lead-imageOur smartphones are really technological marvels, aren’t they? They’re little handheld supercomputers that let us surf the internet, text, email, take pictures and videos, play games, track our workouts, and so much more. And, when paired with Smart Home technology, our connected devices allow us to receive feedback and control all sorts of aspects of our living spaces, from virtually anywhere in the world (with an internet connection, that is!). In the previous blogs of this Smart Home System Series, I covered subjects such as Smart Home framework technologies like Apple HomeKit and Z-Wave, as well as the myriad products available for the Philips Hue lighting system.

In this latest installment of the ongoing series, I’ll be letting you know more about the Netatmo range of connected products, including devices that intelligently monitor the weather, and your home’s air quality, as well as outdoor and indoor security cameras with people, car and animal detection.



What’s the Weather Like Outside?

Are you an amateur meteorologist? Does tracking the weather get you going? Do you spend more time watching the 24-hour weather channel than you do anything else on television? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you may really appreciate the Netatmo Smart Weather Station. With this incredibly useful device, you can gather data on the temperature, humidity, air quality, CO2 levels, noise pollution, and barometric pressure outside your home, plus have access to a seven-day forecast, and all from your smartphone. With real-time weather monitoring, and the ability to view and analyze past readings, you will develop a much better understanding of the environment, and the weather trends in your area.


rain-sensorYou can also further expand upon the data you’re getting, by adding the exclusive Netatmo Wind Gauge to your Weather Station system, and get up-to-date notifications on wind speed and direction. Similarly, the Netatmo Rain Gauge is another additional device you can add to your Weather Station so you get alerts the moment is starts raining, as well as data on how much rain has fallen. Gardeners will certainly appreciate being able to determine when and just how much to water their fruits, vegetables and flower beds. With the Netatmo Weather Station and its various add-ons, you’ll never have to watch that 24-hour weather channel ever again.


Smart Indoor Climate Monitoring


In addition to keeping an eye on the weather and conditions outside your home, the Netatmo Weather Station can also help people monitor and manipulate the conditions inside the rooms of their living spaces. With the Netatmo Add-On Indoor Sensor Module, you can keep track of an individual room, such as a bedroom or kitchen, and receive notifications and up-to-the-minute data on C02 concentration, humidity and temperature. So, you’ll always know when you should air the house out, or if you pair all that data with a Netatmo-compatible Smart Thermostat, you’ll be able to set your home to your preferred temperature from the office, or anywhere else.


Outdoor and Indoor Security


More and more, home security is becoming a huge issue today. We all want to make sure our homes are secure and protected, and that our families are equally safe when in the house. So, Netatmo offers a nice selection of connected devices that will go a long way towards making you feel more relaxed about your home’s security.


The Netatmo Welcome Wireless Indoor HD IP Camera has a whole lot more functionality than your average, ordinary standard WiFi camera. This Smart Cam actually has the latest in facial recognition software, so it knows the difference between your family members and some stranger wandering into your home. The easy-to-set-up Indoor HD IP Camera features stunning full HD resolution, and a wide, 130-degree field of view. It is also equipped with cool infrared LED night vision, so you can keep track of what6’s happening in your house both during the day and when the sun goes down. Pair all that with advanced motion detection, and you’ve got a well-designed and versatile camera that will give you lots of peace-of-mind. Imagine never having to worry about when your kids get home after school, because you can set the camera up to send you a notification when its facial recognition software sees their little faces walk through the door. Similarly, if some total stranger is moving around your home, the camera can be set to send you an emergency alert, as well. Plus, you can watch both live and recorded footage from the cam, all with the tap of a finger on your smartphone, tablet, or other internet-enabled device.


But, the Welcome Indoor Cam also has its own add-ons. The Netatmo Door/Window Security Sensors connect to the Welcome Camera to send notifications and emergency alerts to your mobile device when they sense motion or vibration. These waterproof and UV-resistant sensors are perfect for both indoor or outdoor use, and they can also detect and alert you if you happen to leave a door or window open or ajar.

Netatmo also has a dedicated outdoor camera called the Presence (coming soon) that can actually detect the difference between a person, car or animal. It can let you know if someone is loitering suspiciously around your home, and even lets you create customized alerts (say, to let you know when that pesky raccoon is back knocking over your garbage cans). The outdoor camera also features a floodlight, and local video storage on a microSD card.

Is home security something you think about often? Do you think some of Netatmo’s wifi-connected intelligent home monitoring products would ease some of your worries? Tell me what you think of Netatmo’s smart home devices in the comments section below.

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