August delivco delivery CES 2018

August Locks are definitely a different type of home automation company. Ever since they hit the market a couple of years back, they’ve been on the cutting edge of home automation innovation. They were one of the first locks out there that allowed you to keep your old key set while still making it a smart one. They were one of the first, if not the first home automation company, to interface a doorbell with a smart lock and they’ve just kept going. When they were acquired by Assa Abloy (the parent company of Yale locks) last year, one would think they would have merged with the rest of their empire. However, Assa Abloy has let them run on their own and continue going. Now highly regarded by publications like the Wall Street Journal, August is a major force in the smart home world, and with their products they can make your life much more convenient. A full display of all their products are featured in Best Buy’s online store, including some exclusive colours.

How is August making life convenient?

August has a couple of core products that work together in their arsenal. The August lock is not only a stylish addition, but is so easy to install and set up that you don’t need more than a half hour.

The features you get in return are numerous too. If you choose the simpler August Lock model, you’ll get a bluetooth powered lock that can lock and unlock with a simple app on your smart phone. You won’t need to carry keys around anymore, but even if you do, you don’t need a new set. August just works with your old keys and the outer half of your old deadbolt.

CES 2018 August LockIf you want to up things a little bit more (or you have an existing August lock,) consider getting the August Wi-Fi bridge. This handy little plug-in gives your lock Wi-Fi capability, allows it to work with some partner networks (like Apple Homekit) and gives it capability to interface with the August Doorbell Cam too.

If you want the bridge and a fuller and much more comprehensive experience, there’s the Pro version of the August Lock. It looks much like the old school lock, but is supercharged. Not only will you get the bridge in the package, but this lock is the most comprehensive experience yet. You’ll be able to interface it with just about every single partner network you can think of, including Z-Wave, Homekit, Works with Nest and more. There are so many different compatible networks that basically all 4 sides of the box have partner program logos!

If you want a little something in between, you could also consider the August Keypad. This will allow for keyless entry into the home using a physical keypad that you affix outside your front door to allow you to unlock your lock without the use of a smartphone.

CES 2018 August Doorbell Cam

Finally, there is the August Doorbell Cam. This Doorbell Cam is really cool. I have one of these at my front door and it’s pretty amazing. While it lacks full night vision (but comes with some lighting,) it does so much more to make up for it. It senses motion at your front door and alerts you while recording. You can answer the doorbell from your home and speak to a delivery person or family member from wherever you are. This is where things get really good. With an interfaced configuration with a bridged lock, you can actually open the door for this person to complete a drop off or let them in the house. This is where August is taking things to the next level.

What’s in store for August users in 2018?

One of the big reveals for August at this year’s CES was the announcement of a partnership with, which could have huge ramifications for the Canadian market once deliv comes here. Partnered with multiple grocery chains and retailers like Best Buy, offers flexible in-home delivery options and is represented in 35 major markets and 1400 cities. For a nominal delivery fee, you can get same day delivery from these large retailers or participating local ones. Partnered with August products, they can bring the package into your home and you can interact and watch the delivery being made and lock up afterward. It’s an amazing concept for on the go 9-5ers and young families that cut it tight from the race home to school/daycare and dinnertime (like mine.)

Now that you see what August is capable of, it’s time to think about making them part of your home. Check out the full line of August products now available at Best Buy in person or online at

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