We all have valuables to protect. Be it anything from the lawnmower in our backyard shed to a treasure trove of gold and jewelry, most of us have occasion to use a padlock for something or other—and it better be trustworthy. But imagine if that padlock could also be smart, just like the smart deadbolts and door locks that many of us use on our homes. Well, that’s just the kind of product I’m looking at today. It’s called the Igloohome Smart Padlock, and I’m here to tell you all about it. Read on if you have use for a convenient and sturdy smart padlock. You may just have found what you need!

Before I get fully into the review, please take a minute or two to watch my brief video overview of the Igloohome Smart Padlock. In it you’ll see plenty of close up footage of the lock, enjoy a visual demonstration of how it works, and hear my general impressions of this new smart home product.


Igloohome Smart Padlock description & features

Igloohome Smart PadlockThe Igloohome Smart Padlock has a lot more going for it than one might expect from a simple padlock. In fact, there’s nothing simple about it at all. Designed to achieve the “perfect balance between security and convenience”, this lock is made from industrial grade materials such as hardened stainless steel, and it offers a variety of access options. For example, it’s got a numbered PIN pad on the front that allows you to access it with a variety of different combination types (including time-sensitive PIN codes that you can provide to others, such as a landscaper that needs access to your shed and lawnmower), and it also works directly with the Igloohome App that allows you to access it directly with your smart phone via Bluetooth. It even offers Convertible Shackle Configuration—a feature that allows you to swap out the existing shackle for one of a different size or shape (not included). All told, this padlock is both well thought out and extremely solid and durable. It’s actually one of the most heavy-duty locks I’ve personally ever handled.

Also included with the Igloohome Smart Padlock is a removable back (with Allen wrench for securely removing/re-adding it), an included CR2 Lithium battery, and the bottom of the lock features contact points for use with a 9-Volt battery for access to the lock in the event that the installed battery dies. Since the lock has an Auto Relock feature, you’ll always know that once you’ve closed the lock, it’s truly locked. Note: Do not try to remove the lock’s backing while the lock is engaged—it won’t work and you risk stripping the screw.

Igloohome Smart Padlock
Shown here is the entire contents of the Igloohome Smart Padlock’s box

Testing the Igloohome Smart Padlock

Although the Igloohome Smart Padlock does have a lot more going on than the typical old-fashioned padlock, it’s still not a super complex device, and the setup and installation are rather quick and easy. Nothing intimidating here!

You begin by removing the backing with the included Allen wrench and installing the CR2 battery (shown below). You then replace the backing and lock it into place with the Allen key, at which point you’re ready to download the Igloohome App, which has compatible versions for both Android and iOS based smart phones.

Of course, users don’t need to use the app to operate the lock, and you can share unique PIN codes with others without them having to download and install anything on their phones, or even to own a smart phone at all. Note that the Igloohome Smart Padlock comes with a factory set PIN for first time use.

Igloohome Smart Padlock
Shown here is the small battery that comes included with the Igloohome Smart Padlock

Once you have the app installed, you set up your own personal account, activate your phone’s Bluetooth feature, and begin the pairing process. If you’ve had any other Bluetooth enabled device in your life, you already know exactly how this works. After that, you can open the lock easily at the simple touch of an icon on your smart phone’s screen (see image below).

The app and the lock are both incredibly easy to use, and if you’ve got something that needs locking up, like a bicycle, a school or gym locker, a gate, a backyard shed, a rented storage locker, or anything else you might use a lock on, the Igloohome Smart Padlock is all the lock you’re ever going to need.

Because it is fully app compatible, you can grant access to users instantly from no matter where you are in the world. If you’re away on vacation in a foreign country and a neighbour needs access to your tool shed for some reason, he or she can call or send you a text, and you can let them in immediately. You can even grant them a special PIN access code. Codes may be duration specific, one-time use, recurring, or even permanent.

The lock is also highly durable, and it’s sturdy enough for outdoor use in a variety of weather conditions (both wet and dry). You should feel how heavy this thing is! But it’s also suitable for indoor use if you have need of an inside padlock. It’s pretty much ready for any type of use.

Final thoughts

Igloohome Smart PadlockAs a renter with no backyard shed, bicycle, or anything else that needs locking up, I have no use whatsoever for a tough and durable smart padlock. However, if I did need such a lock, the Igloohome Smart Padlock is certainly the one I would choose! It’s feature rich, easy to use, has a variety of usage options, is versatile (particularly in how you can get a larger shackle to use with it), and it’s as tough as nails. What more could one ask for in a lock to protect their property? I can’t immediately think of anything else, but I can easily recommend this lock to anyone in the market for a high quality padlock. This type of product may not be something that crosses one’s mind as a high priority purchase all that frequently, but the next time you’re in need of a padlock, you really can’t go wrong with this one! Get yours today at Best Buy.

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