hitcase.jpgWe take our phones everywhere with us. They pop in our pocket, purse, or backpack, and if you had to count how many times you pull it out during the day, you’d probably hit the high hundreds. That’s if you ever put it away in the first place.

Although smartphones are a high-use item, they are also extremely fragile. If you let it hit the ground, the screen could shatter. Accidentally drop them in water? You’ll be running for a rescue pouch or a bag of rice then cooling your heels while you wait and see if it will recover. I’ve even seen people sit on their phones and actually alter the shape, all because they forgot to take it out of their back pocket.

That’s why we use cases on our smartphones, but not all cases are created equal. There are cases that are purely cosmetic, letting you add a bit of your own personality to your phone, and cases that are built to stand up to anything.

I fall into the cosmetic case category, although I know better. I’ve already lost an iPhone 6 to a smashed screen and another to a drop in the pond in the back of my house. I’ve tried waterproof and shockproof cases before, but I didn’t use them long term because I found them too cumbersome for my pocket.

That’s where Hitcase comes in. Hitcase has an iPhone case that’s shock-proof and waterproof, but it also comes with something extra. Hitcases have interchangeable TrueLux Lenses, and if you’ve ever wished your iPhone had the capability to be a bit more creative in the photography department, this is something you’ll love as much as I do.

I was interested in seeing whether or not Hitcase would do two things: protect my phone and give me more flexibility when taking pictures, and it hit the mark on both counts.

Here’s a look at the two Hitcases I tried out.


Hitcase PRO+ Waterproof Photo Case


The first case I snapped on was the Hitcase PRO+ Waterproof Photo Case. It’s a hard, plastic case that feels quite heavy in your hand. Here are a few quick specs:

  • Waterproof up to 30 feet or 10 metres
  • Absorbs impact when you’re phone is dropped and Shockseal keeps water and dust out
  • TrueTouch screen protector protects your screen while still allowing you to tap
  • Shockwave audio seal gives you protection while still allowing for decent sound recording
  • Has a TrueLUX wide lens to give you 170 degree field of view
  • Case has a railside mount system that’s compatible with GoPro mounts
  • Includes a selfie stick aka pocket-sized ShootR extension pole and monopod for shooting action
  • Includes StickR surface mount so you can mount it to any flat surface

TrueLUX Lenses Hitcase.jpgTesting out the Hitcase Pro+

Putting on the Hitcase PRO+ waterproof photo case is really easy. After you undo all of the corners you need to use a coin to unlatch it. Once unlatched, just open up the case, snap it back on over your phone, and make sure the edges are securely closed. Before you take it into water, be absolutely positive the seals on all corners and the charging port are sealed shut.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve lost a few phones in my time due to screen factures and water damage, so I wasn’t feel so adventurous that I wanted to test by throwing my phone against a tree or anything like that. I did drop it right on pavement a few times, completely not on purpose, and it came through fine. I’m not anywhere near an ocean or body of water to try it out right now, but I did toss it in the sink and hope for the best. Thankfully it was bone dry when I pulled it out of the case.

It’s nice to know the phone is protected, but for me the real appeal of the Hitcase is the additional wide-angle lens. The TrueLUX lens screws right onto the front of the case with two simple turns, and if you’ve never tried adding a lens to your iPhone, you’re in for a treat.

The first photo was taken without the TrueLUX lens, the second photo taken with. As you can see, it really does let you take in more of your surroundings.

Hitcase without the lens.jpg Regular iPhone 6 camera Hitcase wide angle lens.jpgWith the TrueLUX lens on the Hitcase Pro+

The wide-angle lens is great for video too. You can use it anywhere you’d normally take video with your iPhone. I took some video with it that I included in my video below.

The Hitcase PRO+ Waterproof photo case also has the Railslide mounting system built right into the case. That means you can connect it to your helmet car, bike, or anywhere on your body. Hitcase does sell mounts, but the Railslide mounting system is compatible with Gopro mounts too.

Although you can use the mounting system easily, I’d only recommend it if you’re doing some sort of activity where you don’t need to worry about image stabilization. My husband mounted the Hitcase Pro+ to his handlebars with his GoPro mount and took it for a spin down the trail. While he loved the wide-angle view he got from the TrueLUX lens, with no image stabilization you can definitely see what a bumpy ride it was.

Overall thoughts

Hitcase Snap and Hitcase Pro+.jpg

The Hitcase PRO+ Waterproof Photo Case is one I’d trust my phone with when I take it with me on an adventure, and for water protection and shock protection, it does an amazing job. I wouldn’t use it every day because the TrueTouch screen isn’t as responsive as the iPhone screen and I like to use touch to login for everything.

You can charge your phone while it’s in the Hitcase Pro+, but at first I really didn’t think you could. The first couple of times I tried to plug in it wouldn’t connect, but I quickly realized two things: it only works with Apple certified cords, so you won’t be able to charge with an after market cord. You also have to really work to connect the phone with the charger. I had to push it with two fingers before it made a connection, but that’s understandable in a case designed to be water resistant.

For daily use, I turned to the Hitcase Snap.

Features on the Hitcase Snap

The Hitcase Snap is one of my favourite iPhone cases, and I have tried a lot. Here are a few of the features:

  • Hard, durable plastic shell
  • Lightweight, easy to put on, and has no touchscreen cover so you can use your iPhone’s screen as is
  • Includes wide-angle TrueLUX lens which snaps on with two turns
  • Includes ShootR extension pole and TiltR tripod mount

Hitcase Snap Review.jpgTrying it out

The Hitcase Snap is easy to put on your phone. Just snap it on and you’re good to go.

Because there is no cover for the screen you can use your iPhone to its full capability (touch, tap) while still protecting the sides and back. The case does a better job of fully covering the profile of the phone than other cases I’ve tried, so if you drop it on an angle, it should protect it.

The TrueLUX lens is the same wide-angle lens as on the Hitcase Pro+, and it takes the same great photos. The Hitcase Snap also has the Railslide mount system that you can use if you’re hiking, biking, or doing any activity, but you’ll get the same type of image stabilization as you’d get on the Hitcase Pro+ so I’d recommend using it for smooth types of activities.

Overall thoughts

The Hitcase Snap is one that easily fits into a back pocket or bag, and this is a case I use on a daily basis, especially considering you have the opportunity to switch out the lens whenever you want to.

Here’s a quick video I shot showing how to set up the Hitcase Pro+ and the Hitcase Snap, plus a few quick clips we shot with the TrueLUX lens on.

Extra lenses for HitcasetrueLUX lenses.jpg

The Hitcase Pro+ will protect your phone in any situation, and the Hitcase Snap is a great every day case. But the real star of these cases is the fact you can switch out the lens.

An iPhone camera can only go so far as far as photography is concerned, but so many of us pull our iPhones out to take a picture because we don’t carry a real camera. With Hitcase, you get the convenience of taking photos with your iPhone, but access to the bells and whistles of a great lens. Although each Hitcase only comes with a single wide-angle lens, you can add the TrueLUX iPhone lens kit and get access to two other lenses.

The TrueLUX Superwide will capture a 160-degree view while the TrueLUX macro will magnify whatever you’re snapping up to 3X. They come in an easy-to-carry pouch that you can take along with you wherever you go, and each lens comes on and off with a few twists.

There are benefits to both Hitcases, one to protect while you’re out and one to use daily. Both cases do their job and do it well, and I love having the ability to switch up the lens.

You can find Hitcase on Best Buy right now.

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