.

Use them to control your bedside lamp, personal appliances (like clothing or hair curling irons), stereo equipment, coffee makers, or pretty much anything that can be set to be “on” when it receives power (some appliances, like certain crock pots, may need to be turned on after receiving power in order to function).

The great thing is, if you forget to unplug something, you can easily use your phone to turn it off by cutting the power to your smart plug from wherever you may be. This is not only a great convenience, but it may also prevent disaster if you leave something on that could potentially cause a fire. Thus, smart plugs are not only convenient, but they also promote safety!


Make your life and the lives of your friends and family safer, easier, and more convenient and energy efficient this year by giving the gift of smart plugs or adopting the technology for yourself. Happy Holidays!

Leonard Bond
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