Each and every year I highly anticipate the arrival of fall. Not only is the changing of the seasons at this time immensely beautiful, it also marks the return of two of my personal favourites; pumpkin-spiced lattés and fall fashion. And while the majority of the population would agree on the pumpkin-spice front, not as many are confident wearing fall fashion to find the joy in it that I do. But with the recent arrival of these Vince Camuto Tina Handbags—which are in my opinion the ultimate fall accessory—I was inspired to challenge that notion by styling two very different looks for the season I love so dearly.

When I, and many others, envision the perfect fall wardrobe we think of knitwear, leather, muted tones, and layers upon layers, but there is an additional aspect of styling a fall outfit that few take into consideration; how to mix neutrals. It may seem simple, but as with anything, the more elements (in this case neutral tones) you incorporate the more difficult it is to ensure they are complimentary. Luckily, there are a few colours that will always be in style for fall, which include: army green, camel, grey, and, of course, black. These four neutrals could be mixed in any number of ways and look great, but, in my opinion, the most stylish combination is camel and grey.

The Classic: Camel & Grey 


Camel and grey is a classic because, well, it screams luxury—even more so when paired with the Vince Camuto Tina Handbag in the colour Whiskey. As I mentioned, the bag is truly what inspired the outfit, and therefore deserves to shine. The moment I saw the buttery cognac leather and classic gold details I knew it would be the perfect time to showcase how incredible camel and grey can look together. While the outfit would be stunning with a simple black bag, there is something about the addition of the rich cognac tone that elevates the camel and grey duo. I love this outfit for the office, or even for a casual date night with the beau or friends. And how perfect is this classic silver Bulova watch? I’m crazy about the black face! For additional details about the watch, check out this great Bulova review by Sonny, which can be seen here.


The Extreme: Army Green, Grey, and Beige, Oh My!


Those who feel more comfortable mixing neutrals will enjoy this look, complete with four different neutrals: army green, grey, white, and beige. Again inspired by the Vince Camuto Tina Handbag, this time in Stone Grey, I created a look that is edgy, yet extremely comfortable to wear. The ‘gre-ige’ tone of the leather bag lends itself well to both a grey and beige colour palette, and since I was too indecisive to choose one I went for both. Many wouldn’t think to pair grey and light beige, but when contrasted by an army green jacket and a hint of white, the combination is quite stunning.


I mentioned earlier that the Vince Camuto Tina Handbags are in my mind the ultimate fall fashion accessory, but it has to do with a lot more than just the colour and textile. First and foremost, fall can be a difficult season to dress for because the weather changes so drastically over the course of the day. But these handbags are spacious, and highly compartmentalized, meaning I have a place to store the cardigan and scarf I bring everywhere because “I thought it might get colder.” Second, they feature both button and zipper closures, meaning I can make the contents of my purse as easily accessible as I please. And finally, despite their large size they are extremely light-weight, meaning I can spend the entire day running around the city without my shoulder ever tiring—a blessing for those on the go. But let’s be serious, the colour of each bag and buttery smooth leather doesn’t hurt either.


If you enjoyed the way I mixed neutrals, but weren’t a fan of this particular handbag, check out the other amazing bags Best Buy has to offer. You’re sure to find something that will become your ultimate fall accessory and fit into each and every outfit you style.

Amy McKissock
Amy McKissock is the blogger behind the Toronto based fashion and beauty blog, Bratty B. She is dedicated to bringing her readers regular inspiration through outfit posts, beauty reviews, and photo diaries, all while staying true to her monochromatic philosophy. When not blogging she can be found exploring the city in hopes of stumbling upon the next hot spot. Follow her adventures on Instagram, @brattyb.


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