new furniture for 2017I don’t know about you, but the first thing I do when the sun starts shining in the spring time is clean my house. Once it’s clean, I start assessing what I’ve got for furniture and what I want to upgrade. For some reason I usually find a few new furniture pieces that make me want to upgrade every year.

That’s because there’s a ton of great new furniture available online at Best Buy, and it’s all too easy to see how these pieces would fit into different areas in my home. Here are a few of my favourite pieces of new furniture from Best Buy for spring.

Update your bedroom with a new bed frame

grey tufted bed frame Some years I’ll just change the bedding in my bedroom, but every few years I take a serious look at my bed frame and decide that the bedroom furniture needs an upgrade.

Farmhouse décor is huge right now, and I’ve incorporated it into all areas of my house except the bedroom. That’s why I love this Candace and Basil Queen Platform bed. It’s got that tufting and studded detail that’s the perfect complement to shiplap walls and white cotton duvets.

Whether you go farmhouse or contemporary with your own decor, this bed frame will fit right into your bedroom.

Just because the master bedroom gets an upgrade doesn’t mean that the kid’s bedroom needs to be overlooked, and that moment in time when you’re de-cluttering for spring and shifting things around for growing kids is the perfect moment to get a new bunk bed.

traditional bunk bedBunk beds are great for sleep overs and to give you extra space if you have two kids sharing one room, and the Walker Edison Bunk bed is the one I would choose to jazz up my boy’s room. The traditional look would be great in any room, and you save a lot of space by having a bunk bed.

While you’re switching up your bedroom don’t forget to bring out the summer sheets and duvets. There’s just something about adding lightweight linens to your bed that really makes you feel free to say goodbye to the flannels of winter, at least for a few months.


Bring springtime into your living room with new furniture

Westin traditional sofaMaybe it’s the sunshine streaming in the windows and casting a spotlight on how worn out the couch has become over the winter, but so many of my friends have bought new couches in the spring. I don’t blame them; it’s definitely the time of year that I want everything to look shiny and new.

What I do at my house when it’s time to upgrade the couch is stick with a neutral couch colour and choose bright accent chairs. I absolutely love the West Traditional Sofa in grey, and it has a classic design that would transition easily from springtime décor to cozy winter throw pillows and blankets.

turquoise accent chairThe sky’s the limit for accent chairs on Best Buy. I love new furniture like the Monarch Contemporary chaise lounge for added living room seating, and the Erica Contemporary Polyester chair is a great, bright teal that’s perfect for spring.


New furniture will liven up your dining room

industrial reclaimed wood tableIs this the year you upgrade your dining room table to something all wood or rustic? I guarantee you, you won’t regret it. I started loving my dining room after I added a new table, and there are so many to choose from.

Just take a look at this Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining table as an example. It’s made of reclaimed wood and reclaimed iron legs, and it would be absolutely beautiful in the dining room if you have a farmhouse theme or love steam punk.

high gloss white round tableIf you need something slightly smaller and you love the modern look, the Elegance Small Round Dining Table could just what the doctor ordered this spring. I love the white, high gloss look.

Once you’ve picked your new table you may want to upgrade your dining room chairs too. The latest trend is to mix up your chairs so you aren’t committed to just one style. Maybe you’ll add a pair or two of the Stadium modern dining chairs and choose a tufted pair of dining chairs to anchor the table. If you’re like me you may want to consider having four chairs and adding bar stools as needed.

Become more efficient by updating your home office

casey white writing deskSpring is full of new beginnings. The flowers are blooming, the sun is (hopefully) shining, and I want my home office to reflect a renewed sense of purpose that comes with a change of seasons. What better way to do that than organize it and change out the desk and chair?

The Casey collection white writing desk is perfect for my home office, so I’d start there. It’s a great size to hold my laptop and a nice lamp, and the high gloss finish would brighten up any room. There’s a two-drawer filing cabinet to go along with it too, so if you need a helping hand with organization you can have a matching set.

casey white desk chairOnce you’ve got your new desk, you may want to add a desk chair. The Casey Collection also comes with a new desk chair, but if you’d like a different take on your home office you could choose a gaming chair or an ergonomic executive chair to give your back a break when you’re putting in long hours at home.




Don’t forget about home décor and lighting

galvanized tin votiveThe best part of getting new furniture is all the little things you can add to the room, and sourcing out new home décor and lighting in the spring is one of my favourite things.  Adding a galvanized tin votive holder or a new throw rug can really help bring a room together, but there’s also mirrors, clocks, and more.

When it gets cold I love pulling out all of my warm blankets and cuddly throw pillows, but there’s nothing as fun as bringing the spring into the house with new furniture.

If that sounds like fun to you too, you can shop for new spring furniture room by room on Best Buy right now.

Shelly Wutke
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