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Windows Ink overview

Windows Ink overview

Windows Ink transforms the Windows 10 user experience. With a digital pen, interacting with your computer has never been easier, or more intuitive.

The gestures you’re familiar with from working with pen and paper are now part of your digital world. Edit a Word doc without even touching a keyboard or mouse. Instead, strike out text with your digital pen to delete it. Circle words to highlight them.

Windows Ink takes the power of your digital pen far beyond ease of use. Use it to write equations, and Windows Ink solves them. Draw a doodle in Paint 3D and it can be automatically transformed into a 3D model. Use replay to share your thought process, with every stroke of your digital pen captured and played back. Windows Ink turns Windows 10 into the most creative computing experience ever, making it easier than ever to create content and drive ideas forward.


Use your digital pen and Windows Ink to be more productive in Microsoft Office. There’s no quicker way to turn your thoughts into actions. There are no key combos to memorize, and no need for multiple step operations. You don’t even have to touch your keyboard! Just use your digital pen.

Windows Ink in Word means editing that’s faster and more intuitive than ever. It’s just like you’re using a pen on a notepad: strike through words with your digital pen to delete them, circle text you want to select, use your pen to highlight passages (in your choice of highlighter colour). You can even transform drawings into precision digital shapes with just one touch.

Whether you’re editing text in Word, solving a math equation using Math Assistant in OneNote or aligning objects in PowerPoint, there’s never been an easier or more intuitive digital experience.


With Paint 3D in the Windows 10 Creators Update, Windows Ink gains the ability to create and interact with 3D objects.

The Classic Windows Paint app has been reimagined for a new generation of creators. It gets an updated look and feel, with a wide array of new brushes and tools. But the groundbreaking change is its embrace of 3D. Artist or doodler, you can easily bring your ideas to life in all three dimensions with Paint 3D and Windows Ink.

Classic two dimensional drawings are still supported, so you can continue drawing and editing as before. But with your digital pen, Windows Ink and Paint 3D, you’ll be able to create your own 3D masterpieces, import 3D models to manipulate or remix, and even instantly transform your 2D artwork into 3D with just a touch.


The key to the Windows Ink experience is your digital pen.

It’s far more than a pointer or stylus when used with Windows Ink. The digital pen becomes a precision instrument with contextual awareness. Use it to mark up and edit a Word document, then draw perfectly straight lines in PowerPoint using the built-in ruler. Write a math equation in OneNote using your digital pen and Windows Ink can not only solve that equation, it can walk you through the solution, step by step. With the digital pen, Office 365 can even capture every stroke you make. Others can then watch your actions as a replay to better understand your thought process during editing.

The key to getting the most out of Windows 10 and Windows Ink is that digital pen. So make sure to check out the latest Windows Ink-enabled devices.

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