The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is happening right now in Las Vegas, and Arlo has announced a bunch of new products to complement its smart home security camera line. I’ve got the details on some of the cool new gadgets they’ve has cooked up to make your home more connected and more secure.

Arlo Smart

Arlo Smart adds a level of intelligence and purpose to your smart home security cameras. Instead of just mindlessly monitoring your home, Arlo Smart actually actively looks at what is happening in the environment. So, it knows that when it sees a person looking in your windows, it sends you an alert and image right away. It also knows the difference between a swaying branch of the tree outside the window and some stranger scoping the place out. In addition, Arlo Smart further reduces unwanted alerts by letting you set up specific “activity zone” areas of your home to highlight and monitor, so it alerts you when someone is walking up your steps, and not when they are just passing on the sidewalk in front of the house. And when you do see suspicious activity, this amazing system lets you easily call 911, blare a siren, or alert a friend.

Arlo Baby with Apple HomeKit

With the announcement that the Arlo Baby security camera is soon to be Apple HomeKit-enabled, it will be easier than ever to keep tabs on the little ones. With the addition of Apple HomeKit to the baby camera, parents now have an easy and secure way to control and manage the camera using Siri and voice commands from any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Sitting in the living room watching a movie and want to see if the baby is asleep yet? Just say “Siri, show me the baby room” and check out the live feed instantly on your connected device. You can also use the two-way audio to speak with anyone near the camera. And, a captured screen shot from when the camera was last activated will appear in the Apple Home app near other devices assigned to the same “Room.”

Arlo Security Light

Arlo Security Light is a new wire-free security light that serves to complement your whole home security setup. This light works intelligently by itself or paired with an Arlo security camera, to detect motion and provide illumination. If your side gate light detects motion, it can trigger the Arlo camera around the corner to start recording. The light is weather-resistant, and customizable for colours, patterns, beam width, and more from anywhere using the Arlo app. It is also wire-free using a rechargeable battery or with a solar panel.

All these new home security products are set to be available by Spring 2018, according to the announcements at CES this year. Stay tuned to the Best Buy Plug-In Blog for all the latest developments and news coming out of the annual Las Vegas CES.

Steven Hill
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