A group of friends playing beer pong.

There’s no place like home, as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz so meaningfully stated. There are arguably two types of people in the world: homebodies and social butterflies. Truthfully, many of us fall into both categories depending on the situation, time of year, and current mood. The great thing about entertaining at home is that you sort of get the best of both worlds. You can socialize without having to get all dolled up and travel. You can enjoy the company of others, but once everyone heads home, you get the serene quiet of your own space. For those who love to socialize and invite guests to their humble abode, there are great gifts that they’ll appreciate. So many of these items are the types of things people end up buying just for entertaining, so why not surprise them with one?

Gifts for making snacks

Every gathering at home or even when out probably involves a good selection of snacks, if not a full meal. There’s nothing better, after all, than socializing over a plate of chicken wings or finger foods.


charcuterie board filled with goodies.

Charcuterie is totally in right now, and people are getting creative with themed charcuterie boards that display more than the usual cured meats, cheeses, crackers, and grapes, or antipasti. Think a bagel charcuterie board with all the fixings to make your own sandwich or a holiday-themed charcuterie board filled with sweet treats. There’s so much you can present on a cheeseboard beyond just cheese. Look for a nice, big one that allows you to fill it with all types of goodies. The social butterfly will love impressing guests each time with a new theme. The best part? When someone else is holding a charcuterie board party, they can make their own, wrap it up, and bring it over, ready to serve.

Air fryer

Ultima Cosa air fryer

Air fryers are so versatile, and one thing they work great for is appetizers for socializing over a tray of pigs in a blanket or other finger foods. You can buy so much that’s pre-made and pop it into the air fryer for quick munchies before or after dinner. It’s great even for a plate of French fries, chicken wings, or cocktail meatballs while entertaining. If someone brings a dish over, it’s also useful for quick reheating.

Gifts for serving beverages

Beverages and socializing go hand in hand so gifts that make serving guests simpler, no matter what drink they want, will make this a flawless experience.


Two beer glasses with two burgers.

Naturally, those who love to socialize likely have a nice set of barware to serve drinks in. You can never have too many, so a new set would make a wonderful gift. Maybe they have wine glasses in abundance but don’t have a nice set of beer glasses; or shot glasses but no cocktail shaker. Did you know that different types of wine should be served in different types of glasses? Next time you’re visiting, observe what they have and consider getting them another set to complement it. There are great sets you can get that include everything from a wine decanter and corkscrew to themed glass sets.

Serving tray

wine rack on kitchen counter with bottles.

A nice serving tray for drinks and garnishes, from lemon and lime wedges to olives and a small bowl of nuts or pretzels is an inviting look for guests. The great thing about a serving tray is that it can be used for other reasons as well, from breakfast in bed to pub night in front of the TV with chips and dip.

Wine rack

If they seem to be amassing a large collection of wine bottles with nowhere to put them, a wine rack would be a great gift. Having a wine rack on display in your home screams “I love to entertain.” The neighbour who pops by to say hello will happily accept the invitation to stay over longer once they’re offered a nice glass of Pinot Noir to go along with good conversation (and gossip!) Some wine racks that are larger furniture pieces come with a removable serving tray on top.

Cocktail machine

The Bartesian Premium cocktail machine is a wonderful gift if you want to go all out. With this machine, they can use Bartesian capsules (sold separately but it comes with a sample pack) to make premium cocktails at the push of a button. Drinks and socializing go perfect together and they will love being able to serve all types of drinks to guests without having to take a course in mixology.

Gifts for social games

Those who love to socialize can appreciate good conversation, but they also likely love putting together a fun game or two to make the evening even more entertaining.

Board games

Family playing Settlers of Catan board game.

Board games are always a hit for all types of occasions, from the holiday season to cottage getaways and rainy days at home. See our board games buying guide for ideas, but your best bet is to go with a party game that will keep everyone talking, strategizing, and having fun. These usually involve some type of physical activity, card-based games, or teams whereby you can play with big groups. But if the person you know loves to socialize in smaller groups, there are great board games to consider for 2-4 players are as well. Need some ideas? See a few exciting board games to introduce to your holiday games night this year.

Video games

Super Mario Bros Wonder video game

While video games seem like they might be solitary, sedentary activities, they totally aren’t. Some people who love to socialize love to do so by playing video games with others. This could be with friends in the same room or remotely using a headset and Wi-Fi. The new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is a favourite among many to play online with friends and even strangers, collaborating to take down enemies, conquer boards, and win matches. If you like games that are more light-hearted and fun, a social person will love playing new ones like Super Mario Bros Wonder with others on the Nintendo Switch. The great thing about the Nintendo Switch is they can take the console with them to use just about anywhere.

For something more active and social, consider a great party game like The Jackbox Party Pack 9 for the Nintendo Switch that has tons of party games for up to 10 players. The games are interactive and require a lot of socializing and fun, from writing down lies so everyone for everyone to figure out which one is the truth to working as teams to answer trivia questions. You could also opt for a murder mystery game: they’ll love the idea of being able to throw a themed party next time. There are always classics like Charades and Charades-inspired games, like Director’s Cut, which will have everyone laughing.

Rec room games

Consider rec room games for them as well, ideal if they have a large open space like a basement that they use for entertaining. From a foosball table to air hockey, darts, or even arcade machines, you can up the social aspect with competitions and special themed nights.

If they love a poker night every Friday evening, maybe consider getting them a folding poker table. This way, they can take the fun to the basement once the kids are in bed, or even bring it along to someone else’s house who decides to host that week.

Get social!

A social butterfly on your list this year will love any of these gifts. Each will help them while they entertain. The plus: if you’re one of the lucky ones invited over, you’ll benefit from them, too!

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