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Do you have a backyard cook in your family? You know, someone who’s always looking for any excuse to fire up the BBQ and toss on a few steaks and sausages? I think that most of us probably do. And if so, today I’m going to tell you why a brand new BBQ makes a great Holiday gift for the backyard cook in your life. And if by chance it strikes you as somewhat odd that we’re talking about barbecuing at this time of year, don’t worry, spring and summer will come ’round again soon enough. Read on for all the details!


Portable BBQs

backyard cook

A Portable BBQ is great for anyone who likes to take their cookouts on the road, as in camping. They’re also great for the backyard cook who doesn’t have an army to feed. If your backyard cook just enjoys making burgers for the family, a portable BBQ is ideal.


One great example of just such a unit is the Napoleon TravelQ 285 12,000 BTU Portable Propane BBQ. This fine model heats up in a hurry, and although it’s not massive, it still has enough space (285 square inches of cooking surface) to cook up to 18 large burgers at once—or a couple of small chickens if you prefer! Among its many useful features are a cast iron aluminum body, fold-away legs for easy (compact) storage, and 12,000 BTUs of raw cooking power. Not bad for a BBQ you can take with you on the road!


Full sized BBQs

If a full sized BBQ is more to your backyard cook’s liking, Best Buy has numerous great options there too—BBQs that any backyard chef would love. Let’s just pick one of them and consider its many features.

backyard cook

Submitted for your approval is the Dyna-Glo DGP483SSN-D 60,000 BTU Natural Gas BBQ. This clean-burning beauty combines contemporary design elements with a ton of useful features that will make it the centrepiece of any deck, porch, or patio.

Among its key features are a primary cooking area of 673″ square (that’s 23 burgers worth), a 190 square inch warming rack, 4 stainless steel primary tube burners offering 48,000 BTUs (another 12,000 BTUs reside in the side burner), cast iron cooking grates, hooks for your various cooking implements, and several other fine features that any backyard barbecuer is sure to love!

For all the delicious details, I would advise taking a peek at its Best Buy product page via the link included above.


Cooking Accessories

backyard cook

Finally, something that no backyard cook worth his or her salt can do without is BBQ Accessories. From the typical tongs and spatulas to the more specialized items like BBQ covers and fire-fighting accessories, every good outdoor cook must always be prepared with all of the necessary equipment for hosting a successful BBQ.

Although there are many fine examples to choose from, the most basic implements to any barbecue setup has got to be forks, knives, and tongs, such as you’ll find in the Tramontina Churrasco 3-Piece Barbecue Set. This 3-piece set comes all the way from Brazil, and what it offers are a carving fork, an 8″ kitchen knife, and a large pair of meat tongs. With its stainless steel blades and Polywood handles, this handsome trio is sure to provide many years of assistance to the most dedicated backyard cooks.


When it comes to outdoor cooking, Best Buy has a little bit of everything. If there’s a backyard cook in your life, I’m sure you’ll find something appropriate to give as a Holiday gift. Merry Christmas!

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