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Fujifilm Instax SP-3 Smartphone Printer Overview

Fujifilm Instax SP-3 Smartphone Printer Overview


The new compact and lightweight Instax SP-3 is a Square format printer that’s also wireless and portable. Your social media feed can come alive with square 1:1 ratio prints, sent from your mobile device and fresh off the printer in only 13 seconds. With built-in Wi-Fi and various printing options to choose from, breathing life into images is as easy as capturing them wherever you are.

A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time, where it takes seconds from print data transfer to output. Send anything you shoot or post on Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, Flickr and Dropbox and print on demand. Templates and filters give you plenty of creative licence to make those photos look even more dynamic.


The new larger Instax film comes in a 2.4 x 2.4 inch size. These are high-resolution prints with 800 x 800 pixels or 318dpi (dots per inch) to make your images look vibrant and dynamic.

The larger prints let you make the most of group shots and selfies, and capture more from your landscape photos.  With a 1:1 aspect ratio, this format is an effective artistic style and a long-standing favorite among photography lovers.

Select an image from your social media apps and print it. The new #TagPrint lets you search for a hashtag in Instagram, and then print the photos posted with the hashtag perfect for printing a collection of photos from any event where guests use a hashtag, like a wedding or party.


Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to print real photos from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly just about anywhere. No internet or power connection necessary. Connect with the Instax SP-3 using the app, and select what you want to print. It’s that easy.

That kind of mobility means you can take this printer almost anywhere. Bring it to a party or a wedding and let guests have some fun with the features. Take it along for a trip to visit family abroad, leaving behind prints as mementos. Print photos from any room in the house to create DIY projects or decorate.

You can also use the Instax SP-3 to print out photos you shot with a compatible Fujifilm digital camera. Connect to the printer wirelessly and print out the photos you want the same way.


Download the free Instax Share app and customize your photos with new, improved features like text overlay for a personalized template. Both iOS and Android are supported, providing wide access no matter which platform you use.

Get even more creative by combining multiple images together in different ways. Choose to split one image into two. Take 2 images, or as many as 9 together, and create a collage with them. Put the date, location and weather onto the print. Add a number for a ‘limited edition’ feel to multiple prints you give out to friends and family.

Use a custom filter to bring some pop to your photo. Go with black and white or sepia tone to give it an artistic look. Fujifilm’s Intelligence Filter uses an optimum processing technology to help your images look their best.


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