Amazon has just announced the impending release of a major upgrade to its popular Echo Show smart display. It’s the all new Echo Show 5, and it’s available for pre order at Best Buy Canada right now with a scheduled release date of June 26th. If you’d like to learn all the details of this excellent new smart display device, just keep on reading.


The Echo Show 5 is Coming Soon

Among the many enhancements to Amazon’s new Echo Show 5 (which will be available in 2 distinct colour options: Sandstone and Charcoal) are its stylish design and compact size. For instance, the Echo Show 5’s screen measures just 5.5″ while maintaining an impressive resolution of 960 x 480. See below for a comparison shot of the new Show 5 with its much larger predecessor.

The new Echo Show 5 also features a 1.65″ 4W speaker (for high quality sound), a 1MP camera with 720p HD video recording (as well as a built-in camera shutter and microphone/camera off button), a line-out with 3.5 mm cable (giving you an extra option in addition to Bluetooth), and the enormously popular Amazon Alexa smart voice assistant.


Key Features and Benefits

There are a number of great benefits to enjoy with the new Echo Show 5. For instance, you can keep yourself entertained by listening to your favourite hits while simultaneously watching their music videos right on the display screen.

Or, take advantage of the Echo Show 5’s far-field technology by asking Alexa questions or giving useful commands from all the way across the room. Alexa will be able to hear what you’re saying and respond accordingly—even if you’re playing music or watching videos.

side & back profiles of Echo Show 5The Echo Show 5 will also help you to simplify your life. For example, it provides useful information like news, weather, and sports, and it can even help you to follow on screen recipes while cooking in the kitchen.

If you happen to be a smart home buff, the Echo Show 5 can help you with things like turning your other smart devices on and off through voice control (such as adjusting your thermostat or controlling various lights).

If maintaining close contact with family and friends is your primary objective, the Echo Show 5 has you covered on that front too. Use it to call anyone that has the Alexa App, an Echo smart display of their own, or Skype. You can even make instant voice announcements to the other compatible Echo devices throughout your home, like telling the family: “The Echo Show 5 is coming soon!”

If privacy is a concern, fear not—you can turn both the camera and the mic off whenever you wish with the simple push of a button, and the camera’s built-in shutter allows you to easily cover the camera at will. For security’s sake, you can even use the Show 5 to view a live feed from your smart home security cameras, such as those from Ring.

echo show 5 security switch

What’s more, a new smart dashboard (implemented across all Echo Show models) provides a greater level of control over all of your compatible smart home devices. You can use either voice or touch controls to manage your entire home, and it’s super easy and convenient either way you do it!

Optional Upgrades

There are a number of useful ways to take your Echo Show 5 to an even higher level of convenience.

echo show 5 on a bedside tableFor example, if you already have an existing Echo Show (or wish to upgrade to one for its premium speakers with Dolby processing and 10.1″ screen), the Show 5 is fully compatible with its predecessor. In fact, the 2 models work beautifully together (like for using the Drop In feature—basically an in-home intercom system for you and your family).

Additionally, you may choose to pair your Echo Show 5 with a Blink XT2 Camera to better monitor your home (both inside and out). Simply ask Alexa to arm or disarm your camera, to give you a live feed of what’s currently happening, or to play your previously recorded motion clips. The choice is yours.


Pre-Order Your Echo Show 5 Now

With these and many other great features readily at your disposal, you won’t want to miss out on the all new Amazon Echo Show 5 when it lands at Best Buy in just a few weeks time. Choose your favourite colour option today and pre-order your Echo Show 5 now at Best Buy Canada online.

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