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Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to pamper mom and show how much you appreciate her. Whether the mom in question is your own mother, spouse, sister, friend, daughter, grandmother, or another special lady, there are plenty of Mother’s Day gifts for mom that every mother of any age will appreciate.

Wearables for the active, health-conscious mom

Google Pixel Watch

Mom doesn’t have to be a fitness buff to appreciate a good wearable. Nowadays, they’re designed for not only tracking fitness and exercise, but also other factors that contribute to overall health and wellness, like sleep, mindfulness, stress tracking, and even safety. Plus, smartwatches and even most fitness trackers make it simple to keep on top of your day with notifications from a connected smartphone as well as access to apps.

Fitbit Charge 5 on woman

The most notable wearables for Android and iPhone users are the Google Pixel Watch and Apple Watch, respectively. As a mom myself, I’m personally partial to Fitbit and my favourite within the current line-up is the Fitbit Charge 5, a nice Goldilocks option that’s in between a traditional thin tracker and a smartwatch. It has all the features mom would expect from a full-fledged smartwatch with a smaller, rectangular fitness tracker-type screen. For a more fashionable option, the Fitbit Luxe is ultra-thin yet accomplishes more than you’d expect from a device that looks more like a bracelet than a fitness tracker. If mom’s into running, consider one of the many models from Garmin’s growing Forerunner line-up.

Whether mom wants to keep on top of daily steps, track workouts, walks, runs, or hikes, wants to monitor her heart health, do mindfulness exercises to de-stress, or simply track her sleep patterns, wearables are welcome option as Mother’s Day gifts.

Personal care for the mom who needs pampering

Dyson Airwrap Styler with woman

Personal care items are always a good idea for mom, and while she might have everything she needs already, there are ways to upgrade her experience. One of the most coveted devices are within the mom community are those within the Dyson hair care line, which is likely well beyond the budget a selfless mom would spend on herself. But she’s worth it, so indulge her with this premium hair care experience.

I recently reviewed the Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry electric shaver and it’s a great travel electric shaver for the mom who is always on the go, traveling for business. It’s rechargeable and tackles all those areas she might need to touch up, whether it’s the bikini area to visit the hotel pool or her legs before heading out for an evening event in her little black dress.

No matter her age, a massager can always come in handy. She might need muscle relief after a big workout, something to help ease her aching feet after a long day at work or doing chores, or helping with recurring problem areas, like tight shoulders, hamstrings, or back. Instead of the usual back or foot massager, consider getting mom a handheld and percussive massager that comes with a variety of attachments to tackle different problem areas.

Appliances for the mom who loves to cook

Holiday entertaining holiday entertaining main

If mom loves to cook or experiment in the kitchen, there are so many small appliances worth considering. One of my favourite, go-to appliances in the kitchen is an Instant Pot, and if mom doesn’t yet have one, what are you waiting for? Grab her one, stat!

Some moms, however, especially those of the older generation, tend to be old-school and prefer sticking to a traditional slow cooker and pressure cooker. If this is the case and she insists on using the same one she has had for decades, consider upgrading her to Vitamix Blendereither a new model that’s more energy efficient and has some cool, new features and capabilities (but is still simple to use!) or complement the set-up with a toaster oven. My 70+ year old mom recently got a toaster oven to replace her old microwave and loves it.

An air fryer is one of the hottest small appliances nowadays, allowing mom to indulge in fried foods without the guilt since they use little to no oil. Another hot small appliance item mom might covet: a Vitamix for blending smoothies, making soups, dips, and more. Even if mom hasn’t expressed an interest in getting one, chances are once she has unboxed it and gotten familiar with this wondrous blender, she’ll wonder how she ever lived without one.

Tech for the mom who loves entertainment

Echo Show 15

Moms love tech, and there are some great options to consider in this space, too. If she loves watching television shows, movies, and/or sports, surprise her with a gorgeous new big-screen TV. A streaming stick will make it simple for her to catch up with her shows no matter where she is, from up at the cottage to a hotel room while traveling on business. The Roku Ultra 4K streaming stick is a favourite for its intuitive user interface, included remote, and the ability to control it from a smartphone app, too. Plus, Roku has its own slate of original content to explore.

If she’s always busy and multitasking, particularly in the kitchen, maybe she’d appreciate a smart display like the Amazon Echo Show 15 she can use to watch shows, follow along with cooking videos, video chat with friends and family, play music, set timers, and more.

Woman wearing the Jabra Elite Active 4 true wireless earbudsFor personal enjoyment, however, nothing beats a good pair of headphones and an amazing playlist while relaxing with a hot cocoa or glass of wine, going for a quiet neighbourhood trail walk, or heading out for a morning run. Truly wireless earbuds are the way to go nowadays and the Apple AirPods Pro and Google Pixel Buds Pro are two solid options worth considering. For a sportier look and feel, look at getting her the Jabra Elite 4 Active true wireless earbuds that boast a rugged, water-resistant design, active noise cancellation (ANC) with HearThrough for hearing your surrounding when you need or want to, wind noise protection, and a generous seven-hour battery life, up to 28 with the charging case.

If mom is in serious need of some “me-time” R&R, an eReader could be the best gift she never knew she wanted. Not only can she store thousands of books in one handy device, she can read them just like she would a paperback (make sure to get a folio cover with it) thanks to the E-ink screen. Some even have built-in lights that make squeezing in one last chapter at night once everyone is in bed totally doable.

Gaming products for the mom who loves competitions

Things you can do with virtual reality technology

Whether she’s into Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II on the Xbox Series X/S, video games can be a great stress reliever. For active moms, consider something that will get her up and moving while she plays, maybe even a VR headset for immersive gameplay. Or look at family-friendly games so everyone can play together, which is sure to bring a smile to mom’s face.

If mom’s idea of gaming is downloading mobile apps and doing the latest Wordle, delving into a game of virtual Scrabble against random players, or crushing candies or breaking bricks in a simple app-based game, look at getting her a tablet that she can use for a bigger screen experience than her smartphone. This will also help ensure she doesn’t drain her phone’s battery when she gets caught up in an intense session trying to make it to the next level.

Give mom a gift she’ll actually use for Mother’s Day

Flowers, candy, and gift cards are always nice Mother’s gifts. But if you want to change things up and give mom something not only unexpected but that she’ll absolutely love, consider the gift ideas noted here. Whether mom is into fitness, cooking, gaming, TV, or all the above, she’ll appreciate a gift that shows you care and have really put some thought into it.

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