There’s nothing like walking into a theater room that’s two stories tall, with hundreds of TV screens all wrapped around a circular room and thousands of lights and other effects on the ceiling too. That was the welcome at the LG booth at the Consumer Electronics Show on day one. As dozens of people crowded into the expansive room, videos played on the massive screens. No ordinary TV screens, these ultra high definition TVs displayed video so sharp and so real you could swear you could reach out and touch what was on the screen.

The TVs look better than reality

Beyond that massive display, is a full array of the company’s latest flatscreen ultra high definition TVs. What myself and at least a dozen other people at a time could not pull ourselves away from, was the ultra ultra thin television screen. It’s a scant three millimeters thick; thinner than even my reporter’s notebook I was carrying with me. And the picture was out of this world. All I can say about these fabulous new 4K ultra high definition TVs is that it’s almost like having supersonic vision. It’s like seeing everything in front of you, only perfectly lit, perfectly framed, as though you’ve developed supersonic vision. Once these become available, you absolutely must go and see one for yourself. You will not believe that it’s possible for TV to look more realistic than real life.

LG has cool gadgets


LG’s booth was packed with amazing technology, and despite knowing I had the whole day ahead of me, I simply could not leave before seeing it all. I had a chance to test out the interesting Tone headphones; a flexible rubberized headphone band that hides earbuds in retractable elastic cables inside the band.

Next to that was a series of trackers for keeping an eye on your children and teenagers. There are two different versions of the Gizmo Gadget and both feature Wi-Fi, GPS, and two-way communications. The bands allow you basic two-way communication with your children, giving you the security of knowing exactly where they are at all times.

Smartphone with smarter video camera; it focuses!

V10-smartphone.jpgThe LG V10 smartphone was absolutely stunning. The most amazing thing about it however, was the camera that comes with an outstanding new feature that anyone who loves shooting video will want immediately. The LG V10 has the ability when shooting video to focus on different objects within the frame. You can adjust the focus on the screen to only keep the foreground in focus  or the middle, or the background, or the video camera can focus on certain specific objects and basically blurr out the rest of what’s in the frame.This is the first of the smartphone video cameras to put this kind of professional-level video tools into its package. The video is amazingly clear, and gives you so much more flexibility with taking videos, it’s hard to believe no one has done this before LG!(view in My Videos)

Smart Homes, the LG way
Lg-appliances.jpgLG had a considerable focus on smart home gadgets. It was showing off an app that works, for example, with its washer and dryer that messages you when your laundry is done. Speaking of appliances that give you exactly what you need, LG also had a new series of dishwashers. I never thought I’d get so excited about a dishwasher, but these models have fully adjustable interiors, even to the point where you can lift one side of the top dish rack to be higher than the other side, allowing for taller  items below. There’s also special racks for wine glasses and delicate items. The cleaning power of these dishwashers is amazing too. They use steam, and rocking windmill arms that are said to provide a much better and deeper clean for your dishes. Add to that the fact it makes very little noise and can clean in under an hour, and this is a dishwasher everyone will want to seriously look at once it hits store shelves.


LG’s new refrigerator line features a glass panel door, that only lights up when you tap it lightly. That allows you to see what’s inside the inner door-within-a-door. The company also showed off a fabulously handy floor level sensor, that allows you to stick your foot in front of it, and the doors will open. Pure brilliance! All the new appliances are also available in 2016’s new favorite color; dark or black stainless steel.

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Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
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