Status collection premium office furniture

Looking for stylish, high quality office furniture without the price tag? Look no further than Best Buy’s exclusive new Status Home Office Furniture Collection.

In my experience, when it comes to buying new furniture, “high quality” is almost often synonymous with “high price.” That’s why so many people (myself included) start out their adult lives living in dorm rooms or apartments that are almost completely furnished with pieces from a certain Swedish put-it-together-yourself-with-a-tiny-tool-without-losing-your-mind company that will remain nameless.

That is also why so many of these same people find themselves replacing their furniture when their cash flow becomes a little more fluid and they want to take their home furnishings to the next level. However, with the new premium Status Home Office Furniture Collection, exclusive to Best Buy, you get the best of both worlds­–high quality office furniture at a reasonable price.

What is the Status Collection?

The Status collection is all about combining simple elegance and practical style, and offering it at a reasonable price point. Each piece in the collection is made with high quality materials including engineered wood, composites, and premium laminate. There are a number of versatile styles to choose from in the Status collection, but here are a few of my favourite pieces. Each would make a great addition to any dorm room or home office.

The Status Collection

Status Sullivan writing desk The Status Sullivan Contemporary Writing Desk is ideal for students, regardless of where they are at in their academic careers. Designed for productivity, the Sullivan desk would work well in a bedroom, dorm room, or in off-campus housing. As is the case with the rest of the Status office furniture product line, the Sullivan desk is made with sturdy engineered wood and composites, and best of all, its premium laminate finish safeguards against splashes and spills (i.e. coffee. Lots and lots of coffee).

Add to that the fact that the shelf in the cabinet section is removable so students can accommodate semester-specific books and materials, and that the drawer has a lock, and it’s the ideal desk for students with limited space. It’s also available in white, natural cherry, misty grey, grey wash, and rich walnut.


Status office computer desk The Aspenwood Contemporary Computer Desk is a little larger than the Status Sullivan, so is great if you have a little more space to work with, or think you might need more storage or surface space in the future. In my opinion, the best feature of this desk is that its two drawers can be mounted on either side of the desk, which is perfect for situations where you might be living temporary housing and don’t know what drawer orientation you might want in the future. The two drawers are in two different sizes, with the larger one on the bottom­–perfect for files and textbooks–and the smaller on top.

Status L Shaped Computer Desk Just like the Sullivan and Aspenwood, the Status Ambleside Contemporary L-Shaped Desk boasts simple, clean lines that will coordinate with any décor, making it an ideal piece for any work environment. As you can see though, you do require a decent amount of space to accommodate its large L shape. That said, if you do have the room, this piece could be the last office desk you ever need to purchase and can grow with you regardless of where you call home. It features two drawers, but because of its size and shape, you could always add additional filing cabinets underneath it as needed. It comes in two different finishes: rich walnut, and grey wash.

Executive office desk Lastly is the Brookswood Executive Suite Corner Desk, which is what I aspire to own one day­–however, I live in an apartment in Vancouver, so this would likely take up my entire living/dining/office space. With its U-shaped design, huge surface area, and ample storage, it is the ideal piece of office furniture for those who have the space. It provides ample storage via its drawers and four hutch cabinets, yet it isn’t something you would be embarrassed to show your company. It’s sleek, simple, and contemporary, and perfect for everyone from the student who is lucky enough to have this much space, the entrepreneur who works at home, the executive who always works, and the retiree who has a lifetime of papers and memories to store and enjoys surface area for the occasional puzzle (that’s a shout out to my mom!). It’s also available in both rich walnut and mahogany.


It’s amazing how quickly the summer if flying by, but whether you’re heading back to school or just want to update your home office space, now is the perfect time to add a stylish, quality, and affordable piece of furniture to your home office or dorm room. And if you’re new to online shopping, not to worry! You can order any of the Status pieces and have them delivered for free, and return them easily if they aren’t what you were looking for.

Check out the full line of Status office furniture, click here.

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