installram.jpgInstalling more RAM in your computer is one of the fastest ways of improving performance. Adding more RAM to an older PC or notebook can help speed things along and make it feel like new.

For most computers, accessing the RAM slot is easy and straightforward, it is one of the easiest components to replace and one has the most profound effect on performance.

I always advise people to buy as much RAM as they can afford when they purchase a new device since RAM isn’t always something you can easily swap out.

Some latest iMacs and Ultrabooks, for example, have soldered RAM which isn’t user replaceable, so it makes sense to go for the maximum amount of RAM you can get.

In most cases, however, it is not difficult to replace RAM. Savvy users can make the swap themselves by carefully making sure they’re grounded (wearing an anti-static bracelet is advisable) and carefully detaching the existing RAM while replacing it with the new RAM.

The good thing about RAM installations is that when done properly, most computer operating systems automatically sense and allocate use to the RAM, there’s no need to mess around with the OS or the software. If the computer ‘sees’ the RAM, it will put it to good use.

Those who aren’t comfortable with this process can simply get help from technicians at Geek Squad who can quickly turn around a RAM swap in store.


When looking to replace RAM, here are some things to consider.

  • Ensure that you know what type of RAM your computer takes
  • Back up your computer before making any updates or alterations
  • Make sure you have the latest updates of your OS installed
  • Understand what the maximum RAM your system (I.e. processor, OS, configuration) will accept, there’s little point in spending for more RAM if your system cannot make use of it.
  • Look out for warranties and note them down. While most RAM is reliable, they sometimes fail just like any other component and you could get a replacement via warranty.

RAM is great for intensive tasks, it helps load applications quickly and makes them more responsive. For users who do a lot of video editing or edit large photographs, gamers who want a more responsive machine and folks who tend to have a lot of windows or apps open simultaneously, can all benefit from doubling or even quadrupling the RAM on their computer.

The good news is that third-party RAM chips have consistently fallen in price, and it is easy enough to boost RAM on most PCs.

RAM is one of those upgrades that benefits any type of user and which can sometimes yield dramatic changes. I recently refurbished an old Mac Pro and added more RAM, replaced the hard drive with faster SSDs (Solid State Drives) as well as installed the latest available version of the OS and it truly felt like a new machine.

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