Philips Series 6000 Rotary ShaverI’ve always considered shaving to be a necessary evil. While I don’t particularly like doing it (I find it both irritating to my skin and annoyingly time-consuming), if I don’t do it enough, I end up regretting it because the only thing more irritating to my skin than shaving is having to put up with an itchy Santa Claus beard. Whether you like doing it or not, if you’re a man, shaving is just a regular part of life (unless you enjoy having a beard that’s halfway to the floor). Since it must be done anyway, one might as well shave with the most comfortable and effective shaver possible, which is why you may want to pay attention to today’s review, wherein I discuss my recent experience with the Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver (S6640). Read on for full details!

Note: The Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver I’m reviewing today comes in 2 different, though very similar, styles. There’s the one I have here—the S6640, and there’s also the S6610, which is nearly identical to the S6640 aside from the fact that it doesn’t come with a charging stand and it features a different type of trimmer (the S6640 comes with a special beard trimmer). Be sure to keep these differences in mind if you decide to purchase one of these shavers so you order the right model.

Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver Features

Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver
That blue ring that you see around the cutting blades provides an anti-friction coating

The Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver is a durable electric shaver that’s ideal for either wet or dry shaving. Featuring a pivoting neck, 3 flexing heads, and multi-precision blades with anti-friction coating, this shaver provides a smooth, clean, and comfortable shave that will leave your face feeling fresh and whisker free in mere minutes.

On just an hour’s charge (which can be done with the charging cord directly or by placing it in the special charging cradle shown in the image above—which only comes with the S6640 model by the way), the Philips 6000 Series Rotary Shaver provides 60 minutes of running time that is sure to provide you with a number of very close shaves (in a good way).

Other features of this shaver include what Philips calls its MultiPrecision Blades which “raise then cut long and short hairs for a fast[er] shave” and an LED display to show you when the battery is charging as well as to indicate the remaining battery level.

The model that I have here also comes with a special beard trimmer that’s adjustable to different lengths, though not to a very significant degree. And, there’s a very nice little carrying case and cleaning brush as well (that I assume comes with both models).

Shown here is the full kit for the S6640 model, including charging cord & cradle, trimmer, cleaning brush, and carrying case

Using the Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver

It didn’t take too much effort for me to put this shaver to the test. The hardest part was literally waiting for about a week to grow out the testing fields (i.e., whiskers). After that, it was a simple matter of charging the shaver up and giving it a try.

Since I rarely bother with a wet shave anyway, I decided to go with a dry run and see what would happen. In well under 5 minutes I was pretty much clean-shaven and ready to face the world again. I can also happily report no skin irritation from the shave itself (though my skin definitely did not like having whiskers for a week), no missed patches (as in, the shaver got everything), and a relatively close shave overall.

This photo is not of me, but it does show a man using his Series 6000 razor with shaving cream

Of course, you do have to make several passes over your face with the blades to fully get everything, and this may be irritating to some. I like to shave in a circular pattern until I get everything—or nearly everything. There may be times when you miss a hair or two here and there (particularly if you’ve got any really stubborn ones that lay flat against your face). For this, you’ll just have to keep passing the blades over the area until you’re all clear.

While no shaver is perfect, the Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver is probably just about as close as it gets, and I was very happy with its performance in testing. If you’re looking for a new electric rotary shaver, I can easily recommend this product. The only caveat I have is that not all of us have whiskers of the same thickness or consistency, so its performance may vary somewhat according to the kind of beard you have. For the record (and if it helps), mine is fairly thick and coarse, but it gave this Philips shaver no difficulty at all.

Examining the Video Evidence

Please take a minute or three to check out my brief video overview of the Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver. In it, you’ll see the shaver up close and personal, hear some of the most pertinent details of the product and even see it in action on my test shave:

Final Thoughts

Here is an extreme closeup for you of the Philips Series 6000 Rotary Shaver in its charging cradle

If you’re in the market for a brand new rotary shaver (whether for yourself or as a gift for someone else), you really can’t go wrong with pretty much any model from Philips. In addition to the Series 6000 model that I’ve reviewed here today, I also personally own and use the Philips OneBlade Wet & Dry Electric Shaver and the Philips Wet & Dry Electric Cordless AquaTouch Shaver, and I love them all. In fact, a few years ago I reviewed the OneBlade right here on the blog (a review that you can still read today).

As far as I’m concerned, Philips is a company that produces very fine shaving products, and I 100% trust them when it comes to their electric shavers. Though no electric shaver that I have ever experienced provides quite as close of a shave as an actual razor blade, I’ll take a quick, dry shave over a long, drawn-out wet one (that inevitably comes with a number of small cuts) any day. Bottom line—I definitely recommend the Philips 6000 Series Electric Rotary Shaver if you’re an electric shaver kind of guy!

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