If you’re in the market for a brand new fashion watch, Nixon has a large selection of models in many different styles. I recently got the chance to try out 6 different Nixon watches for a while, and today I’ll share my thoughts on them with you.

It’s important to remember that fashion watches typically feature Quartz timekeeping, which means that there’s not much to say about their accuracy and upkeep. This kind of watch is as accurate as you’re ever going to need, and the only real maintenance you’ll have to worry about is swapping out the battery every few years.

Some collectors are put off by the simplicity of Quartz based watches, and they don’t necessarily collect fashion watches for this and a variety of other reasons. However, there’s no denying the superb accuracy of Quartz watches, and the fact that there’s literally something for every taste and style in the fashion watch world.

As it turns out, Nixon watches are no different, and we’ve got a pretty broad selection of styles to show you here today. Read on if you’re interested in enjoying accurate timekeeping in a unique and interesting style. Let’s get started.


Nixon Watches for All 


The first watch we’re checking out is the Nixon 51-30 Chrono 51mm Men’s Chronograph Casual Watch, which is interesting for a couple of different reasons. First, its crown and chronograph pushers are on the left hand side of the case, which generally happens with watches meant to be worn on the right wrist by left handed individuals (although these guidelines are certainly not rules). The other interesting thing about this watch is that it’s absolutely huge (which you can get a better idea of from my video overview further down the page). Featuring a 51mm diameter face, this thing is certainly bold! It also has a 300m water resistance rating (both the crown and the pushers actually screw down!!), and its stainless steel case and bracelet are in a sort of gunmetal colour, so it really looks cool. If you can pull off wearing an oversized watch, this model is certainly worth a closer look.


Next up is the Nixon Arrow 38mm Men’s Casual Watch—a gold tone piece with a stainless steel bracelet and 50m of water resistance (as in, try not to get this one wet!!). While some may find the colour scheme a bit over the top, I personally like its gold tone look, and I also appreciate both the simplicity and the size of the piece.

The bracelet on this watch is a bit loose (rattly), and its overall lightness unfortunately does not inspire confidence in its build quality. Still, if you’re not too rough on your watches (this thing is not a sports model, after all), then there’s no reason why this watch couldn’t provide you with many years of blingy enjoyment. If you like having a date complication on the dial, or anything beyond simply telling you the time, then this model may not be the best option for you.


Another gold tone piece is the Nixon Re-Run 39mm Men’s Digital Casual Watch. What I really like about this watch is the fact that it’s digital. It also has a negative LCD display (light numbers on a dark background), which is very cool! With a diameter of 39mm and a square watch face, this piece feels like it came to us in a time machine… straight out of the 1980s. Its somewhat retro styling is something I really love.



The biggest drawback of this model is probably its rattlesnake strap, though that very same strap is also one of its charms. I can’t say I’d recommend paying a lot of money for this watch, but it’s certainly a fun piece to have and occasionally wear. I used to have one very similar to it myself, with a nearly identical bracelet. Was this 25 years ago? Nope, it was more like 1-2 years ago, so I can really appreciate this model.


Number 4 on our list is the Nixon Corporal SS 48mm Men’s Casual Watch, and it brings along with it some very unique and interesting characteristics. For example, this watch is entirely blacked out, giving it an almost stealthy, or military, look. Also cool is the design of the bracelet. The links on this piece are so different from anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s very cool (see my bracelet photo below). The Corporal also boasts 100m of water resistance, features a 48mm stainless steel case (diameter), and is one of the most solid feeling watches of the bunch. The only things I don’t really like about this watch are its massive size and corresponding weight. It’s not as big as the chronograph at the top of this page, but it’s still a lot bigger than I personally like to wear. I guess big watches are just all the rage these days.



Moving right along, we now come to what is quite possibly my favourite model among all the Nixon watches in this review—the Nixon Sentry SS 42mm Men’s Casual Watch. Part of what I like about this watch is its gunmetal toned stainless steel design (both bracelet and case). I really enjoy that colour on a watch; It makes it look tough and durable. I also like that this piece has a nice, comfortable bracelet that feels solid and well made (see photo directly below). Similarly, the 42mm diameter of the watch’s face is pleasing to look at and isn’t too big for my taste (it’s right on the cusp of my personal upper limit). For those that enjoy complications, this watch also has a day and date function at the 3 O’clock position on the dial, and the dial itself features a design (including applied, baton style hour markers) that works for either casual or dressy use. Rounding things out is 100m of water resistance, which is the beginning of the acceptable range. The only thing I don’t much care for on this model is the shape of its hands. They just don’t suit my taste, but they are certainly unique and will probably appeal to others.



Finally, there’s the Nixon Sentry Leather 42mm Men’s Casual Watch, which is actually the same watch as the one above it, only with a different colour dial and a leather strap instead of a stainless steel bracelet. As such, the specs are obviously the same for both watches, so let’s talk about the one real difference that this watch has going on: the strap. This thick leather strap is attractive, supple, and it feels rather durable. I do believe, however, that it’s bonded leather, and that could be a letdown for some. Even so, this watch is very comfortable to wear thanks to that strap, and overall it’s quite a satisfying piece.


Final Thoughts

If you’re cool with the fact that each of the Nixon watches featured above are Quartz based fashion watches, then I can easily say that there’s definitely something here worth checking out. You needn’t like every model; All it takes is one. If you don’t see anything that you particularly like in this review, go ahead and visit Best Buy’s full selection of Nixon timepieces. There’s plenty of selection to choose from, and it’s a good bet that something they have will speak to your personal sense of style.


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  1. It was really fun! I love watches, so it was nice to get to try them out. Overall I was pretty impressed, even though I’m mostly interested in mechanical watches myself. Still, a nice value for the cost on most of these.

  2. I had a Nixon watch before, one of the best watches I’ve owned. Excellent body and a nice date feature makes it amazing and convenient. Nixon is a great brand and your so lucky to have gotten to try 6 if their watches.

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