Sturdy build hoverboardAs hoverboards go, the Gyrocopters LED Luminous Hoverboard is definitely one of the more eye-catching options on the market. It’s not just the bright, colourful LEDs that make this board stand out—it’s also the sleek, translucent, futuristic design. But does the Gyrocopters Hoverboard live up to its good looks? My 8-year-old and I have been putting the hoverboard to the test for over a month. It’s got a bit of a learning curve, but overall it offers a fun experience once mastered.

Along with its flashy aesthetics it also features a built-in bluetooth speaker, auto-balance technology with sophisticated gyro sensors that help keep the rider steady. From safety, fun and function we’ve got plenty of out thoughts to share. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what the Gyrocopters Luminous Hoverboard board has to offer.

Safety first!

Before hopping onto the hoverboard always remember to wear a properly fitted helmet, and follow all instructions plus the warnings from the manufacturer. Although the board is “self balancing” you must still carefully follow safety instructions to avoid injury or damaging the hoverboard.

Gyrocopters LED Luminous Hoverboard UnboxedUnboxing the Gyrocopters LED luminous hoverboard 

The unboxing process is pretty straightforward, with just a few simple steps to follow before you are ready to roll. In the box you’ll find three central components, the hoverboard, charging cable and a carrying case. There is also very important paperwork: French and English instruction manuals, a “how to” guide for the charger, and a rating card.

It’s extremely important to review the instruction manual, it includes critical safety and operational information to help you get the most out of the hoverboard. The board itself comes fully assembled, which is nice not to have to fumble with tools to get it set up.

Out of the box you will want to charge the hoverboard right away, although mine did have a small amount of power. A full charge takes 2-3 hours for 60 minutes of use on the max speed (12km/h). Plugging in the charger, you’ll know you are connected properly because there is an indicator light on the charger’s brick. The light glowing red indicates its charging while green indicates full power.

Gyrocopters LED Luminous LightsAn LED light show in a hoverboard

The first thing you’ll notice when powering up the luminous hoverboard is how bright and colourful the LEDs are. They are very eye catching! The lighting carries through the 6.5″ wheels and around the body of the hardware. On the top of the unit there are indicators lights for battery and balance. The lights on the top of the board along with an auditory cue from speaker indicate when the board is turned on or off.

Gyrocopters LED Luminous SpeakerBuilt-In Bluetooth speaker

The built-in bluetooth speaker is another great feature of the hoverboard. It’s very easy to set up and sync, it took just a few steps with my iPhone. Just make sure the hoverboard is on, along with your device’s Bluetooth and select “Gyrocopters LED Luminous.” After those simple steps, you are all set to start cranking out the tunes! The lights flash and pulse with the beat of the music, for a neat added touch.

In terms of the speaker’s performance it’s pretty loud and clear, and it’s great for playing music while you’re riding. The sound quality is definitely good enough to carry in a large room or on a busy street. Because the speaker is face the ground while riding it is a little muffled, but otherwise the music is a great addition for cruising around on a sunny day. We really enjoyed having the option to crank the tunes whenever we wanted.

First Time HoverFirst ride on the Gyrocopters LED luminous hoverboard

With the board charged up, and safety tips reviewed we took our first ride on the board. I highly recommend starting on a carpet or another soft surface in case of falls. You turn on the board by pressing the power button located near the far left of the rear of the device. Because the shape of the board is similar back and front the “back” area is where the power button and charge input are located. The LEDs will light up in a clockwise sequence, when they are all lit up that means it’s powered on.

To begin riding, step on the board with one foot while holding the other foot off to the side for balance. When your weight is detected by sensors on board, it will automatically begin to move forward slowly. As you get used to this you can begin tilting your body like you would on a Segway. Riding the hoverboard is a pretty intuitive process, and before long you’ll be zipping around like a pro. Leaning forward will push you forward, leaning back will slow and stop the device while tilting left or right will move you in those directions. Let’s dive into the overall performance of the device:

Stepping onto the hoverboard

Gyrocopters LED luminous hoverboard performance

There’s no denying that the Gyrocopters LED Luminous Hoverboard is a good-looking piece of equipment. But it’s not just a pretty face – this board is actually surprisingly sturdy and well-made. It feels solid and stable under your feet, even when you’re turning or going over bumps. I was also impressed with how smoothly it rides, thanks in part to the large tires. The board glides effortlessly over hardwood floors, carpets, and even small bumps in the sidewalk. Areas with potholes or heavy brush you definitely want to stay away from to avoid accidents. You still need to be very mindful of your surrounding and the surfaces you are riding on, but the Luminous Hoverboard can handle many different paved surfaces with ease.

Hoverboard Max Power

Max power of Gyrocopters LED luminous hoverboard

The maximum speed of the hoverboard is 12km/h (7.4mph) which is pretty fast when an 8+ year old is on the board. Just be mindful if children / small adults are using this to observe the minimum and max weight requirements to avoid injury. The Luminous Hoverboard is a powerful device and can hit top speeds super quick. The maximum weight for the device is 75kg/165lbs and the minimum operator weight is 15kg/33lbs. An individual who is too heavy, or too light can throw off the way the hoverboard corrects balancing. Stay within min and max weight limits to avoid injury or damage to the device.

One thing to keep in mind is that the board does have a bit of weight to it, at over 15lbs it’s not the lightest thing to lug around. The included carry bag helps, but it still has some heft to it. Keep this in mind if you might be lugging it around a lot, it is a heavy piece of hardware.

Hoverboard's battery life

Gyrocopters LED luminous hoverboard battery life

My son was able to ride for just over an hour before needing to recharge. Of course, this is a sliding scale -your mileage may vary depending on rider weight, surface and terrain incline plus decline. In terms of the power, I live in a very hilly area of Toronto, and the board did have its struggles tackling steeper hills. My son also owns an e-scooter which has similar struggles with hills, its not a deal breaker for either device, but worth noting. The board does have some pretty good power to it, and was able to handle tiny inclines and rough surfaces with ease. The official word on battery from the manufacturer is 60 min going top speed. The hoverboard does take 2-3 hours for a full charge, I found it even needed this extended time to charge on shorter journeys. This does align with what I found in my testing, as we went for shorter journeys and didn’t have to charge for a few days.

Hoverboard FinalFinal thoughts on the Gyrocopters LED luminous hoverboard

The Gyrocopters Luminous is a great hoverboard for anyone looking for a fun and affordable way to zip around. It’s perfect for riders ages 8 and up providing hours of entertainment. The built-in bluetooth speaker is a great touch, and the colourful LEDs add an extra bit of personality to the device. Some might find the 60 minute battery life on the shorter end, but its par for the course when it comes to hoverboards. The hoverboard also slows a touch when climbing steeper hills, which is a very minor drawback. The minor issues don’t outweigh the many positives of this board, its very versatile and fun! If you’re looking for a board that’s sure to turn heads, the Luminous Hoverboard is definitely worth considering. The board is very easy to ride, and with a little practice you’ll be zipping around like a pro in no time!

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