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Having a small bedroom doesn’t have to be a problem, with a variety of accessories and storage options you can make a small room function well. Creativity will allow you to fit more items in cramped quarters. Some items to think about adding to your bedroom for storage and functionality are bookshelves, wall shelves, closet organizers and even a bed with built in storage. Read on to see how you can maximize the storage in a small bedroom.

Closet and dresser storage

chrome garment rackWith the right closet organizer or storage options such as baskets, trays, bins and hangers you can maximize every inch of your closet and fit more into the space.

Start by organizing your closet into seasons, that way you can have on hand the clothes you’ll be wearing every day and store the ones you won’t be needing until the season changes. This Commercial Chrome Garment Rack can either be used to hang your current season wardrobe or store out-of-season clothes that can be moved to a spare room or basement. It has adjustable side arms to allow for an extra foot of storage on each end and the swivel castor wheels make it easy to maneuver.

Leo small and large basketsBaskets are also a stylish and modern way to increase storage and they’re available in many sizes to fit perfectly in the space you have. These Leo Small & Large Wired Baskets come in a set with one large basket and two small ones. They are lightweight and made out of durable double wicker. You can slide them onto a shelf in your closet and you can easily create a label for each basket letting you know what each one contains.

granville foldable fabric basketsThese soft, foldable Granville Foldable Fabric Baskets are another great storage option. They come in a set of six and are easy to set up. If you don’t need all six in use they fold flat and don’t take up too much space. The soft fabric is perfect to store delicate items such as bathing suits, scarves, socks and more. Baskets are also great for storing magazines and books that you don’t want to part with.

Granville medium foldable basketsThese rectangular Granville Medium Foldable Baskets are made from corn husk and can also fold flat when not in use. I love baskets to store folded t-shirts and shorts for warmer weather. They slide right onto the closet shelf and when the season changes you can move them out of reach until the next year.

To keep your dresser drawers organized and make efficient use of the space available you might like these South Shore Storit Drawer Organizers. This set comes with 2 square and 3 rectangular canvas cubes that will make the inside of your drawers into perfect compartments to separate and store whatever you choose.

Last of all, don’t forget a dedicated jewelry box or armoir to keep your jewelry organized and to ensure any delicate pieces won’t get broken or lost.

Beds and bookshelves

Step One contemporary storage bedYou can use any of the storage boxes or containers I’ve mentioned above and slide them under your bed frame to tuck them out of sight, but another great option to maximize limited space is to find a bed with built in drawers.

This Step One Contemporary Storage Bed is a modern platform style with the bonus of drawer’s underneath for storage. The neutral black colour will fit in to any décor and the platform style requires no box spring. This is a great place to store any extra bedding or seasonal clothes that aren’t currently being worn. If your bedroom space is extremely minimal then a murphy bed or bed with hydraulic lifts may be an option for you.

Monach Art-Deco 8 shelf bookshelfBookshelves aren’t just for books, they can shelve anything you choose as long as the weight isn’t too heavy. Again, you can also use storage bins or containers that fit onto the shelves for storage. I actually love mixing storage boxes in my shelves to break up the look and add a design element to my bookshelves. This art-deco Monarch Art Deco 8-Shelf Bookcase has 8 perfect cubes to store your books or accessories. I have a similar one that my son uses as a headboard for his bed. The bed does cover the bottom shelves but that’s where you can store items you don’t use regularly.

If you prefer a contemporary design, then this 59.1″ 7-Shelf Bookcase might be the one. I love the varying size and shape of the shelves and it can be used standing tall or horizontal.

Pieces to increase overall storage

Modern 48 Sawhorse DeskA desk is a versatile piece of bedroom furniture that can be used for a computer or TV stand as well as do double duty as a vanity for doing make-up or hair. This Modern 48″ Sawhorse Desk is a clean and simple design and the bottom shelves located on the legs add extra storage. An alternative would be this Modern Floating Desk with Shelves. This space saving design has a roll out keyboard tray and plenty of extra shelves for books and stationary. With the integrated hidden wire management, you can tuck away any wires and cables from a computer or TV for a clean look. Having white furniture also brightens up the space which can help it appear larger and not so dark and cramped.

floating shelvesIf your closet is fully organized and you’ve run out of floor space you can always go up, and by this, I mean adding in some single shelves or shelving units. With a few basic tools you can hang some floating shelves to display pictures or store everyday items that you need on hand. Choose a shelf with hooks underneath to hang light jackets or sweatshirts that you can rotate with the seasons and change in weather.

With all the options for beds, bookshelves, and organization systems you can design a small bedroom to use as much space as possible all while looking stylish and modern. Add in a great wall colour, window coverings and an area rug to brighten up the room and make a small space appear larger.

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