Mysa smart thermostat sustainability

Mysa smart thermostats were designed to control your electric heat in a smarter, more sustainable way. When every room in your home has an electric baseboard heater, the financial and environmental impact can be significant. One of the most challenging parts of having electric heat is each heater is run by an individual thermostat; those outdated dial thermostats have limited functionality. To benefit both homeowners and the planet, Mysa smart thermostats can be controlled easily and can be easily set using your mobile device from anywhere in the world. This Canadian company believes in a comfortable, electrified future where people don’t have to compromise on cost or the environment.

Mysa energy report

Mysa is fighting climate change, one baseboard heater at a tim

I’ve been using Mysa smart thermostats for a few years, and I’ve found they are the best way to control electric heat. They work by letting you control the heat from each heater individually, grouping the heaters into zones to control your whole home, and turning your heaters off and on according to a schedule. The company has shared data showing Mysa Smart Thermostat for Baseboard Heaters can save up to 26% on energy bills.

Schedule your heat

Mysa is a greener option for electric heat thanks to the Mysa app and smart scheduling.  Users can set up schedules and use other smart features like geo-location to turn the heat down when they leave their home or set limits on their thermostat so it never heats a room when it doesn’t need it. You save money because you’re not wasting energy on heating your home when it’s not needed, and you also benefit the planet because you’re not using excess electricity.

Mysa is so confident in its energy savings that the company even offers a risk-free satisfaction energy savings guarantee. If you’re not happy with your energy savings after you’ve used your Mysa Smart Thermostats, you can return them for a full refund.

Recyclable packaging for all Mysa thermostats

Beyond saving electricity, Mysa is also committed to using fully recyclable packaging. The cardboard packaging is simple and effective, and while there is a small handout included with a Mysa device, it directs you to a link so you can view digital materials on how to install and use the thermostat.

Mysa carbon footprint

Mysa is also involved in the recycling of thermostats. They have chosen to get involved with charitable efforts like the HRAI thermostat recovery program and they donate refurbished thermostats to charities like Habitat for Humanity.

Mysa is also committed to improved sustainability as a company. They have purchased carbon offsets for all of their offices and are recognized as a Gigacorn company—a company that has the potential to offset over 1 billion tons of GHG emissions.

100,000 happy homeowners and 1 happier planet

Mysa baseboard thermostats have been available for 5 years and during that time they’ve helped 100,000 users warm their homes and reduce their carbon footprint. Customers using Mysa have saved more than 30 million kWh worth of energy, and those types of savings can make a huge impact in the fight against climate change.

In addition to Mysa smart thermostats, Mysa designs air conditioning and mini-split thermostats and radiant in-floor heating thermostats. You can check out Mysa right now at Best Buy.

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