Wahl Elite Pro haircutting kit reviewI have three sons, and what I’ve discovered over the years is that I really enjoying cutting their hair myself. Not only does it save me time from going out and taking them to get their hair cut, it saves money too.

But that’s not to say I’m as skilled as a barber or I’ve ever had any formal training. I’ve done my fair share of non-blended bowl cuts and they’ve all lived to tell the tale. But as I’ve found over time, to learn how to cut someone’s hair you just need to spend some time observing a barber and then invest in a good haircutting kit of your own.

The kit I bought years ago when my boys were small is similar to the kit I was just sent to review, but the new Wahl Elite Pro high performance hair cutting kit is a huge step up from what I used. It’s a true professional kit you can use to cut anyone’s hair.

Here’s how it works and what I thought of the Wahl Elite Pro hair cutting kit.

Wahl Elite Pro KitWhat you get in the box of the Wahl Elite Pro hair cutting kit

The Wahl Elite Pro hair cutting kit comes in its own storage box, and inside that box is everything you need to clip and cut hair.



  • A powerful, heavy-duty Wahl clipper
  • A set of Wahl clipper guards ranging in size from ½ to 1 1/2 inch. They are also numbered so you know exactly which one you’re using
  • A cape to cover up whomever you’re styling that day
  • A styling comb and set of scissors for blending and longer hair
  • Covers for the clipper, clipper oil, and cleaning brush you can use as needed

Testing out the Wahl Elite Pro hair cutting kit

Wahl Elite Pro ClippersThe first thing you’ll notice when you use the Wahl Elite Pro hair cutting kit is that the clipper itself is very sturdy.

If you’ve bought clippers of your own before and you found they burn themselves out quickly or they’re flimsy, you won’t have to worry about that with the Wahl Elite Pro.

The clipper is heavy, sleek, and durable feeling. It has stainless steel blades that are self-sharpening, and it reminds me of the clipper the local barber uses. Once you start using it yourself you’ll have no question it’s a professional clipper.

With the clipper comes several clipper attachments, and you’ve probably already got your favourites. In the summer I tend to use a #2 to cut the sides and back of my son’s hair, but we generally stick with a #3 like the barber does. The #10 and #12 would be great for a clean, even cut on someone with longer hair on top.

Running the clipper over my son’s hair was seamless. It didn’t drag in any areas or snag when I used it, and although there are no extra taper attachments for over the years, I was able to gently work my way around.

I love this clipper. It’s powerful and smooth so it gave me the confidence to work my way from front to back quickly. If you’re someone who uses a clipper to cut the entire head of hair, you’ll absolutely love the power and durability of the Wahl Elite Pro clipper. I also like fact that it’s a plug in and not rechargeable, because I think that makes a big difference in power and convenience.

Wahl Elite Pro helps you cut hair, even if you’re a complete beginner

Walh Elite Pro Haircutting Kit ReviewThe beauty of a professional kit like the Wahl Elite Pro hair cutting kit is that you can use this even if you’re a complete beginner, and you’ll be starting out with an amazing set of tools you won’t need to replace constantly.

Included in the kit is a booklet on how to cut hair. It gives you step by step diagrams on how to start, how to separate the lower, middle, and top sections, and how to use the clippers to clean up your eyebrows or your beard too.

There’s also a styling scissors and comb included, and that really comes in handy if you don’t use the clippers to cut the entire head of hair and when you’re blending.

To start cutting hair you can just drape the included cape over your husband, child, or whomever you’re styling, grab your clipper, and get to work.

Wahl Elite Pro Haircutting Kit Review

I’m not saying that learning to cut hair is really easy. I’ve found blending is a step that’s difficult to master even with a kit like this, but having the right tools in front of you is so important in helping you do it right the first time. With the Wahl Elite Pro you can pick and choose from the different clipper attachments or just use your scissors to finish up the job until it’s done to your satisfaction.

Cleaning up and storing the Wahl Elite Pro haircutting kit

Wahl Elite Pro haircutting kit reviewThe Wahl Elite Pro comes in its own carrying case, so when you’re ready to clean up you can just put everything back inside the case and store it on a shelf. The case makes it easy to transport the kit too.

There’s also included blade guards, blade oil, and a cleaning brush for the clippers. Sometimes tiny hair will get stuck inside the blades and you’ll have to brush it out, and the blade oil keeps the clippers running in perfect condition and reduces any pulling or snagging.

To oil the blades you just have to add a drop of oil at the corner of the blade top, then turn the clippers on and let the oil work its way in.

Overall thoughts on the Wahl Elite Pro

Wahl Elite Pro haircutting kit reviewIf you’ve always been interested in cutting your kids or your partner’s hair, why not start with a kit that will give you everything you need?

I’ve used other kits before, and I was really impressed with everything that comes with the Wahl Elite Pro and how it all works. It’s fully stocked with blades, a cape, scissors, comb, and how-to guide. Just follow the included guide and before you know it, you’ll feel as though you’ve always been cutting hair.

You can find the Wahl Elite Pro haircutting kit on Bestbuy.ca right now.

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