Arlo is adding to its smart home security product line with the new Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, a wire-free model that the company says is an industry first.

This is a floodlight with bright LEDs to cover a wider area integrated with a 2K HDR camera. Put together, they cover a 160-degree field of view. Much like other Arlo products, the Pro 3 Floodlight Camera has motion-sensing capabilities to alert you when it sees something or someone. You can also check it manually. In either case, the lights will turn on to illuminate the area, and with two-way audio, you can also converse with whomever is in the camera’s view.

It is built for outdoor environments, including Canadian winters, apparently, and Arlo says the installation isn’t arduous. It has a unibody design with an outer casing and ball mount for some flexibility in where to angle it. A ceiling adapter also comes with it, in case you prefer to mount it on a flat surface upside down.

The ambient light sensor has different sensitivity levels to try reducing false positives. Plus, three light patterns are available to choose from when the lights go off. It can be a constant flood of light, flashing light, or pulsating light. Arlo says automation rules choices will also be available, letting you pick one of those options for a specific case.

Night vision is also in either colour or black and white. Not to mention the built-in siren if you want an extra layer of security to ward off interlopers or trespassers.

Key to all this is the fact that it’s wireless, thanks to the battery. Arlo has done wire-free cameras from the start, so this is hardly a shock. Still, it will be interesting to see how well the battery holds up in varying Canadian weather conditions.

The Floodlight Camera will come with a free three-month trial to Arlo Smart, the company’s subscription-based service that provides access to a continuous 30-day recording schedule. Clips are stored in the cloud, and the service can break down notifications to separate people from vehicles, animals, or personnel delivering packages. Without the subscription, however, this camera works much like the others do without Arlo Smart. Settings are more restrictive, and you get a week’s worth of recording—among other things.

Arlo says the Pro 3 Floodlight Camera will be available in the spring.

Ted Kritsonis
Editor Cellular/Mobile Technology
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