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When looking for the best experience with massage chairs, the OSIM lineup offers many different options to suit your needs. Recently, I visited OSIM’s Massage Chair store in Toronto to test out their full line-up of ultra-comfort seating. If you are looking for new ways to pamper yourself, boost wellness and relieve stress, OSIM has a range of great solutions.

Best Buy carries a range of OSIM products at the online store and I was able to try some of these out while at their retail outlet. The chairs and other portable massage devices I tested ranged from high-end standalone units, to smaller removable devices, offering many options to choose from. I’ll discuss some of the features that stood out for me.

uDiva 2 Smart Massage Sofa

uDiva 2 and Remote

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to the uDiva 2 massage chair, at first glance it looks like a sleek lounge chair. If you look a little closer, you’ll find a chair with a great range of massage options with stunning style that blend beautifully with any modern home décor. That’s the beauty of the uDiva 2, it has the small, sleek footprint of a regular seat but packs some powerful massage technology under the hood.

uDiva 2’s Massage Options

The uDiva 2 features independently controlled backrest and footrest zones that really opens up the options for a great massage experience. The chair’s hybrid power ball technology targets your upper back, lumbar, plus head and shoulders. Each of these zones performed extremely well when I got to test the chair out offering a firm, yet relaxing massage.

The included remote features 6 massage pre-set programs that with the press of a button deliver specific modes to fit your needs. The six modes are spa, sports recovery, energize, happy hour, lumbar, as well as head and shoulders. Of the six modes, my favourite was “sports recovery” which targeted my back and legs helping to loosen up tight post workout muscles.

I personally really enjoyed the convenience of pre-sets, after a long day you don’t need to fiddle with too many options and can get onto the road to relaxation faster. On the flip side, if you wish to target your massage areas, the chair’s patented “Hybrid Power-ball Massage Technology” is up to the task to deliver a thorough deep muscle massage.

uDiva’s Convertible Footrest

OSIM uJolly Lifestyle

A very welcome surprise is the convertible footrest doubling as an ottoman, or a leg massager. The “squeeze and knead” technique the leg zone of the chair provided instant relief to my calves, ankles and feet. Having the upper body and leg zones separated means you can target each area (or both simultaneously) comfortably without needing to make any adjustment to how you are seated. The entire chair offers a vibration-based massage along with more targeted modes to suit your relaxation and wellness needs.

uDiva’s wide range of options

The chair is quite versatile with the ability to transform into 8 different modes to help suit your massage needs. You can use it as a regular chair, back or foot massager or fully recline it for a head-to-toe soothing experience. If you are new to the massage chair market, it’s an excellent place to start. With smart design, a host of features and plug and play usability it’s a great addition to any home.

OSIM uDeluxe Massage Chair

uDeluxe and remote

On the high-end of OSIM’s offerings is the uDeluxe Message Chair, giving you a plethora of options to get you into massage nirvana. I was able to test out the chairs’ features and I walked away impressed and feeling great! The first thing I noticed about the chair is its plush feel, yet firm lumbar support. The uDeluxe’s claim to fame is the way it can handle just about any body type, from smaller to larger frames. I’m 6’0 tall and I have to say, most chairs have trouble accommodating my height, especially when it comes to getting at my neck and shoulders. I’m happy to report the uDeluxe delivered a great upper body massage and didn’t miss a beat with the intensity of the deep massage. The uDeluxe has a long massage coverage which provides a seamless routine from the head all the way down to your bottom.

uDeluxe Massage Technology

The uDeluxe chair features mini roller balls that successfully mimic the feel of a real masseuses’ hands. The V-Hand techfelt amazing on my back and really helped with kinks in my neck and shoulders. On higher settings the chair really works deep seated knots and ramped up the intensity as I required. The deep massage is made possible by each of the roller balls making contact and hugging the contours of your body.

The chair’s wired remote lets you access the all its massage features with the touch of a button. The remote was a little daunting to use at first, including a plethora of ways to customize your experience. Once I got the hang of it, the remote really allowed me to target my massage. I could choose from 8 different pre-sets which included modes like relax, energize, stretch or sleep.

One of the best parts of the chair is the ability to extend it nearly flat, giving you the feeling of being suspended in air. The position really helped with my back, taking pressure off my spine and lower back muscles. Getting a full massage from this position was the ultimate in relaxation, along with the pillow supports for the neck and hips it really helps to relive muscle tension and soreness.

uJolly portable massage solution

uJolly and Remote

Next up, I had a chance to test out the uJolly, OSIM’s flagship portable message solution for one-stop relief of neck, shoulders and back. What makes the device so appealing is the fact that it can fit on most chairs, loungers, sofa and beds in your living or workspace.

Testing out the unit I was surprised at how easy it was to move around and adjust, with next to no set up time. The available pre-set suite of massage programs and soothing heat feature means you can get onto the road to relaxation in minutes just about anywhere.

uJolly’s modes and features

Even though it is a portable unit, it still offers an intense full-back massage with specialized programs to suit busy lifestyles. The 4 auto massage programs include lumbar, relax, energize, and neck + shoulders. I enjoyed all of modes, with neck + shoulders being my personal stand out as it really ramped up the intensity. The uJolly optimizes V-Grip technology which works along the contours of your shoulders and back to provide a human-like massage. For added customization to the massage experience you can make adjustments to the shoulder position and the type of sensation between “press grip” and “rolling + tapping.”

Heating things up

The uJolly also gives you the option of a full-back warm air experience. The heat is a nice touch along with the massage programs, adding an extra layer of relaxation to muscle tension. If you are prone to neck, shoulder and back aches the heat along with pre-set massages help to offer excellent relief. If you are really looking to ramp things up the head pillow can be removed for a more intense neck and shoulder massage experience.

A powerful, diverse lineup  

After testing out OSIM’s full line of massage options it’s clear there is an abundance of choice to help match your needs. If you are looking for a device to move between the home and office the uJolly’s portability and easy setup is a great fit. If you want to test the waters with your first massage chair the uDiva delivers on all fronts. It also fits in beautifully with just about any home décor. Finally, if you are looking for the ultimate massage throne look no further than the uDeluxe. It features great looks and dozens of options allowing you to customize your massage with a touch of a button. No matter what you are looking for from a massage regime, OSIM delivers with a strong suit of options.

Check out OSIM’s full line of massage chairs and other options on Bestbuy.ca!

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