Every guitarist, whether a seasoned pro or a budding enthusiast, knows that the instrument itself is just the beginning. The world of guitar accessories is vast, offering tools and gadgets that can transform your sound, enhance your playing experience, and even showcase your prized possession. In this guide, we look into the must-have accessories that can elevate your guitar game.


A guitar capo is a device that clamps onto the neck of your guitar and shortens the length of the strings, allowing you to play in different keys without changing the tuning. A capo can help you transpose songs to match your vocal range, play along with other instruments, or experiment with different sounds and styles. It can also make it easier to play certain chords, especially if you have small hands or limited finger strength.

You can choose from different types of capos, such as spring-loaded, screw-on, or trigger-style. You can also find capos that are designed for specific types of guitars, such as acoustic, electric, or classical.

Guitar pedals and effects

Guitar pedals and effects can help you create your own signature tone, enhance your musical expression, and add variety and depth to your songs. You can use guitar pedals and effects individually or combine them to create complex soundscapes. You can also control them with your foot, which gives you more freedom and flexibility while playing. There are hundreds of guitar pedals and effects available, from classic to modern, analog to digital, and simple to sophisticated.

Here are the top 5 pedals every guitarist should consider:

  1. Distortion/Overdrive: The backbone of rock and metal, these pedals add grit and power to your tone.
  2. Delay: Add echoes and create ambient soundscapes with this versatile effect.
  3. Reverb: Simulate the sound of playing in different environments, from tight rooms to vast halls.
  4. Chorus: Thicken your sound and add a dreamy shimmer, perfect for clean tones.
  5. Looper: Practice, layer sounds, or create one-man-band performances with this essential tool.

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Guitar picks

The guitar pick might seem insignificant, but it plays a pivotal role in shaping your sound. Guitar picks are small pieces of plastic, metal, or other materials that you hold between your fingers and use to pluck or strum the strings of your guitar. They can affect the tone, volume, and feel of your playing, depending on their shape, size, thickness, and material. They can also help you play faster, more accurately, and more comfortably, especially if you have long fingernails or sensitive skin.

You can choose from different types of guitar picks, such as standard, triangular, teardrop, or jazz. You can also find guitar picks that are textured, coloured, or decorated to suit your personal style. Whether you’re strumming chords or shredding solos, the right pick can make all the difference.

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Stands and wall mounts

Your guitar is not just an instrument; it’s a work of art. Displaying it safely and conveniently is paramount. Here’s why:

  • Safety: A secure stand or mount ensures your guitar won’t fall, preventing potential damage.
  • Convenience: Easy access means you’re more likely to pick it up and play.
  • Aesthetics: A beautifully displayed guitar can be a centrepiece in any room.

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A strap is more than a functional accessory. It’s an extension of your personality. From classic leather to vibrant patterns, your choice of strap can make a statement. Plus, a comfortable strap ensures you can play for hours without strain. But, as many guitarists know, a slipping strap can be a real nuisance. Here are three tips to prevent your strap from slipping:

  1. Use strap locks: These are small devices that replace the standard strap buttons on your guitar. They securely fasten your strap to the guitar, ensuring it won’t slip off unexpectedly. They’re a small investment that can prevent potential damage to your instrument.
  2. Choose a strap with a rough or suede backing: Straps with a suede or rough leather backing tend to grip clothing better than those with a smooth surface. This natural friction prevents the strap from sliding around as you play.
  3. Adjust strap length properly: A strap that’s adjusted to the right length for your playing style and posture will be less likely to move around. Ensure it’s tight enough to hold the guitar in place but still comfortable for playing.

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Guitar Strings

The right set of strings can breathe new life into your guitar. From bright and punchy to warm and mellow, your choice of strings shapes your sound. Regular changes ensure the best tone and playability.

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A world of guitar accessories

The journey of a guitarist is filled with exploration and discovery. From the tools that shape your sound to the guitar accessories that define your style, every choice matters. Find the perfect additions to your musical arsenal.\

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