halloween ideas to prepare for the best Halloween yetScary movies, bags of candy, and the chance to dress up as anything your heart desires? It’s October, and although we’ve definitely had a different type of year, I’m still ready to sign up for all the spooky, scary, fun parts of Halloween. If you look forward to Halloween all year like I do, you’ll want to dive right in and start making preparations for the big day right now. After all, the lead up to Halloween can be just as much fun as the day of.

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If you need ideas for a socially distant Halloween, we’ve got a few here. Spookiest games to fright and delight this Halloween, and we’ve got some great posts on how to make candy apples and How to Celebrate Halloween in 2020. After you check those out, here ares 5 Halloween ideas you can use right now to have your best Halloween yet.

Halloween ideas for your house

Philips Hue Halloween

Even if you won’t be receiving trick or treaters the same way this year, you can still reassure your kids that Halloween will be fun by setting up a bigger and better display outside your home.

Adding a string of police tape, some witches, a cauldron, and a ton of pumpkins will add a festive Halloween atmosphere to any yard, but the best way to add a spooky feel to a yard is through smart Halloween decorations like Philips Hue.

One of my favourite Halloween ideas for decorating: once you set up your outdoor smart lights, open up the Philip Hue app and tap “Explore” and “Apps we like.” You’ll find different Halloween scene options, and you can even sync your lights with music to get a really scary effect. My favourite app is Hue Haunted House. 

You can also add your own spooky music to your yard by placing Bluetooth speakers in the shrubs or hiding behind your outdoor decor.

Choose what types of gross and scary food you’ll make

halloween recipes

It’s so fun to create Halloween food with a shock factor. Intestines made from dough, dip with eyeballs floating, and drinks that will give you a bit of bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble if you have one too many: there are many different recipes you can try for Halloween that you won’t stop at just one. Your kitchen will become your laboratory where you can create a whole table full of great dishes that will scare and satisfy your Halloween party guests.

Select your scary movies

Halloween-720x540best slasher movies of all time top 5, dvd, blu-ray

Don’t save the scary movies just for Halloween night. October is the perfect month to do a Halloween movie marathon right in the “safety” of your living room. Choose from the greatest Halloween movies of all time and set one to stream once or twice a week on your big screen. By the time Halloween rolls around, you’ll remember exactly why you’ve always been terrified of the names Mike, Freddie, and Jason.

Make your Halloween treats

candy apples

October is a great time to try making candy or caramel apples to give out to your favourite ghosts and goblins. You can create them with chocolate, caramel, or sugar, and they can be as spooky or as sweet as you’d like. It’s a great way to get kids excited about Halloween because, along with planning their costumes, they will also love to decorate candy apples, cakes, and cookies with you.

Plan for Halloween day

halloween costume

While trick or treating may not look the same this year, there are still so many options for a fun Halloween night.

Add a little Zoom to your Halloween

Instead of trick or treating door to door, the kids can dress up and you could set up a candy scavenger hunt for a small group in your yard. After they find their candy they can jump on a Zoom call and have a candy haul discovery party.

Each kid can reveal what’s in their bag with friends and family and share their favourite treats. They can also share their favourite photos or video of scary displays they’ve seen. Once they are done chatting, everyone can pop up their own popcorn, kick back, and watch a scary movie ‘together’ to end the night.

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  1. Scary stories…. I like to feel the adrenaline! October is really the best month for such things! If you are a fan of hitting your nerves, especially if you are alone at night, you do not want to sleep, and the computer is already turned off, why not read scary stories?

  2. I would definitely love to see the joker costume this year, atleast the after hitting of joker movie you know, let see and thanks for getting some ideas I would surely try some…

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