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When shopping for gifts in the home security realm, there are several major considerations that really stand out as being of the utmost importance. First is the question of whether or not the person you’re shopping for actually needs the item in question. If they don’t need it—or they don’t think they need it, you’d best not get it for them. Other factors worth noting include the size of the gift you’re giving (if it’s big and difficult to manage, your recipient may not like it), it’s relative ease of use (not to you, per se, but to the person you’re getting it for), and, finally, how much the item costs may also come into play.

The others, however, could make the difference between making someone extremely happy with their gift or making them feel like they just got a lump of coal in their stocking. Here’s a look at a few home security based gift ideas that, as much as possible, fit these criteria.

Smart locks & doorbells

One of the best places to start your home security gift hunt is in the category of smart locks and door bells. Not only are smart locks and doorbells both small and inexpensive, but many of the most popular models are also extremely easy to install.

Among the most useful features of smart locks are keyless entry, app-based control, auto locking and unlocking, and even the ability to detect you approaching your door (thanks to your smart phone) and unlocking it for you automatically. Some models even allow you to share electronic keys with family, friends, and service personal or employees. And if you have elderly parents living in another town, city, province, state, or country, you can help them out by accessing their lock on your own smart phone to make sure they didn’t forget to lock up at night (or for any other reason). What a great gift idea!

Smart security cameras

Another great option is one of Best Buy’s many fine smart security cameras. Today’s security cameras are small, relatively easy to set up and use, and they come in enough different price points to ensure that there’s affordable option for everyone. There are also both indoor and outdoor models, as well as wired and wireless versions, so they’ve pretty much got you covered for every type of security use case.

Security cameras also have numerous features, such as HD video recording, night vision technology, live streaming via a dedicated iOS or Android smart phone and compatible app, and most of today’s smart security cams are activated by motion detection and offer instant alerts to your smart device so you can immediately scope out the situation.

Basically what all of this means is that if anyone comes onto your loved one’s property or trespasses where they shouldn’t be, the camera will most likely spring into action and record all of their actions, notifying you in the process. They work both as a deterrent to keep creepers away and as an eye-witness to anything nefarious that might occur.

Smart lights

One common belief about home security is that lighting is a great deterrent to trespassers and potential criminals. Thankfully, light is not difficult to get, and it’s every bit as easy to give—as in giving the gift of smart lighting to a loved one. Smart lights are generally small, inexpensive, and both quick and easy to install and use. They can be controlled by numerous means, such as apps, timers, and even voice-based control through a smart voice assistant like Alexa or the Google Assistant. What’s not to love about that?

What’s more, lights of virtually any kind ensure that there are less places in one’s yard for the bad guys to hide in as they look for something to steal or vandalize. They ensure that everything is visible and the burglars have nowhere to go. Smart lighting is particularly effective as it can be set to come on suddenly through motion detection, which is sure to scare the tar out of any skulkers and sneaks. If you want to protect your loved ones with a great home security gift, smart lights might just be the ticket!

Security alarms & motion sensors

home security

Finally, home security systems and motion sensors are very important. There are many different types of alarms and sensors out there, from one-piece sirens to full-on home security kits. Depending on how full-featured you want to go, these kits will do everything from letting your loved ones know if someone opens a window or door in their home to providing a single touch contact button for connecting with the police, fire, or emergency medical services.

Some of these systems are so complex that they can even work with your other smart home security equipment. For instance, some systems tie in motion detectors and contact sensors with a base station that controls everything. If you want to provide your loved ones with a gift that could potentially save their lives, you can certainly do no better than to gift them their very own dedicated security system! There’s truly something available at Best Buy for every home and every security need.

When it comes to home security, one can never be too careful or too vigilant. This is especially true when attempting to protect your family or friends. Thankfully, Best Buy is looking out for us all with a fully stocked arsenal of amazing home security products.

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