Oral-B iO8 electric toothbrush reviewWhen your toothbrush smiles at you, you know you’ve done a good job brushing. At least that’s what my new Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush does, and it will even wish me a good morning, good night, and give me a timer for my brushing sessions.

I’ve been brushing with the Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush for a few weeks and I’m such a huge fan of this toothbrush. It honestly feels like my teeth have been professionally cleaned every day, and with the timer right on the toothbrush, I know exactly when I can stop brushing.

The Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush is even better if you use it with the Oral-B app, and you can see in real-time each area of your mouth as you brush it.

Appearance and features of Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush 

Oral-B iO8 Electric Toothbrush review

The Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush is one of the newest electric toothbrushes from Oral-B. In the box you’ll get your Oral-B iO 8 toothbrush, three brush heads, a travel case, and a magnetic recharger.

  • Designed with Artificial Intelligence Technology to track your teeth as you brush, highlighting the front, top, and back surfaces of your teeth in real-time
  • Magnetic iO drive system directs cleaning energy to every bristle and uses micro-vibrations to remove plaque
  • 6 smart brushing modes including Intense, Daily, and Sensitive
  • Interactive display right on the brush shows you brushing modes, greetings, power remaining, and will give you a smile or frown depending on your daily brushings
  • Color changing lights on handle indicate when you are brushing too hard or just right
  • Magnetic charger charges your brush in 3 hours
  • Oral-B app will track your dental health and give you updates on how well you are brushing, flossing, gum health, and more

Testing Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush

My teeth feel so incredibly clean after using this toothbrush for a few weeks, and there are more than a few features on the Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush that make it a must-have.

Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush uses micro-vibrations

Brush head oral-b iO8 toothbrush
Oral-B’s dentist-inspired round brush head is designed specifically to pair with Oral-B’s new iO Magnetic technology. That technology directs the drive system in the toothbrush to funnel cleaning energy into every single bristle.

Because you get micro-vibrating bristles on your brush head, you can target every square inch of your teeth and gums. The result for me, when I brushed with it, was that I could really feel the tingle when I was finished. If you set the toothbrush on Intense and brush for two minutes, your teeth will feel like you’ve just left the dentist after a cleaning. It’s pretty amazing.

On-board screen lets you change settings right on the brush

Oral-B iO8 toothbrush settings
I think every toothbrush needs a small display screen. I had no idea how useful it was until I started using the Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush. When you turn it on in the morning the screen greets you with a “Good Morning.” You can tap the button to select your brushing mode, and once you start brushing a timer will start counting down. The toothbrush will vibrate a few times when you’ve reached two minutes, and it will vibrate once when it’s time to switch sides.

I’ve always felt like two minutes is a long time when brushing, but time just flies when you’re brushing with the Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush. I’ve averaged over two minutes every time I’ve used it.

There is a setting button that lets you switch through different options on the brush, and you can even switch up the colour of your LED. There are also multiple modes you can switch through including Daily Clean and Whitening. I used Intense most as I like how it made my gums tingle, but Daily Clean is also pretty powerful. If you have sensitive teeth and gums, you can choose sensitive mode for a softer brush.

Pressure sensor protects your gums

Oral-B iO8 toothbrush settings

The pressure sensor that’s built into the Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush is really useful. The handle will flash from the colour you choose, in my case pink, to green if you are using the right amount of pressure. If you’re brushing too hard your toothbrush will flash red.

If you brush in front of a mirror like most people do, it’s impossible to miss the flashing red. It’s a great way to teach you to lighten up on your gums.

A toothbrush coach is built into the Oral-B app

Oral-B switch out brush head Oral-B app coaching Oral-B app better toothbrushing

The Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush uses Bluetooth to connect to the Oral-B app on your smartphone. Once you’ve set up the app you can turn on your toothbrush and see which areas of your mouth you’ve covered in real-time. I’ve seen that feature on toothbrushes before, but with the Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush you can see how you’re brushing in real-time right on the app. With a view of each section of your mouth, you can scrub each tooth until it sparkles.

It’s really motivating to brush with the app open and watch how well you cover your virtual mouth, and it takes about 2 1/2 minutes to get every corner. At the end of your brush session, the app will ask you if your gums are bleeding, if you’ve flossed, and if you brushed your tongue. It will track that info so you will have a log of when you had brushing issues or how consistent you are with your flossing.

The first thing I pictured when I saw how the app logs flossing was that I could pull out my app the next time I went to the dentist. When they ask me if I floss enough, I’ve got the proof right on my phone.
Oral-B iO8 magnetic charger
I love the travel case and magnetic charger that comes with the Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush. It makes it easy to carry your toothbrush with you when you leave home.

It takes less than three hours to charge the Oral-B iO 8, and after two weeks of using it twice a day, I still have a 70% charge.

Should you choose the Oral-B iO8 Power Toothbrush?

Oral-B iO8 screen

The Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush is hands-down the best toothbrush I’ve ever used. I love the display right on the brush, and I love how you get real-time updates via the app and the brush on how you’re brushing. I almost always open up the app when I’m brushing, just because I love watching how I can make each section sparkle in real-time.

It’s nice that there are new brush heads included with your toothbrush, and you can set a reminder in the app to change it out after a set amount of time. That way your toothbrush is always performing at optimal levels.

Oral-B says that this toothbrush will make your teeth feel like they have been professionally cleaned, and I completely agree with that. Every time I use the intense setting my gums tingle and my teeth shine. I know there are other settings but I love Intense and use it every day.

If you want to really put a focus on your dental health, this is the toothbrush for you. You can find the Oral-B iO 8 Power Toothbrush on Best Buy right now.

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  1. This is an amazing toothbrush. I would most appreciate the timer as I tend to rush and the report on my dental health, which would lead to increased care. I’d love to win the Oral-B iO Smart Electric Toothbrush

  2. The pressure sensor is the feature that would be most beneficial for me as my periodontist suspects I may be brushing too ‘forcefully’.

  3. My kids would love the colour changing lights on the handle, that way they’ll know if they’re brushing too hard or not.

  4. I like the 6 smart brushing modes including Intense, Daily, and Sensitive – this way I can change up how l brush every day!

  5. Of course, because I broke a piece of my molar again, I like the fact that amazing Oral-B iO Smart Electric Toothbrush has a smile or frown feature that will help me in my every day brushing.

  6. I love that it includes different brushing modes! First of all, I scrub far too hard and need to lighten up, and second of all, I have sensitive teeth (probably all that hard scrubbing that has wore away at my gums!).

  7. The smart pressure indicator is VERY important to me, I’m usually forgetting to not press so hard when I brush my tongue and the end result is frustrating…

  8. Color changing lights on handle indicate when you are brushing too hard or just right beacause I often brush too hard.

  9. Favourite new features found in the Oral-B iO Smart Electric Toothbrush would be the interactive display right on the brush + the Color changing lights on handle that tell you that you are brushing too hard or just right

  10. Pressure Sensor is my top priority. According to my dentist, my enamel is wearing away because I brush too hard. The carry case is nice too. I can take it with me during trips!

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