waterproof-camera-mainI totally don’t want to rub it in, but I’m going to Hawaii in January. Okay, maybe I do want to rub it in just a little bit. I’m going to Hawaii in January!!!!! Woohoo! After the dark, dreary and overly rainy fall I’ve been experiencing, a beach vacation is just what I need. I plan on spending the majority of my time slathered with sunscreen, laying on the hot sand soaking in the sun, snorkeling, and of course, trying to surf. I’m also an amateur photographer, too, so I also want to make sure I get plenty of great photos to show to my office buddies, mostly so I can rub in the fact I was at a beach while they were freezing their butts off and working. I know. I’m such a great guy. But, to get the best and most envy-inducing shots, I’m definitely going to need a decent waterproof camera. So, I’ve done some research, just in case you’re looking for a camera for your own holiday season beach vacay, or if you’re just looking for the ideal gift for your budding photographer. So, here are my picks for Best Waterproof Cameras for 2016.


GoPro Hero 5


When you’re talking about waterproof adventure cameras, GoPro is pretty much a go-to name (did ya catch that labored pun?). I’ve used GoPros both personally and professionally, and I can tell you first-hand that these are sturdy, easy and fun-to-use cameras.  This latest model sports a 12MP image sensor with single, burst, and time lapse modes, plus it captures crystal-clear video in 4K30, 2.7K60, 1440p80, 1080p120, 960p120, and 720p240 fps. The older model GoPro I’ve used didn’t have the 2-inch touch display, like this new model has. It lets you preview and play back your shots, change settings, and trim your footage on the spot, which is really handy! The GoPro 5 also has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can connect the camera to your smart device through the GoPro app, and even control it remotely. There’s also a voice control mode for hands-free shooting, and of course, it’s pretty rugged, and protected up to depths of 10m without housing!


Olympus TG-870


The Olympus TG-870 Waterproof/Shockproof/WiFi/GPS 16MP 5x Optical Zoom Digital Camera is another great little action camera. It is both dustproof and waterproof to 15m, plus it’s freezeproof to -10 degrees C, shockproof to 2.1m, and crushproof to 100kgf. Sounds like it can stand up to quite a lot of punishment. It has a 16MP image sensor for super-clear pics, plus a 5X optical zoom so you can close in on your subjects. It also features a 3-inch, 180-degree flip high-resolution LCD display for ultimate picture-taking versatility. The TG-870 also offers four video options, with Full HD video at 60fps; High-Speed mode for slow-motion playback; Time Lapse and Sport Burst.Like the GoPro, this camera also has built-in WiFi so you can connect and share pics and videos from your smart device.


Fuji XP90


The Fuji FinePix XP90 Waterproof/Shockproof/WiFi 16MP 5X Optical Zoom Digital Camera with Case is the least expensive of these cameras, but it is just as rugged and versatile. It’s waterproof to 15M, shockproof from 1.75m, freezeproof to -10°C, and dustproof. It records video at Full HD 1080p up to 60 FPS, and offers a 5X optical zoom with a 28mm wide-angle setting. WiFi. Check. Three-inch LCD screen. Check. It even offers 11 artistic filters for photos and seven video filters to tantalize your creative side.


Regardless of which of these waterproof cameras fits your needs, style or budget, you’ll be opening up a world of new action and adventure photography that will complement and enhance any vacation. Or, if you’re thinking of buying one of these babies as a gift for some amateur photographer/videographer on your holiday list, then I guarantee you’ll be getting some serious Brownie points. Or, have I missed a particularly good waterproof camera you’d recommend? Let me know what you think of my choices, and which suits your needs, in the comment section below.

Steven Hill
I am an award-winning writer, freelance journalist and blogger who is a self-confessed geek and tech lover. When not playing the latest video games or salivating over the newest gadgets, I enjoy cooking for my family, mountain biking or snowboarding the deep powder on Whistler Mountain.