The words ‘Back To School’ can bring about mixed emotions for a lot of parents. On one hand, it’s nice to spend time with the kids in the summer – on the other? It will be absolutely amazing to get them back into a regular routine.

But a regular routine means packing lunches, and I have to confess I’m one of those parents who stand in front of the fridge before school every day wondering what to put in their lunch kits.

I blame my procrastination on lack of inspiration, and that’s why this year I’ve decided to dig around for creative school lunch ideas and fun, funky school snacks. What I found was definitely share worthy, and maybe it can help you lessen some of your back to school stress.

Here are some inspired school lunch and snack ideas they’re sure to eat up:


Because most snacks can be whipped up in minutes, the sky is the limit as to what you can put in your kid’s lunches. Try a few of these great snacks ideas:

Create your own Clemantine

Oranges are a great school snack, and clemantine’s are a favourite because they are easy to peel and eat quickly. Drawing on your kid’s clemantines is a great way to liven up the lunch box.


How To:

Small clementine oranges are the perfect canvas for drawing. Just take your clementine and create lions, tigers or bear faces, then pack them in your kid’s lunch kit.

A Rainbow of Fruit

Here’s a great way to make sure they eat their fruit at lunch. Tell them you’re packing them a rainbow and choose a variety of different colour fruit.


How To:

Pack a zip lock bag with strawberry slices, blueberries, oranges, pineapples, and grapes. Line them up in a row like a rainbow.

Pirate Bananas

Argh, there’s a banana in my lunch kit! Even if your kids aren’t big banana fans, you can draw everything from giraffes to pirate captains on them and they won’t be able to resist eating them.

The Snack:


How To:

Draw an eye patch and pirate face on a banana, then wrap the banana up in a napkin to fashion a creative outfit.

Bumblebee Treats

Cute, tiny, and delicious. I’ve packed an entire bag of these little treats for the kids to share with their friends. They add just the right amount of sweet to their lunch without giving them a big surge of sugar.



How To:

Make a pan of rice krispie squares. Rip off small chunks of rice krispie treats and fashion into the bee body. Drizzle with melted chocolate and insert two thin, chocolate wafers for ‘wings.’

Watermelon Pops

By far the easiest snack to put together, watermelon pops are cute and easy to eat. 


How To:

Cut watermelon into quarters. Insert popsicle stick.

Spice up your sandwiches

When it comes to the common sandwich, the same-old, same-old gets boring after the first week of school. Try a few of these ideas to liven up their sandwiches. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and kids love them.

Lunchbox Monsters

I’ve tried this one a few times for my picky eater, and his teacher said when his friends tried to get him to share, he said no way!

The Sandwich:


How To:

Make your kid’s favourite sandwhich the usual way, but after slicing in half add garnish to resemble a face. You can add cucumber ‘teeth,’ carrot eyes, and a salami tongue.

Sandwich cut outs

The sky is the limit when you have two pieces of bread and an active imagination. Use cookie cutters or just a knife to cut out shapes and faces.




Cut out a sandwich with a train shaped cookie cutter. Add a slice of cheese for the ‘window’ and create details using other types of bread and veggies.

I don’t know about you, but after doing some digging and coming up with some great ideas, I’m kind of looking forward to wowing them with cool lunches this year.

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