A picture containing the Dogness iPet Smart Robot pet treat dispenser on the left and the Simplehuman Sensor Can smart trash can on the right on a white background.Having a pet makes you realize that some of the simplest things can be the most enjoyable: playing fetch, belly rubs, a ball of yarn, even dinner time all feel that much more special. Imagine if you could have all those moments at any time in your busy life. That kind of convenience combined with the lovable moments a pet can bring, plus easy cleanup to boot, is not only possible, it’s downright easy with the Dogness iPet Smart Robot Treat Dispenser and the Simplehuman 58L Sensor Can with Voice Control. Read on to find out how this handy combo makes having a pet even more fun and lets you share special moments from anywhere.

From cat videos to cute stories, we all love pets

Everyone loves cat videos, it seems. They basically rule the Internet, and for good reason: they’re adorable. I’ve been known to steal a moment (or two) at work to watch a few on my laptop. Plus, watching puppy livestreams is basically a hobby of mine now. I suppose the availability of high quality smart cameras has helped boost the number of these online. Getting to watch these super cute pets even when I’m nowhere near them physically is something I’ve integrated into my daily routine by now.

Like other people without pets, I also use these live streams to vicariously experience the joy and fun pets can bring. In a similar manner, I definitely ask to see my coworkers’ pets whenever possible. From their adorably chubby cats to their fluffy dogs, photos and videos of their pets are even better, because I get to hear all the stories that go along with them. Like that time their rabbit chewed through their computer cords, immensely proud of itself when discovered, or their dog who’s afraid of waves in the ocean.

Many of those stories involve a similar desire for all these pet owners: the ability to interact with their beloved animals when they’re not at home. I don’t imagine their animals collude together, in the style of The Secret Life of Pets, or anything, but I definitely would appreciate a break at work to see my coworkers’ pets on their smartphones in real-time.

Plus, I know that pets come with cleanup needs, and anything to make that easier would mean more cute stories for me. That is, I mean, more convenience for my coworkers. How would these two things combine, you ask? Read on to find out how!

Keep tabs on pets and keep things clean, too

The Dogness iPet Smart Robot pet treat dispenser sits on a wooden floor to the left of the image; an orange cat stares at it from the right side of the image.You could set up a webcam to keep an eye on your pets, but could that webcam hand out treats, shine a laser pointer, and make sounds, too? As you can see in Shelly Wutke’s review of the Dogness iPet Smart Robot Treat Dispenser, that’s possible. The iPet Smart Robot can maneuver around your home and take video. It can even dispense treats and shine a laser pointer to entertain and reward your pets from afar. Plus, it can make noises like growls, barks, and meows to get your pet’s attention—and even stop them from doing something naughty when you’re not there. It comes with an app where you can control the robot and its functions, plus view the camera’s live feed and take photos (that you can then share with your friends and coworkers).

A cat sitting on a table, with the Dogness iPet Smart Robot pet treat dispenser to the cat's left; the iPet shines a red laser light on the cat as the cat looks away to the right side of the image.

After you do get home, there’s probably still some cleanup to be done with pets around. You may have stopped the cat from tearing up all the toilet paper thanks to your Dogness iPet Smart Robot, but there is still a litterbox to clean. Thankfully, the folks at Simplehuman came up with the Simplehuman 58L Sensor Can with Voice Control. A smart trash can may seem silly at first, but trust me, after you see Shelly’s review you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. For example, you’ve scooped up the kitty litter and now you have to get it into the trash. Instead of having to fiddle with foot pedals or getting your cabinets dirty, you can just say “open can” and drop in the cat litter.

With both these devices, not only will you be able to see and interact with your lovable companions from afar, you’ll be able to keep tabs on them and keep everything clean, too.

How to enter

Entering this contest is simple, but you can only do so once. To enter, just follow these two simple steps:

  1. Find out which features highlighted by me here, or by Shelly in her reviews, of either the Dogness iPet Smart Robot Treat Dispenser or the Simplehuman Sensor Can with Voice Control stand out the most to you.
  2. In a comment below this article, tell us what are your favourite features of these smart home technologies.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will select one winner from all eligible entries. This winner will receive a Dogness iPet Smart Robot Treat Dispenser and a Simplehuman Sensor Can with Voice Control. Remember, you can only enter once, but your friends and family can also participate. Be sure to share this contest with anyone who loves their pets, someone you swap stories about your pets with, and even someone who appreciates smart devices.

Win smart tech for pet and home Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck!


  1. Dogness ipet smart treat dispenser sounds really cool! I have two dogs and a cat and it would be great to see what they’re up to when we’re not around. And to be able to dispense a treat if we needed to distract them makes this even more awesome!

  2. Love these features for my daughters cats when she works long hours. The webcam to keep an eye on your pets and shine a laser pointer, and make sounds, too.

  3. Dogness iPet Smart Robot Treat Dispenser is cool and I like the feature: 360-degree control and view makes it easy to interact with your furry friend

  4. I think the Dogness iPet Smart Robot Treat Dispenser robot is so cool and love that it can maneuver around my home and take video. My dog would love it dispenses treats 🙂

  5. I’ve always wanted a camera to see what my dog does when I’m not around and the automatic trash can is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win these cool prizes.

  6. I love the fact that it can keep tabs on my furry friend with he gets into mischief. We’ve have a few garbage can exploring.

  7. I love that the trash can can sense hand movements and open automatically! That would be super useful in our home. I also love the pet camera that would be perfect to keep an eye on our pup!

  8. A live camera to see our little angel is definitely a comfort for pet owners. And the laser pointer is super fun!
    We are definitely in need of a new garbage disposal..a smart one? Amazing! A voice controller garbage dispenser is a dream especially now, & I love the size of the can. Thanks for the informarive review Shelly. We are definitely Simple Humans 😉
    Good luck everyone!

  9. It’s amazing that the robot treat dispenser can work a laser pointer. My cats may replace me with it! 🙂 The garbage can opening by voice command would be super handy too. It would help to control bacteria spread being hands free.

  10. Would love to win one of these! We have two cats at home and at times we are gone to work for 8 to 10 hours in a day. Would be great to see them play and sleep with the webcam feature and would be cool to see how they would react with the laser pointer.

  11. Oh my lord…we are dealing with a dog that just about jumps through the window every time he sees a squirrel. Not unlike a lot of other dogs but we’re working on ridding him of that behavior. It would be great to be able to address his outbursts even when we’re not home and reassure him with a tasty treat.

  12. My pick is the sensor can and here is my fave feature:

    Voice recognition facility with “open can” command opens the lid automatically without your intervention, “stay open” command ensures the lid stays open for a while when you are engaged in other household chores, and “close can” command for closing the lid

  13. The ability to make a noise to curb bad behaviour with the Dogness iPet Smart Robot Treat Dispenser stands out the most to me. My favorite feature of the iPet is the live camera that I can view on my phone. And I love the idea of the voice activated garbage can. I hate touching the lid!

  14. Cat would love a pal to chum around with and not having to touch the garbage can Would be great!

  15. I like the live camera so I can spy what our two cats are doing when we are not in the house . . . sleeping or making a mess running around the house

  16. my cat needs a keyboard, keeps sleeping on mine while I’m trying to type, or at least something as interesting

  17. I like how you can show the people around your pets like you said because it makes for easy conversation and everyone loves pets (and showing them off) I think the idea of a voice-activated garbage is hilarious but would be please with its mentioned convenience and ease.

  18. Oh my goodness, I love Shelly Wutke’s review of the Dogness iPet Smart Robot Treat Dispenser!! (and I seriously am crushing on that dispenser!!!) I love how you can view your camera live whenever you log in to the Dogness app, and you can save clips to your phone!! I also love the laser pointer (I have three adult cats who would so so so love this!!) and I seriously love how you can go and look for your pets and not have to wait for your pet to come to you!! Cause I would not want to interrupt their naps!!

  19. Ipet smart camera would keep an eye on my furry family member and able to give treats when I’m not at home. The voice actived garbage can would be perfect for cleaning up after our cat.

  20. I like the live camera, I have two American bulldog boxers at home and it would be nice to see them while cleaning haha. The can is cool, I like the size.

  21. I have two American bulldog boxers, the i’ve camera on the robot would be awesome, I really like the remote control aspects of the robot. I like the size o the can.

  22. The remote control aspects of the robot are intriguing! And the smart can would certainly help in keeping surfaces in the house clean in light of the current health situation.

  23. The live camera on the robot is sick and the voice controlled garbage can would be very useful in the kitchen. Thanks for the chance

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